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Adoptee Male ISO B-Family


I'm Looking for Info for medical reasons.  My father in law was born in St.
Louis, Missouri on
Jul 13, 1930.  We believe he was in a Catholic Orphange .  We were also told
at one time
the birth mother put his name as Humphrey Bogart, so we don't know if this
was the birth
mothers name or not.  We believe he was adopted @ 3 months by Hugh and
Hennessy in the Missouri area and then they moved to Terre Haute, Indiana.
He was
renamed John Francis Hennessy.  If you have any info please contact me at


Adoptee ISO B-Family


I was born November 21, 1938 in Alexandria City Hospital, Alexandria, Va.

I was adopted in 1945 by Harry W. and Josephine B. Baumgardner.

My birth name was supposedly Seiders. My birth father was born in 1910

and killed in a railroad accident, supposedly due to traumatic epilepsy.

My birth mother was born March 4, 1910 and died in 1984. My birth parents

were married in 1934 and had two children born in 1936, not twins.

Supposedly there were other children by an earlier marriage by

my mother and at least one illegitimate child. My adoption was

handled by Alexandria Social Services. They did a search for me,

told me about my mothers death and that I still had siblings living.

They could not give me my siblings names because they

could not find a death certificate for my father. Contact me at†† frank.baumgardner@worldnet.att.net


Adoptee Femalen ISO B-Family


I was born October 1, 1937.  My birth name was Mabelle. 

My mother was a single woman who attended a music college somewhere in Illinois.

She donated a pipe organ to this college in order to attend free of tuition.

  My mother kepted me for 10-11 months trying to attend college and work to support us.

  My father was also in Music College.  He had red hair and was Irish decent.

  He and his mother visited us but never considered marriage to my birth mother or aid in support.

  My birth mother worked as a ďwet nurseĒ, and a waitress. She did what she could

. My birth mother and I lived at a childrenís hospital for a time. Finally I guess it was too hard on my birth mother,

so she gave me up for adoption to the Childrenís Home and Aid Society of Illinois on September 12, 1938. 

My foster family took me on September 19, 1938.  My birth mother spent Christmas with

my foster family and I on December 1938 and she gave me a Christmas card on December 1939.

My adoption occurred on September 5, 1940.  My birth mother is of English decent.

My father Irish and English decent.  My mother had dark hair and blue eyes.  My father had red hair and blue eyes.

  This is all I was given. I would like to know the name of these individuals.

I am very sick and would like to know if they are still alive or even if the family knows of me before I die.

When my adopted mother died she gave me the name which was Greene. I have only a few letters.

The Childrenís Home and Aid Society refuses to give names.

I am not going to try to contact anyone unless it is ok with the unknown party.

  I just want to know the names that are in my ancestry and health information. So if this sounds like anyone or you

may know something please let me know. Contact me at†† dyyates@tisd.net



Daughter of Adoptee Male who has pass away ISO HIS B-Family

His DOB-----01-29-1930

I am looking for my birth father's family.  He was born John Young, adopted at age 10 or 11 by Theodore (Ted) LeRoy Crawford Sr.,  and Rose Crawford in Manchester, Iowa and his name changed to Theodore (TED) LeRoy Crawford, Jr.  He died in Valdosta, GA on May 8, 1971 at age 41. I AM LOOKING FOR SURVIVING FAMILY MEMBERS ON HIS SIDE OF THE FAMILY.  If you have any information,   He has a sister named Dorothy Kilpatrick (married name).  I don't have any other information. Contact me at††† Teresawndaleb@aol.com





Adoptee,s Family ISO Any B-Family


I am looking for My fathers Birth siblings and or any relative. He passed away when he was just 28 years old.

He was born in toronto  May 25th 1947 his non identifying info was sent from St Catharines Ont.

His mother and father were not married she was in fact separated from her husband and living at

home with her parents. He has a half sister born in 1944 but not

sure weather she was adopted as well. Contact me atakakidds@mnsi.net


Adoptee ISO B-Family


Seeking birth family. Born 8/19/1944, Mercy Hospital, Nampa, Idaho.  Dr. Swayne arranged.

Can be reached at rchrd_snfrd@yahoo.com


Adoptee ISO B-Mother & Family


I was born 9-29-47 At Booth Memorial  in Des Moines and trying to find the lady who is looking for Baby Bundy. 

I would like to find out if she remembers my mother and could give me some useful information on her. 

They were both at Booth  in Des Moines in 1947 and her baby and I were born one week apart. 

This info may enable me to find my birthmom and end the long search . 

Of course I would help her find what she needs to know if possible. 

That's what this is all about .  We need to help each other as much as possible. ††

††   S. Caviness was the name I am looking for. 

Contact me at†† rickyc68@earthlink.net


Adoptee Female ISO B-Family



Lila Veleta Crenshaw and Clyde Williams Crenshaw are the adopted parents of Delorese E. Crenshaw wom

was born in what is now knows as the Catholic Charities of Oklahoma City,Oklahoma.

 She was born Dec. 11, 1940.  At the time of her birth the only information she has is that her mother was 16

at the time and her father was possibly 22.  None of her adopted parents have given her any information on her
real family and she is in desperate need of knowing if she has any brothers or sisters
as both her adopted parents are now deceased and she feels very alone not having
any real family now.
The copy of her birth certificate shows that there was a midwife at the time of birth

and was registered in the court records 9 days after her birth.  Her adopted mothers is on her birth certificate as her mother,

she just wants some answers as to  her
identity.  And her records also had the name stillborn along with the midwife's name.

Contact me at†† Cashionbutch@wmconnect.com


 Adoptee Female ISO B-Family


My name is Linda I was born December 7, 1949 and was adopted at birth.  My birth mother was at a place called Rest Cottage in Pilot Point, Texas (near Denton, Texas).  My adopted parents lived (my mother is still living) in Waco, Texas.  My birth mother was Jewel J. Close.  She was born in 1929.  I have some information about the birth father (he was born in 1928) and I also have information about the grandparents on both sides such as their years of birth.  I have general physical descriptions on my birth parents and both sets of grandparents, also.  I have checked the birth records for the state of Texas for 1929, but found no record of my birth mother being born in Texas.  However, it could be that records are not totally complete.  Also, I checked the 1930 census on Ancestry.com, but found nothing. 

I have always wanted to find my birth mother to thank her for putting my best interests before hers.  I believe she loved me and wanted me to have a home she was unable to provide for me.  She gave me to wonderful parents.  I also need to find her because I need more medical information than I have.  My birth mother's mother had passed away at the time of my birth and she would have been in her mid forties at that time.  I am curious as to the cause of her death.  Also, I have had some medical problems that have a tendency to be heredity and I need more information - for me as well as for my children.

Thank you very much for allowing me to post this information in the hopes of finding my birth mother.  Since I don't know where she was born, I am having a difficult time going forward in my search. Contact me at†† lbleslie96@msn.com


Adoptee Female ISO B-Family


My name is Angel Ojeda, I was born November 28th 1949 at General Hospital (USC) .

I really would like to find my biological parents. I was adopted at birth and have no clue on my true parents.

I have children of my own and there this void in my life.

my name at birth was Arturo Moses Torres.  Contact me at††† sankone2003@yahoo.com


Adoptee Female ISO B-Father


Female child born somewhere in North Carolina.  Birth father's father
was a minister, and birth father had three or four sisters.  Birth
Father played baseball in summers and was a college student when I was
born.  He had completed his military service.  My birth mother (to whom
he was not married) had one green eye and one brown eye.  Heritage of
both families was Scotch-Irish.  I am dying and before I leave this
world, I would love for my birth father to know his very outstanding
grandson and  two great-grandchildren. Wherever he is, my birth father
is a very fortunate man.Contact me at†† salle.murray@duke.edu


Adoptee Male ISO B-Father


I have been searching for info. about Jim Weir or Wier/ his family.  He said
he was a Canadian in the airforce in WW11 . I am a'war baby' and the outcome
of a liason between him and my mother, who was married at
the time to someone else. Because of the sensitivity of the situation,I have
never known my roots because, in the past, many people would rather 'not get
involved'. We live now in a different century with a
changed thinking and I sincerely hope that because of this I will find
'where I belong'. Jim told my mother that he had lived in Saskatchewan and
had connections in Quebec. He said he was a teacher in 'civy' life was
married with 2 baby sons[ in 1944]. I do not know how much of this is true,I
believe his rank was
Lieutenant and I can only guess at the squadrons. I was born in
Pembroke Dock South Wales UK. in 1945 therefore he was in P.D. around
September 1944. He is/was very tall with a gingery/fair complexion and my
guess at his D.O.B. would be between 1910--1920. Any info.
however small would be greatly welcolmed.I

Contact me at†† jumoff@hotmail.com


Adoptee Male ISO B-Family


I am helping a friend of mine with his permission try to find out who his natural parents are ,or atleast there medical history.He has major heart problems sence the age of about 40.He has 2 childreen in there early 30,s and is worried that this is hereditary,it is not a cholesterol problem,just a bad heart.He believes he was adopted in 1943 or 1944from Lutheran childrens home in Milwaukee,Wisconsin.The people who adopted him were named William & Viola Rolofffrom Milwaukee also.He was told by Milwaukee county the adoption recordswere sealed back then and he could not see them.Sence then the Lutheran childrens home has closedI also know that his b-mother was 17 years old when she had him and she was from Milwaukee but she gave birth to him in the hospital in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin. His b-Dad was stationed at camp Mccoy In Wisconsin and he was a sergeant in the army.He was adopted out of the Luthern Childrens Home at the age of 6 months old.Contact me at†† Pudinpie1@aol.com








Adoptee Male ISO B-Family


Birth name was Theodore Alfred Sanchez.  I was born April 4, 1950 in the Bronx, New York

at Lincoln Hospital.  I was given up for adoption when I was around 7 days old to a couple

named Les and Lottie Garvin who were in the military at the time.

 The only name I have to go on is Christine or Christina Sanchez who was

my biological mothers sister.  She was married to a Abe Lopez who was also in the military.

 I believe that I have quite a few siblings.  There is a good chance that my parents are

probably dead now since I am 54 years old myself, but would very much like to be in touch with my

birth family.   Can anyone help me or does anyone know anything about my birth?

 Contact me at a70b@aol.com   Attention:  Charles!  


Adoptee FemaleISO B-Family

ADOPTEE ISO Birth-Family, especially M/F
Born 8 September 1951, 8:10 AM, Brown Hair, Blue Eyes
Montreal, Quebec Canada
Blackmarket Adoption finalized in Montreal Superior Court June 1952
All documents, including Orig. BC show "Born of Unknown Parents"
Birth registered at Pinsker Jewish Congregation, Montreal
Batshaw/Le Centre Jeun. have no records of my adoption.
Taken to United States (NJ) at birth by American couple
Naturalized in US.
Adoptive name was Franceen Eileer Polskin
Birth Name unknown (if any) Contact me at†† FranceenPGeorge@aol.com


Adoptee Female ISO B-Family


My name is Linda Luanneand was adopted at birth 9-17-1955 at a clinic on the south side of Indianapolis Indiana.

I have been told that a Judge Rosa handled the adoption and the records were sealed, also that I may have 2 sisters.

I wold like to find any information reguarding my biological family. I was adopted by Noel and Bonnie Simmons of Indianapolis Indiana.

My Maiden name Simmons. Please email me with information at Lindaluannewhite@aol.com



Adoptee Female ISO B-Mother & Family

DOB-----01-04-1955†††† FOUND MAY 27-2004

I am searching for my birth mother - Betty L. Rush (maiden name).  I was
born 01/04/1955 in Knoxville General Hospital, Knoxville, TN at 2:08 p.m. 
Betty was 17 years old.  Her parents are William D. and Alice H. Rush, Route
5, Rutledge Pike, Knoxville.   I was adopted through a private adopted to
Charles and Virginia Rutledge, Jackson, MS. Contact me atkarrjr@hotmail.com


Adoptee Female ISO B-Mother & Family

Searching for birth mother - born December 8, 1950 in Iowa City Iowa at
Mercy Hospital.  birth name of Jeanne Marie Cirrito - birth mom name:  Rhona
May Cirrito.  Dr. Pauline Moore was the delivering physician.Contact me at



Adoptee Female ISO B-Mother & Family


My name is Debbie and I am trying to search for my birthmother, with no luck at all! 

Everywhere I turn I have no luck at all!

 I was born at King's Hospital in New York, on August 21, 1959. 

My birthmother's name at the time of my birth was Irene Krocker. 

She was 19 years old at the time.

 I tried to contact the adoption agency, but it is no longer there. 

I am also registered with the birth registry, but have had no luck with that either.

Contact me atDEBLYNNP59@aol.com




Adoptee Female ISO B-Family


my name is AnnaLynn, I  am writing on behalf of my cousin Sandra Nelson(Sandra was name given at birth we believe) she was born December 4, 1958 in Multnomah county Oregon possibly at Oregon Health Sciences University Veteran's Hospital, her adoptive parents George and Flora Nelson of Pendelton, Oregon are now both deceased. Sandra was3 months††† old when she was adopted, she was only told that her mother was Italian & German and father was African-American. Sandra's only sibling Lillie Mae Pryor Nelson also of Pendelton, Oregon passed away on April 3, 2004 and she never got to ask about her birth parents. Sandra has lived in Pendelton, Oregon all her life. If you have any information about Sandra's birth parents please contact me at this email address†† Annalynn.Lawson@providence.org


Adoptee Female ISO B-Father & Siblings


I was born in San Bernardino, Calif  on 06/23/1955 as baby girl Williams and adopted as Kathleen Ann Nelson.  I have found my birth mom, who is Mary (Radmacher) Williams formerly of San Bernardino Calif. area .  She was working at a resturant in Bloomington Ca at the time of pregnancy.  Her husband Floyd or Lloyd Williams divorced her in April of 1955 and had custody of my four 1/2 Siblings - Charles, Donna, Michael and Ronna Williams.  Charles and Michael grew up in San Bernardino are with their father, Donna and Ronna grew up in Hemet with their mother.  Lloyd Williams name was listed on my Birth Certificate however he told me personally that he was not my father and that Mary probably did not know who my father is.... however unidentifying info states my father was from Texas, part American Indian and Irish descent, with reddish blonde hair and had some brothers.  I have found my birth mom, who wants nothing to do with me, and she will not tell me who my birth father is.  I am deperately trying to find him.  He may know I exist and may not... It may have been a one-nighter, or who knows!  This is a tough one to crack but with God all things are possible.  If you can help me at all please email kwalters55@sbcglobal.net.


Adoptee Female ISO Any B-Family


my name is debbie nolfi. i was born in youngstown,ohio on 6-21-57. my birth mothers name was dora herlinger and my birth father was michael james comerford.  on my record from the hospital shows him to be from long branch, new jersey.  i would assume he would be between the ages of 65-70. my mother doesn't remember his birthdate or much of anything else. i know he was in the army cause i have a shot record from then dated 12/9/57. my mother did mention one time about asbury park, new jersey and that i either had a grandmother or aunt named rose.  she also said that my grandmother was italian. i would really like to find any family members if not my father. there was a brother also born from this marriage on 05-09-1958but he died in 1984. i would appreciate any help. i can be reached at djh0621@aol.com


Adoptee Male ISO B-Family


My mother recently passed away and cleaning out her things I found my
adoption papers (quite a surprise).  It seems I was born at Brady Maternity
Hospital in Ablany New York on Aug. 1, 1951 with the birth name of James
Edward Kennedy.  If anyone has any information regarding this adoption
please email me at d.miller@nvrh.org


Adoptee Female ISO B-Father


I am searching for birthfather, John Houlihan who lived in RI in 1953. That is where he met my birthmother, Helen Pierce.He was supposedly 28 years old and single. I was born in Mass. as Veronica Cecilia Pierce in 1954 and adopted from Mass, but I need to look in RI because that is where he is from.Contact me at†† avbrady@charter.net


Adoptee Male ISO B-Family


Born February 1, 1958 at Swedish Hospital in Seattle Washington. Adopted through Washington Children's Home Society in April of 58. I was given the name Mel while at Children's Home Society. I've been told that my birthmother worked for the University of Washington and that my father was a musician possibly living in California. They were not married at the time of my birth.

 Email: ndlspence@hotmail.com


Adoptee Female ISO B-Parents & Family


Adoptee searching for birth parents/siblings
DOB: 12/11/1952
POB:Binghamton ,NY
Adopted in1961
Adopted name: Nanci A. Hibbard
Please contact with any info:


Adoptee MALE iso Any B-Family


I was born 12/27/1959 real birth date 1/27/1960 NYC Staten Island , adopted parent changed everyone Soc Sec#'s prior to moving West.Why I don't know.I am seeking anyone family members  I am a Male with thick curly hair. Please email me at 4burke@comcast.net if you may be related in any way or even suspect you could be , Thanks ...


Family of Adoptee FemaleISOany B-family


I am looking for the birth family for adopteeLana ay Cunningham.. She was born January 30, 1950 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.. Was adopted to Mr and Mrs David Mack Cunningham.... I am  pretty sure she was born at Hillcrest Hospital... Lana passed away approximately 9 years ago,, But her son David Mark Boyd is eager to find her birth family and to see if he has any family left.... please email Mrs. Kelli Boyd at kellidiane2000@hotmail.com


Adoptee Male ISO B-Mother & Family


I was born 6 /3/1955 in Atlanta, Georgia at Northside hospital, Florence Crittendon Home was involved I am a Male, and ws given the name Robert Lee by someone, This was changed when I was adopted.  My Name Is James Contact me at MarDekle@aol.com

Adoptee ISO B-Grandfather



I am looking for my sonsbiologial grandfather. The adoptees date of birth is June 14 1954. He was born in Fitzgerald Georgia to a Maxine Cassaberry Hutchinson. The b

gial dad name is George Phillip Rollins from the Atlanta area. I have had many leads and made several calls but haven't made contact with the man I am looking for. I would greatly appreciate any help you can give me.ThanksPatricia contact me atsweet_thing31750@yahoo.com


Adoptee Male ISO B-Family


I am looking for a woman who placed a son for adoption approx aug 20, 1956 FT. Sill Oklahoma. The adopted parents last name was Gibson. The birthmother was Christian Carpenter maybe.

Contact me at†† TJHarris69@aol.com


Adoptee Male ISO B-Family


Adoptee Information
Name at Birth: Baby Boy Griffith
DOB: 3/26/55
Gender: Male
Race: White
Weight: 6 lb 1 oz. HT. 18/ 7/8
Hospital: Mercy Hospital , Denver Colo.
Birth Cert. Local & State No. 105-55-7590-B
Agency: Lutheran Service Society
Place of Adoption: Lutheran Service Society
314 14th st. Denver 2,Colo.
Named at Adoption : Frederick Craig Patzwald
Date of Adoption: 6/15/56
Age at Adoption : 5 Months
Adoptive Parents :
Fred W. Patzwald & Phyllis L. Patzwald
Birth Parents : UNKNOWN----

Birth Mother : 16 yr.

irth Father : 22 yr., in college , was never told of Pregancy

Contact me at††† fndpatzwald@onemain.com


Adoptee Female ISO B-Family


I am trying to help a friend of mine locate any birth parents or
siblings.  She was adopted to Robert and Margaret Schwartz (1955) out of
the Chicago Foundling Home on Hoyne Street, Chicago, IL.  Her birthdate
is 5-2-55 according to her records. She thinks she was a newly born
infant when she was adopted.  She remembers her adopted mother worked at
the Foundling home doing volunteer work.  Her adopted mother died when
she was a teenager and Roberta went to one of her a-parents mothers home
and stayed with her after that. Roberta grew up in Glenview, and
Evanston, IL. She would love to find any family members, siblings or
birthparents.  She needs to know medical background information, also.
Even if you don't want to see her, she says she really would like to
know some medical background and will appreciate any info. Any responses
will be forwarded to Roberta through me. She does not have email. Contact me at








Adoptee Female ISO B-Family


I am looking for my birth parents for medical reasons I was born from what I was

told by my adopted parents JUNE 24, 1964, in either Cincinnati Ohio

or hamilton Ohio I am a female.

Contact me atTA2464@aol.com


Adoptee Female ISO B-Family


i was adopated in 1963 my name is donna and im not

sure if my birth mother gave me that name are not the

summerall family adopated me in atlanta ga

Contact me at†† Barbaraday870312@aol.com


Adoptee Male ISO B-Family


I was born at Southern Baptist Hospitality on December 8,1963. 

The Adoption agency was Sellers Baptist Children's Home in New Orleans Louisiana. 

My crib name was JC. I was born with a severe left club foot.  Looking for birth family. 

Need Medical History.  Contact me at kaykenc@yahoo.com


Adoptee Male ISO B-Family


I am a male adoptee born Jan. 11, 1968, Sunrise Hospital, Las Vegas Nevada.

  Searching for any birth relative.  Adopted through LDS Adoption Agency.

Please email shane.stewart@ut.usda.gov


Adoptee ISO B-Family


My adopted name is             kelly

name on birth certificate        alexis spears

born                                    08/24/67

city/state                             El Paso, texas

 I am in search of any birth family

I was adopted in albueqerque new mexico

alternet e-mail




Adoptee Male ISO B-Siblings


I was born in Gastonia, NC on 07/31/68 at Gaston Memorial Hospital at 11:01PM.  I weighed 7lbs 4ozs

and was 20 1/2" long.  My BM was 24/25, stawberry blonde hair, grey/green protruding eyes, 98lbs and

5' 2" tall with freckles.  She had a previous child in 01/62 which stayed with his father when they separated.

  She had a daughter in 11/70 that was born with "orthopedic needs".  She lived with her sister and

brother-in-law while waiting for me to be born in the Gastonia area.  She was cited for neglect of the 70 girl by

 Gaston County Dept of Social Services in the early 70's so she was still in the area then.  DSS is also the one

who handled my adoption.  Bm was one of 9 children(3 full 5 half) and her father was in the Army.

  He was killed in a train wreck when he was 30 and BM was 9-10.  Her mother remarried badly a couple of times

and BM was put in a foster home at 15 because of abuse.  She then went to live with an aunt until she married for a short time. 

They were divorced and she married the father of the 62 baby. 

BM was in a auto accident when she was 22 and stayed in the hospital 3 months with head injuries.

 My name is Joseph†† Contact me at†† rebad2003@yahoo.com.


Adoptee Male ISO B-Family


My name is Paul .  I was adopted in late 1966. 

I was told that my birth name was Paul David Johnston,

and that I was born in Southeast Missouri.

My birth date is Feb.24, 1966.  I would like to find

the siblings that my adoptive parents had told me about,

they had said that I had at least two sisters

that are older than myself. Contact me at pauldunaway@sbcglobal.net


Adoptee Male ISO B-Parents & Family


I was born at Booth Memorial in San Diego, CA on May 18, 1968. I have very little info on my birth parents,

just that my birthmother was 14 when I was born and that her mother forced her to give me up for adoption.

I think her name is Christine or Cynthia...? Last name may be Bulow or some variant of that,

(Beaulieau, etc...?) My birth name was Michael Patrick. I am now 36 and have been searching

without success for several years. I would appreciate any help in finding my birthmother and father if possible...

Contact me atakshannon1@acsalaska.net



Adoptee Male ISO B-Family


Male, Born, 9/17/64, St. Paul, MN, adopted by family in

Wisconsin, through Lutheran Social Services.

Birth name, Brian Scott Hamilton

 e-mail:  hmfh@pressenter.com


Adoptee ISO B-Mom


I was born in Philadelphia Pa on 7/31/65. I am interested in finding

my birth mother.

Pleae e mail me if you need further information.Ntoes@aol.com


Adoptee Male ISO B-Family

David Wells
b. Jan 13, 1962  (male)
Stanton Hospital Orange County California
Contact me at††† Failedtoprotect@hotmail.com


Adoptee Female ISO B-Family

DOB-----12-25-1967††† FOUND

DOB: December 25, 1967
Hospital:  Toledo Hospital
County: Lucas
State:  Ohio
Final Adoption Decree:  Feb 4, 1969
Agency: Child & Family Services of Toledo
Possible name at birth:  Amy S. Rhoades
Adopted Name:  Lisa Karen Gray
Name now:  Lisa Bebee
Address:  Howell, Michigan  
email:  Lisabebee67@wmconnect.com

I am searching for my birth mother, unknown name but never forgotten.

I understood she was young and unmarried at the time of my birth.

 She also was a young artist, and possibly dutch.  

I would love for her or anyone to contact me.  Thank you, Lisa

Contact me at


Adoptee Female ISO B-Family


I am doing this search for my friend.

Mary was born in Friendship, WI in July, 1961.  She was born of an American Indian mother

, and believes her father was a mix of Indian and Mexican.  We think the mother was 21

and the father was an older man in his 30's.  She was adopted through Catholic Charities.

  She has no idea what tribe or who the parents are.  She would love to know both. 

There is some family connection with the name "Schmidt."Contact me at†† Grow2doc@aol.com


Adoptee Female ISO B-Family


name at birth was shannon marie.i was born in san deiigo california on 4\14\1969.i am

searching for my birth mother named susan. she was born in south carolina in5\4\1953

.my fathers name was douglas.mothers parents were divorced at the time.

mthers father was career-serviceman and mother was a beautician.please

help me. thank you,shannon marie

Contact me at†† sherry69@ntelos.net


Adoptee ISO B-Mother & Family


I am looking for Marsha Aline Setzler.  My birthdate is 7-6-67.

  I was born in Stark Florida.  Marsha Aline Setzler,

my birth mother. stayed in Hampton Maternity home. 

I wish to locate my birth mother. Contact me at††† JABR01@aol.com


Adoptee ISO B-Family


  I was born June 13, 1961 in Seattle, Washington
and adopted through the Lutheran Social Services. 

Contact me atbeck2754@msn.com


 Adoptee ISO B-Family


I was born on August 18, 1968 at 1:03am in Tripler Army Hospital in Honolulu, Hawaii and weighed 6lbs, 14 ozs with dark brown hair and blue eyes.  The doctor listed on the birth certificate was Donald A. Winkler.  My adoption was handled by Marguerite Giebel of Child and Family Services at 154 No. Kuakini Street, Honolulu, Hawaii.  I was adopted at 2 weeks of age by MCPO Robert L. Mohr & Helen V. Beatty-Mohr.  My adoption was made final on March 19, 1969 by Judge Gerald R. Corbett of the Family Court First Circuit State of Hawaii - adoption number 16476.

 I have no information about my birth parents.  The only thing I know is that babies were color matched to their adoptive parents at the time so I'm guessing my birth parents had dark hair and light eyes.  I would also think that either my birth mother or her parents were military for me to be born at a military hospital.

 My adoptive parents are both deceased.  I have a son of my own and would just like any information especially medical info.  I have been working with Child & Family Service in Hawaii for almost 2 yrs without any success.  I have recently written to the courts to get paperwork started on having my records opened.Contact me atbamm@sbcglobal.net


Adoptee Female ISO B-Family


My name is Kerin Eileen . I am a 43-year-old female, born 04/26/61. I have just recently discovered that I am adopted. I'm trying to locate information on my birth family, but am currently starting from scratch, as I have no information to go on. My skin tone is that of an African-American, however, my odd hair texture indicates that I may be mixed - perhaps part native-American or Hispanic - but again, I don't know, I am only guessing. I was born with a clubbed foot, which was later diagnosed as polio. Although my birth mother might not have known about the polio, I believe that the foot would probably have been noticeable, if she saw me before they took me away. My birth certificate, which is only the size of a credit card (is yellow and laminated), which I am told is called an "amended certificate" shows my birth date as 4/26/1961, with a "record filed" date of 5/01/1961. This certificate shows my birthplace as Tampa / Hillsborough Co. Florida, with local registrar's number 2893. The doctor who signed this birth certificate appears to be John S. Neill, M.D.; however, his signature is only partially legible. His last name could be Hell, Ire ill, Quill or Burl. I was recently informed by Mt. Senior Higgins from Saint Lawrence Catholic church and school that he recalls calling Dr. Mrs. Hewitt asking them if they were interested in adopting me. They said yes it was through Catholic Charities Services in Tampa Florida and my social workers name was Ms. Franco. I also have been informed that my mother was from New York City. My family has never talked about this, so the information I have is very vague. The parents who ended up adopting me were an African American couple, Dr. John Lewis Hewitt, DDS and his wife, Vennda Rei Hewitt. However, Vennda Rei passed away when I was 10 years of age; shortly after that, the adoption was somehow rescinded and I was returned to foster care. I lived out the remainder of my childhood bouncing from one foster home to another. My aforementioned adopted father, Dr. Hewitt, was one of the first African American dentists to set up practice in Hillsborough County, and he has a sister named Marta. My aforementioned adopted mother, Vennda Rei ei maidenís name of McFarlin, she had several brothers and sisters, named Constance, Pruth, Kernna, Kernell, and Marcia or Martha. I don't know how much of this is relevant, but I am listing everything that I know, in the hopes that something might ring a bell to someone out there.

Contact me at††† avendala@juno.com


Adoptee Female ISO B-Family


Named Kimberly at birth. Born in Rochester, NY and given up as Ward of the State

for 18-months in Foster Care due to medical reasons. 

Any info please email tooker5@hotmail.com


Adoptee Female ISO B-Family


female born on 12/11/1965 at sacred heart hospital spokane wa. birth mother
was 36 at time of birth. birth father approx 45. adopted out of saint anns
foundling home in spokane wa. is looking for birth parents and or family.
birth mother approx 78 as of now. seedsquallva@hotmail.com plez give me a
e-mail if you know any info thanks so much.

Contact me atseedsquallva@hotmail.com


Adoptee Female ISO B-Family


my nane catherine annette boyer i was born april 29 1964 jefferson ville ind clark co menorial hospital

dr eli goodman possibley the att. that handled the adoption was robert l schatter of jeffersoville ind.

my e mail is Charannette6@aol.com

 please contact if you can help  i think my birth mother was born

in kentucky and was 33 when she had me????? HELP   


Adoptee ISO B-Family


I was born in Providence, Rhode I sland on March 24th 1967. .  I was adopted by sophie little home

( i belive this is the spelling of it) This is a home for unwed mothers. This is all the info i have.

I would love to find anyone that may know me or can tell me anything.

contact me at ncldy33@hotmail.com or hunnypooh20@aol.com



Adoptee Male ISO B-Family





Contact me at dsquires88@ec.rr.com


Adoptee Female ISO B-Mother & Family


Adoptee ISO Birth Family: i was born on 8/16/65 in williamsport pa in lycoming county

i was born 10:36 pm, 6lb. 12 oz. i was given up at birth, my birthmother named me

denise michelle, i am in search of medical info, if anyone can help me in my search

please help me. mom i'm looking for you. hope(denise)

Contact me at†† Hopebubba0623@aol.com


Adoptee Female ISO B-Family


Adoptee Female ISO B-Family

I was born 8-29-1961 at St. Ann Hopsital in Cleveland Ohio. 

Birth mother's name was Mary Jane Bresson.,

Massillon Ohio  Age 17 at time of birth.  No father is listed on birth cert. 

I would also love to find him as well and her. 

Any information please contact me at TerriSellsRE@aol.com


Adoptee Female ISO B-Mother & Family


Looking for Birthmother or any relative. 

I was born at Putnam Memorial Hospital in Bennington,

Vermont on July 22 1969.  My Birthname was Diane. 

I was told that I am of Oneida Tribe.

  Any Information  contact Jennifer E-mail:



Adoptee Female ISO B-Family


I am an adoptee searching for any member of my birth family.. I was born on June 15, 1964 in Massachusetts.

My birth name was Evelyn, I don not have a last name. I was adopted at 5 months old I believe iwas in foster care

.My adoptive parents tell me that my parents were young and possibly in school.

My adoptive parents also adopted a boy who was born in april of 1962.

His parents were married but not to each other.

His birth name was Kevin and his bmom was an accomplished pianist

.Contact me atdebcharette@americancoolheat.com


Adoptee Female ISO B-Mother & Family

DOB-----12-18-1963 or12-18-1964

Adoptee Birth Date: 12-18-1963

Adoptee Gender:  Female         
Adoptee Birth Name: (was told crib name was "Joy" ).(?)
Adoptee Birth City: NEW ORLEANS
Adoptee Birth County: (Baptist Sellers Home)
Adoptee Birth State: LOUISIANA
Adoptee Birth Country: UNITED STATES
Adoptee Birth Mothers Name:
Adoptee Birth Fathers Name:
Adoptee Name: DAWN DUNAWAY                   
Adoptee City: Adoptee County: EBR

Adoptee State: LOUISIANA
Adoptee Country: UNITED STATES
Adoptive Mothers Name: Patty

Adoptive Fathers Name: C.W.

Searching For: BIRTH MOTHER

I was told we were the same height (Birthmom & I ).I have one son ... looks just like me.

I was told my mother was/is from Louisiana, also.That it was hard on her to do what she

did. That she stayed at the Baptist Sellers Home weeks after adoption. But I am not sure

if all that is true.I want to let her know if I am a secret...a secret we will keep. All I

want to know is if I look like her, act like her, and medical history for my sons future and

mine, also. I would love to have a connection it's been a life long desire. But if not I will

thank the Lord for what information I am given. I am very loving, sensitive, and loves making

others laugh. Also, if I see another cry..please pass me the tissues too.

Thanks for your help. God bless you! Dawn Dunaway

Email Address: Aintmizbeehaavin@AOL.com



I am looking for my natural father. I was born on 21st April 1961 to a Mrs Kathleen Tapp,

Of South Terrace, Littlehampton, West Sussex, England. I was fostered from birth and found my birth mother when

i was pregnant with my eldest daughter in 1983. However i have never found my biological father.
Due to recent health scares and a forth coming wedding i am even more eager to find my father.

My daughter is getting married next year and her only wish is that her grandfather could be there, should he wish?
I have spoken to my mother and her family regarding my father and unfortunately they will not give me his name.

We have been told that it was my biological fathers wish for me not to contact him, however i would like to hear his point of view.
If you know any information or know anyone who might have any information that could help me and my daughter

please contact us on Stefanieashleigh@aol.com

My mother had a daughter aged 9 when she had me and worked in a greengrocers and a sweet shop before and whilst carrying me.


Adoptee Female Biracial ISO B-Family


Biracial Female Adoptee born 4-11-68 searching for my birthfamily. State of birth: Yonkers NY. 

I was born at St Johns Riverside hospital in Yonkers NY (Westchester County)

I went into foster care after 3 months of staying in the hospital to gain weight and was later adopted at age 4 by my foster parents.

My birthmother was 16 yrs old at the time of my birth and my birthfather was a African American man who was a musician in a band and went into the service.

I have been searching for so long and just want to find my family out there so I can put the pieces together.

I have my nursery records from the hospital and my amended birth certificate.

I also have my non-identifying info from the state of NY. My birthname was Yvonne Rae Schubert.

If theres anyone out there looking for someone who meets this description or close to it, please contact me at vonirae2@aol.com

Put something in the subject line to identify it as someone inquiring about My birth..

(for example.. put my date of birth in the subject line and I will be sure to read it)



Adoptee Female ISO B-Family


My adopted name is Kelli Denise Thompson.  I was born in Kansas City, KS
(Wyandotte Co.) on 05/15/1967.  Birth Certificate states birthmother name:
Sharon Kay Lewis, 17 years old.  Stated that she resided at 840 Miami, but
no zip code.
email:  Kellidoran@hotmail.com


Adoptee Female ISO B-Family


Iam seaking any birth family or anyone that knew Anita Caracci-Rober that is my birth mothers name

I was born 6/5/64the the hospital of the Jacques Ioewe foundation in Brooklin NY she named me Jeannie Rober

but that is not my birth fathers last name.that was her married name at the time,anyone knowing anything

please contact me atbobosnonni@msn.com


Adoptee ISO B-FamilyDOB-----01-07-1960
male adoptee seeking birthfamily d.o.b. 1/7/60 birthname James Rooney surrendered thru Angel Guardian home in Brooklyn NY

please email any info to bobosnonni@msn.com


Adoptee Male ISO B-Family


my name is William , and I am looking for my life, I was born 1968 and I never wanted to look for my mother or father

but I am lost with out the face of my mother. I was given to a women in AZ by my father, this is what she had told me,

but I donít know the truth.

he was a truck driver (bob barnes) when I was adopted she had my name changed from Billy Ray barens

she never saw him to find out ware I was born, so she got a privet detective from the court ware I was adopted.

in CA. the info that I have from her is that I was born in Wilcox AZ or somewhere in TX donít know they have no birth rec on me

they have never found birth REC so they gave me my birthday  April 26 1968 I donít know how old I am

I donít know my mother or my father.

The women who adopted me was never here for me she marred 5 men all drunks all abusev.

  3 yr ago she got up and left and I donít know ware she is, you are the only time I have started to look

I donít know what to do from her.

I have a wife and 3 children but I am never happy,I right pomes play piano and draw but its filling the empty spot,

and I know that God is doing something but I donít know whatContact me at†† williamj316@msn.com@aol.com



Adoptee Female ISO B-Family


I am searching for my birth mother, birth father, and three half sisters. I was born in Pueblo Colorado on December 16, 1967.

My name at birth was baby girl Tusing. My birth mother's name is Velma J Tusing and my three half sisters are Nancy Kirkpatrick (Turner),

Joanne Kirkpatrick, and Lawana Tusing. All three half sisters went to Central High School in Pueblo Colorado. Nancy is

the only one that I know her married name. My other half sisters I am not sure about. My birth mother lived in Pueblo Colorado until 1973.

She was the widow of Clarence Tusing, who died in August of 1966. For a while she worked in Pueblo at Peterson Boarding Home.

I was also told that she was a nurse.The last known listing for my birth mother, was in Arizona, 13 years ago.

My birth mother would be about 83 yrs old, Nancy about 54 yrs old, Joanne about 51yrs old, and Lawana about 48 yrs old.

My birth father is unknown. I would love to find my birth mother, birth father, and sisters.

I have severe medical problems and would like to know my medical history. It could really help me with this rare medical problem I have.

I can be contacted at either Manzygirl@centurytel.net or Manzygirl@hotmail.com


Adoptee Female ISO B-Siblings


Manhattan NY


adopted birthsister searching for her siblings

male 1953

male 1954

female 1956

male 1957


Male {sideratos}6/4/62

manhattan ny

adopted through New York Foundling

Bmother-Gloria M Schank,Gloria sideatos,march 11,1931,4;11  redish brown hair, irish,german,unemployed,fair skin,blue eyes

bfather named-Edward sideratos,born in greace,fully greek,brown hair, blue eyes, 5;6 seaman,counterman in a restraunt in new york.

brotehrs and sisters may of been last named schank and or sideratos,we have not been told.

I have been searching for 14 years.I am tehre baby sister they may not of known I exsisted,

they now have three sisters together who want to knwo them, carol anne 6/5/59{found},anne marie

and me joanne{6/7/67 adopted in 1973 together}.

I have non id and medical info to give them ,i want to know my family

,i missed out on to much..I was born as joann lee sideratos

contact me at air_force_mom2002@yahoo.com



Adoptee Female ISO B-Family


Female Adoptee DOB 12/24/68 In search of Birth Family, born in Williamsport, PA,

mother went to Williamsport Community College

.Contact me at†† ghosthuntingdon@yahoo.com


Adoptee Female ISO Any B-Family


my name is Elizabeth . I was adopted in Charlotte NC (Mecklenburg County)  Per the information my adopted parents have,

I was born on 8/30/63 at Carolinas Medical Center, previously Charlotte Memorial Hospital. 

My adoption was handled through Mecklenburg County Social Services.
I would like to locate mom, dad, or siblings.
my e-mail address is ebryant@houseloan.com


Adoptee ISO B-Family


I am an adoptee searching for my Birthmother or any birth-relative.  I was born in Bennington, Vt. at Putnam Memorial Hospital

on 7-22-1969.  My Birthmother was escorted to Rensselaer County Dept. of S.S. in New York State to give me up for adoption. 

At the time of the adoption processing my Maternal Grandfather stated that he was full-blooded Oneida Indian. 

I was in a foster home for first 5 months in Cropsyville, NY.  My name there was Diane. 

My adopted name was Rebecca Jennifer Sorensen.  If any one knows anything that would help in

my search please e-mail me at gingerfur1969@yahoo.com




Adoptee ISO B-Parents & Family


Adoptee looking for birth parents,

born 2/3/1963 in San Jose, CA. 

Contact me at††† lruhl@houston.rr.com


Adoptee Female ISO B-Family


I was born 6-12-61 in Jersey City NJ, at Margaret Hague Maternity

and through Family and Children's Services of Monmouth County.

My birth father was in the navy and my birth mother was raised by her paternal grandparents.

 my e-mail address is sandra.sargent@att.net




Adoptee ISO B-Family


my name is ML Germadnik.  I was born on  February 5, 1967 at Sharon General Hospital.

  I'm looking for my birth mother and father!!  Any info please contact me at marylynn@nasw.org


Adoptee Male ISO B-Family


 I was born in lorain ohio MAY 16,1963. My birth name may have been Curtis I had blonde hair & blue eyes.

I was a ward of the state, my adoption was finalized on Feb. 15th. 1965. Case number 160, docket number 1, page 160.

My adoptive name is Richard††

  Any help at all is greatly  wan'ted and needed.      E-MAIL    dentypop@aol.com


Adoptee Male ISO B-Family

Was born 5/14/1965 in Albany, NY My name is Thomas

My Mother was Janee-mail me atBunnyfran@webtv.net


Adoptee ISO B-Family


I am trying to find my birthmother and am having trouble b/c paterson dioceses prevents you from finding your birthmother and discourages this.

They are telling me that my birth mother has gotten  on with her life and would not want this interuption in her life.

I was born Aug. 16 1968 in morristown Njgeralynlundy@sbcglobal.net


Adoptee Female ISO B-Family


I was born Sept. 17th 1964, in Decatur, Alabama.  I have located a birth sister who was born May 1962, in Huntsville, Alabama.

We are looking for our birth mother.  She was 24 years old when I was born.  The only named we have for her is "Linda Lee Fish".  My birth name was Bonita Laverne Fish.  Anyone with any information can e-mail me at tlnewberry@charter.net


Adoptee Male ISO B-Family

DOB-----06-27-1960 ??

born:  6-27-1960???

Adoption took place in Quebec

through the Catholic Adoption Services

I have no information other than the paper they gave to my adopted parents

which says that my mother was a smaller woman, brown hair and blue eyes and French.

My father was married to another.  Please any info would be gratefully appreciated.  Medical purposes.

Contact me at



Adoptee Male ISO B-Family


Male, White, Born 12/19/1966

Henipen County, MN

Adoppted through Lutheran Services in Minneapolis, MN

emailed at ms2jv@hotmail.com



Adoptee Female ISO B-Family


I am a white female adoptee.  Born March 30, 1966 in Fort Worth, Texas through Volunteers of America.

I weighed 7lbs. 6 oz., strawberry blonde hair.  Birthmother was 15 years and Birthfather was 17 years.

Birth NameKaren Kirby

E-Mail me at†† KMHARE@peoplepc.com


Adoptee Male ISO B-Parents & Family


I am helping my friend try to find his birthparents. He was born Feb. 28, 1966 in Charlotte, N.C.

and left on an orphanage door step. My name is Kay††   My e-mail address is

kay1babygirl@aol.com   Thanks


Adoptee Female ISO B-Family

caucasian female adoptee searching for birthfamily 
Copy of birthcertificate says: POB Passaic NJ, DOB 08/17/1967, aparents listed as parents.

Hospital of birth not mentioned. DYFS (former BCS) Trenton and Paterson NJ somehow involved in the adoption.

Contact me at††† demi110@lycos.com


Adoptee Female ISO B-Family


Female adoptee ISO bfamily

dob 1/19/1969

Providence Hospital, Southfield, Michigan

adopted through Catholic Social Services of Detroit

placed in foster home--given the name Jennifer--until placed with adopted family (Michael and Josephine Fesik)at 6 weeks of age

named Janice Ann Fesik (married name McGuire)

bmother--English and German--17 at time of birth--brown hair, hazel eyes--oldest of several siblings

maternal grandmother deceased--brain tumor--at time of birth

maternal grandfather police officer

bfather--Jewish--19 at time of birth--blonde hair blue eyes--in the armed forces

 If anyone has any info. please contact me at†† joplin19@wowway.com


Adoptee Female ISO B-Family


I am an adoptee looking for my birth family,I just found out last week at the age of 41 that I was adopted.Below is the only information I have at this time.

Adopteename -----Joan Leonard

Date of birth ----August6-1962

Place of birth ----Philadelphia , PA

Agency-----Catholic Charity / Catholic Social Services

Hospital----Misericordia Hospital Phila. PA

Church----St Clements, Phila, PA

Baptized---August 8-1962

Placed----- St Vincents Orphanage

Adoptee mother-----Joan A( Meneelis ) Leonard

Adoptee father -----Joseph J Leonard

Birth Cert. File # 143090-62

Contact me at†† joanieS8662@aol.com


Adoptee Female ISO B-Father


I am searching for my birthfather.  I was born in NYC on September 8, 1963 and adopted through Spence Chapin.  My birth mother's name is Christina Nagel (she was about 18 at the time).  Birth father would have been 18-21 in 1962 and was living in New York City (either in or near Gramercy Park).  May have met birth mother at an art class.  Father apparently kept a boat in Long Island.  Any information would be very much appreicated.

c davenport Contact me at



Adoptee Female ISO B-Family


I was born September 19, 1966 in Santa Barbara County California. My birth mother was 20 at the time and was 5'2" 110 lbs. Ethnic backgroud is said to be northern european. I think she had blond hair/blue eyes (although I have brown hair/eyes). She was unmarried and my biological father might have been from Florida. Mother's parents were possibly retired airforce. Her last name might be Griffin or Hanson (but I'm not sure).
Children's Home Society handled the adoption.  I was placed when I was 5 weeks old.
Thanks!Courtenay Contact me at


Adoptee Male ISO Any B-Family

DOB----12-27-1959 OR01-27-1960

I was born 12/27/1959 real birth date 1/27/1960 NYC Staten Island , adopted parent changed everyone Soc Sec#'s prior to moving West.Why I don't know.I am seeking anyone family members  I am a Male with thick curly hair. Please email me at 4burke@comcast.net if you may be related in any way or even suspect you could be , Thanks ...


Adoptee Female ISO B-Parents & Family


iam a female white adoptee iso bm/bf.††††††††††††††††† FoundB-Mom02-04

Iwas born in Brooklyn 01/30/69


Contact me at†† TandDD@aol.com


Adoptee Female ISO B-Family


I am helping my cousin find any information on her bioligial family she can find. Her birth certificate shows that she was born to George and Beverley Rollins of Yuba City, CA (her adopted parents) her name on birth certificate is Kimberley Jean Rollins DOB 10/26/68 in Auburn, CA. She has been told that she has 3 older sister's and a father still alive at time of adoption and that her birth mother died of stomach cancer. Kim was born with blonde hair and brown eyes I believe she wears contacts she was a beautiful little baby and has turned into a beautiful woman.PLEASE HELP SHE NEEDS ANY AND ALL MEDICAL INFORMATION FOR ALL FAMILY FOR HER OWN MEDICAL REASONS.†† MY NAME IS Melissa and my e-mail is mamma_melissa@yahoo.com or mamma_melissa@hotmail.com


Adoptee Female ISO B-Mother & Family


I am searching for my birth mother. My date of birth is 2/22/65. I was born in Kansas City, Mo. Jackson County. I was  1 month early with a deformed lung. I know my Great Aunt had diabetes. I also know my birth mother was 18 and unmarried. She signed 2 sets of adoption papers. My birth name from my mother was either Candi or Susie.Contact me at†††† kgill2817@yahoo.com


Adoptee ISO B-Parents & Family




Adoptee Male ISO B-Mother & Family


I'm looking for my birth mother.I am a male, born on 1-18-62, at St.Joseph hospital in Ft. Wayne In.I heard a story that my mother was 17,unmarried,and living across the state line

in ohio.(I'm not sure if the last statement is exact or not.) I was adopted immediately so I spent no time with my birthmother or an agency.I would like health information,or any communication that she would desire.Contact me atgrinch1@adamswells.com


Adoptee Female

I am a friend helping a friend look for birth familay                                                                   

Her Date of birth was given as may 15 1961  There is a chance the date may have been changed name given by adopted family is Kathleen Denice .  MCcort . ADoptive parents names were James Franics Mccort and Muriel Olive McCort. SHE was A Nursre In the northeast Philadelphia Aera and her Adoptive father was a WEll known lawyer in philadelphia in the 1960s @ 70s her parents passed away. before she found out she was adopted  this I belive was a privite Adopton  THere HAd been SOMe information  that her birth mothers name may have been Bernice May Sommers Living around the Frankford Section of north philadelphia and that there may be older sibling possiably   A  twin..ANd   mybe a connection to HOLY READEAMER hospital in philadelphia. IF this may sound  Familar please contact me at Glacemom@aol.com


Adoptee male Twin ISO my adopted Twin & other adopted siblings


Born Kris Rosenstein, June 15, 1964 in Islip NY, through the Jewish child care agency. It is said that I have a faternal twin brother, and I also have a brother who is 2 years older than me. We were all given up for adoption. Mother was about 23 when she gave birth to my brother and I. It was also said that she quit school in the 9th grade and she also had mental problems that caused her to be hospitalized as an adult. Any information would be greatly appreciated.Contact me at†† Rindarella1@aol.com


Adoptee Female ISO B-Family



Contact me atTandDD@AOL.COM

Adoptee Male ISO B-Parents & Family


Contact me at†† UnderwoodUtdj@aol.com


Adoptee Male ISO B-Mother & Family


 My dad was adopted and I am searching for his birth mother which would be my grandmother. Her name is Janet Louise Ferguson. My dad was born on August 21,1962. The hospital was Madison General Hospital in Boone County,WV. His birth name was Allen Ray Ferguson. The father was not listed on the birth certificate. If you have any information about her please contact me! My e-mail address is babydub304@yahoo.com Any information you could give me would be greatly appreciated!"


Adoptee Male ISO B-Family


I'm 35 yrs old, was adopted at age 6 mo's in Salisbury North Carolina.

 I have a terminal illness, and wish deperately to find my birth mother and or any relatives.  Both of my adoptive parents have been deceased for 10 years. I tried looking for my birth mother a few years back when I became ill with cardiomyopathy and emphsema. , The only information I could find out at that time was that  I was the only child born to my birthmother and my birthfather was said to be in the airforce at the time of my birth., I also remember that I was told I was born at 6 am.on the 24th of December.

I had blondish hair and hazel eyes as a child, with an fair complexion, I was born with alot of dark hair.I now have light brown hair, hazel eyes, and I'm 5'6" tall and weigh around 165lbs.

Contact me at†† bbsitu@microsoft.com


Adoptee Male ISO B-Mother & Family


My name is Frank .  DOB 9/17/68.  I was born in Washington DC and adopted through Catholic Charities.  Doctor was P.J. Eagan.  AT my time of birth, my birthmother was not quite 21.  She was from the north section of the US.  She was attending college, however had to leave due to her pregnancy.  She was 5'2" tall, 105 lbs.  Brown hair that was colored blond and blue eyes.  She was Catholic, of french descent.  She has (2)brothers and (3) sisters.  One brother and sister operated a barbershop together.  My birthfater was 22 yrs. old and a senior in college.  Catholic abd of Irish-French descent.  He was active in high school sports.  At the time of her pregnancy they were engaged, however he did not offer to marry her after learning of this.  He had one sister. 

One of the main reasons for my search is to see what I have missed.  My adoptive mother passed (10) days before my 10th birthday, so I have been on my own for many years so to speak.  While my adpotive dad raised me well, along with my sister(who also was adpoted in 1974).  If I ever had the chance to meet my birthmother, I can tell you all I would do is cry tears of joy.Contact me at††† themovinman_2002@yahoo.com





Adoptee Female ISO B-Family

DOB------10-10-1970†††††††††††††† ††††††FOUND11-2004

Female, DOB, October 10, 1970
Rockford Memorial Hospital
Rockford, IL
Adoptee in search of birthmom and birthgrandmom.
If you came to Rockford in 1970 from another state to have me and put
me up for adoption at Children's Home of Rockford in October then I am
looking for you!!!Contact me at†† tmegerle@gmail.com


Adoptee Male ISO B-Family


I am helping my boyfriend find his birth mom and any birth family. 

He was born in Akron Ohio on Sunday, October 15, 1972. 

He is a handsome man who has blond hair and blue eyes. 

He is one of 2 boys born in Akron on Oct, 15 1972 who were

adopted.If you know any info PLEASE get in touch with me!!

Contact me at†† chris@topdog-inc.com


Adoptee Male ISO B-Family

My name is Brian
Dob  02/20/72
I am searching for birth realitives
Born in Longmont Colorado at Longmont hospital
I was given up to Boulder county social services at the time of birth.
It is my understanding that my bith mother was married but seperated from
her husband when she became pregnet with me.  She then decited to get back
together with her husband, as a result she put me up for adoption?

Contact me at†† brfraz@hotmail.com


Adoptee Female ISO B-Family


Adoptee ISO birth family: I am a female, born in RI possibly in Providence

Born 6-4-70, given up at birth. Catholic Social Services,

St. Vincent Depaul handled adoption, Mother lived at

Sophia Little Home in Cranston, RI Any info. will be helpful.

Contact me at†† Jab0670@aol.com


Adoptee Male ISO B-Mother & Family


Iam helping my boyfriend search for his B-Mom,He was born 10-15-1972in Akron OH

and grew up in Cleveland.He dosenít know much about his adoption circumstances,or

B-Mother.He has blond hair and blue eyes,if he sounds like he may be your baby please

contact us†† chris@topdog-inc.com


Adoptee Female ISO B-Sibling Also could be Adopteeís


I'm an adoptee who is looking to reunite with my half brother's and sister's.  My mother is from Wisconsin. 

She has since passed on.  I was told that she had several children that ended up being adopted. 

One of by brother's was born in D.C. and went by the name Sammy Jr.

  I have two twin sister's that were in Wisconsin about four years ago should be in their twenties 

Contact me at††††† Donnapageg@aol.com


Adoptee Male ISO B-Parents & Family


I was born in sandusky memorial hospital

april 1 1972. It was through the catholic charities

My name is Jeffcontact me atangel18@defnet.com


Adoptee Female ISO B-Mother


My DOB 06/09/1975
Hospital:St Lukes Hospital, Chesterfield, MO
Born: Baby Girl Collins
Private adoption
Attorney: Dick Shakowitz
I have been searching for my birth mother for several years now. I was given up for adoption to a

wonderful Jewish family in Los Angeles, CA immediately after I was born. My name now is

Erin Jody Shapiro-Motel. My birth mother was only 13 when I was born and was from a family living in

Alton, IL. I would love to get in contact with her and any help that I can get would be appreciated.

The adoption record state that my biological mothers' name was Robin Gayle Collins.

Please e mail with any help. Eshap2323@aol.com


Adoptee ISO B-Mother


Adoptee in search of birth mother..Not much Info Male
born Nashville TN, July 12 1971

Contact me at†††† iturnthepage@yahoo.com


Adoptee Female ISO B-Family




Sacramento, CA

email me at heatherlee969@hotmail.com

I am looking for my birth parents

If anyone knows me or is looking for someone

with my birth date, you might be looking for me.


Adoptee Female ISO B-Mom


I am a adoptee iso birth mom
d.o.b.  may 22 .1970 girl, Arlington, Texas Arlington memorial hosp.

Contact me at†† TxStyleRedhead@aol.com††††† carrie


Adoptee Female ISO B-Family


dob 12/19/70

Little Rock, AR  at St Vincents Infirmary           Pulaski county.

named Lisa Ann Phillips either by bmom or foster mother

Ivan H. Smith, atty for welfare dept of Arkansas was appointed my guardian because I was a ward of the state of Arkansas.

Bmom had 8th grade education,baptist religion, petite.

Alleged father college degree, Accountant,described as neat and handsome.

Contact me at†† tcaword@alltel.net


Adoptee Male ISO B-Family


I am a male born October 20, 1975 in Rockford, Illinois. 

My biological mother named me James.

  She was 16 at the time of my birth and my biological father was 15.

  I am interested in knowing more about my biological family.

Contact me at†† kathyhinshaw@earthlink.net


Adoptee Male ISO B-Mother & Family


hello, my name is Bryan Warren, i was born october 9th 1976 in cincinnati ohio at cincinnati general. my weight at birth was 7 lbs 4 ounces and i was 20 1/2 inches long. my birth mother carried me for 42 weeks, and i was relinquished on 11/10/1976. the agency was the childrens home of cincinnati, and the case worker was sandra m jordan. appearantly i was born with a high hematocrit level and had to have a partial exchange transfusion to lower the level. all that i know about my birth mother is that she was 29 yrs old at the time of my birth, going to school in hopes to become a nurse, and was working in a bar at the time. she was not married at the time of my birth or adoption and i had an older sibling who was 6 yrs of age and a female at the time of my birth. i would really like to find her, just to anwser the questions that have been going through my head since i found out that i was adopted when i was 8 yrs old, and snooping through some of my parents files. now i am going to be 28 yrs old and i have 3 great children of my own, and a wonderful wife. i have had a good life. finding her just to meet her one time, would make me feel at peace. Contact me at†† Mrpotatoehead444@aol.com


Adoptee ISO B-Mother & Family


My birth name is Jessica K Wallace and I am searching for my bmother

her name is Laura Cloud

I was born on 12/27/1974 in Dayton Ohio at the Miami Valley Hospital

Contact me at ††kidder_27@msn.com


Adoptee Female ISO B-Family


searchin for my birth/biol.Fam. i was born at bay front med. center, pinellas county,in St. Petersburg, Fl.

i know nothing of my real parents, i have 3 girls now and we need to know where we came from.

 C/C handled the adop.  it was finalized circuit  court same state on 09/16/1970 mom if u r out there i need you..

. please e/m me at:  nannyb715@yahoo.com


Adoptee ISO B-Family

My name in Leslie Maciejewski
I was adopted from Saint Elizabeth's in Indianapolis Indiana
born 9/28/1979
My birth mother was unwed, also adopted
She wanted me to be adopted into a Polish Catholic family w/ an older
adopted brother.
She also wanted my parents to be college educated.

Contact me at†† LeslieA.Maciejewski@VerizonWireless.com


Adoptee Female ISO B-Family

Please post my info. DOB 05/20/1970 I was adopted trough Texas Cradle Society,

i was born in Temple Texas; please contact me!!†† MARYCDELATORRE@aol.com


Adoptee Female ISO B-Family


Female - Blonde hair/blue eyes

Location - Tulsa, OK

Hospital - Hillcrest Hospital

Was born on 4/9/73 - was given to adopted family 4/12/73.

Attorneys were in place on this adoption - i am having a hard time even getting a copy of my original birth certificate

seems that my biological parents wanted it to be a CLOSED ADOPTION - good luck for me huh!

I was Adopted by a couple named Bill and Dayla Wilhelm.

I was told my mothers name was Peggy Counts - but i am not sure. 

I was also told my Biological parents were both 17 (young) and not ready for this big step. 

  PLEASE HELP ME FIND OUT WHO I AM!!!! Contact me atCherlynb@playscapedesigns.com



Adoptee Female ISO B-Family


Adopted name = martha ann ward

hospital = medical university hospital

place = charleston sc

time= 8:40pm

dr. william mclean

private att

date finalized march 19, 1971 charleston family court

need medical history 2 year old son has sever scoliosis and drs are

in need of medical history to help in treatment.




Adoptee Male ISO B-Family


my name is patrick. i was born 5-11-79

at memorial hospital in pullman washington.
i am searching for a birthrelative.

E-Mail Me At†† BoycePJ07@aol.com


Adoptee ISO B-Mother & Family


I am an adoptee in search of my birthmother.  I was born December 14, 1975, in Fremont, NE, by Dr. Reiter. 

The adoption was privately  done by Dick Stafford, a lawyer in Norfolk, NE-where I grew up. 

I DO KNOW, according to my official birth certificate that the notatry was named Hazelle Peterson,

and was adopted by Rans Jr. and Judy Roman.   

  Any info would be greatly appreciated! E-Mail me at†† musicconnection@iowaone.net


Adoptee ISO B-Mother & any family


My birth mother‚Äôs name is Catherine Marie Gates.  I was born on January 4, 1971 at Crawford Long Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia.

  My mother is 1 of 12 children from a large Catholic family from ‚Äúup north‚ÄĚ. 

She lived with her sister after her mother passed (circa 1967) and later moved in with her brother and family in Atlanta. 

She attended Therrell High School in Atlanta, going by Cathy Gates, and was supposed to graduate in 1970 (maybe an early graduation). 

She lived at the Florence Crittenton Home in Atlanta until I was born. 

I assume now that she is married and has a family of her own that she has not told about me. 

Furthermore, I doubt that anyone else in her family knows about me other than her brother and his wife.

  I would like to meet anyone from my birth family (aunts, uncles, cousins, siblings, and hopefully parents). 

I have more information that I cannot list here but if any of this fits or sounds vaguely familiar please contact me at jawhite@mindspring.com


Adoptee Female ISO B-Mom & Family


Adopted Daughter looking for Birth Mom. I was born on 6/15/77, in Wilmington
Delaware, I think my b-moms name was Teresa Riley but I can't be sure.
Adopted Parents names Esther & John Weaver. I was adopted into a family with
a brother and a sister. My sister was also adopted but from a different
family. I have had a great life and am blessed with alot of love. Don't want
to disrupt anyones life am just curious as are most adoptees. I am told I
have my birth moms looks and my birth fathers eyes. may have been called
Jessica for the first few weeks of my life as I stayed with biological
family members until a final decision was made to put me up for adoption or
not. If you have any info that could help me I would appreciate it.
THANKS!!!Contact me at†† elaine@mdgcompanies.com


Adoptee Female ISO B-Family








Adoptee Male ISO B-Family






Adoptee ISO B-Father


I am searching for my bd born on 10/3/78 in Salem, Oregon.

 e-mail me at††† sadiekins@comcast.net


Adoptee ISO B-Family

looking for my birth mom or dad, was born sept 18 1970 in midland, mi

e-mail me at†† Andamid@aol.com


Twin Adoptee Male ISO B-Family


I am the godmother of Burto T. Saldana, born 6/21/1971  and adopted in Los Angeles, CA. 

He was born a twin, his brother died either during or right after birth. 

Both of his adoptive parents are now deceased - Pablo and Bunyne Saldana

.Thank you., Mary S.  Birth place and birth date may be wrong.  mabear3@hotmail.com


Adoptee Male ISO B-Family


My name is Paul

I am an adoptee who is in search of his birth family.
Birthplace: Pasadena, California
Hospital: Saint-Luke Hospital
Time: 12/22/1970 1:56 p.m.
Doctor: C. Ellis Carver
Adoptive Mother: Barbara
Adoptive Father: Frank.
Thank you so much! E-Mail me at†† Pkajiwara@aol.com



Adoptee Female ISO B-Family


(stacie is my grandsons wife, i am helping her search as she has no phone nor a comp.)

I am Stacie/Stacey kay Brown (is spelt  both ways in diff. places) DOB 02/07/1970 was taken from hosp. 02/14/1970 hosp. was bay front medical center, pinellas county, St. Petersburg, Fl. by adop. parents betty jean and roger fred Brown the adop. was finalized in circuit court same town as birth on 09/16/1970  b/c # was 109/70/015986 it was registered by marilyn griffen with registars # 6145436 filed on 02/17/1970  this hosp. was once named (Mound Park) it was handled by law firm of Duggar and Anthanson is now athanason and anthanason   and catholic Charities which was then called catholic social serv..i was raised in Ill. where i recieved my SS# begins with 351-  i am 5'6  weigh 150 lbs, now have 3 girls who we all want to know where we came from, i have add: and phone #s of needed lawyers and c/c and more info if needed,†††††† , Stacie kay Brown PS, yes i have reg. with isrr nair c/c and every place i have found i have searched all my life.   StacieContact me at††



Adoptee Female ISO B-Family


Place of birth-----Indiana

My name is Traci

Contact me at rtkl211@msn.com


Adoptee Male ISO B-Parents & Family


My brother realy needs this information for mainly medical purposes, although I'm sure he'd like to meet them too.  But the main thing is, he needs to know his family history, because his second child is on the way, and his wife is having serious complications...her OB told her if there was a way to get his history, it would help them a lot, because right now they don't know anything.  Do you think there is any way for me to find his parents?  I really don't know how to do this, so I will provide you with any information that I can.

 My brother was born on October 10th 1971  (My memory is sometimes wrong, so it could be 1972.  He was born at a hospital called Firmin Desloge in Saint Louis, Missouri.  That hospital is now called Saint Louis University Hospital.  My parents adopted him either through Catholic Family Services, or Catholic Family charities.  Contact me atWee3Kids@aol.com


Adoptee Female ISO B-Parents & Family


I am searching for my birth parents, and/or siblings.  I was born October 31, 1971 at providence  hospital in Sandusky, Ohio.  This is Erie County.  I was born at 12:15 A.M.  I was adopted in Seneca county(Tiffin, Ohio) when I was 2 years old, bye Joanne and Terry Parkins. I would appreciate any help you could give. My adopted name was Brenda Lyn Parkins,Contact me atBanditsgirl2003


Adoptee Male ISO Any B-Family


i was born on 2/3/79 in indianapolis In.  I was adopted through the Suemma
Coleman Agency shortly there after.
My name is Josh Weldon.  If you could help me contact or receive information
about my birth mother or father I would dearly appreciate it. My e-mail
address is jw2i@mtsu.edu


Adoptee ISO B-Mother & Family


I was born at Phoebe Putney Hospital to a 15 year old girl, her last name was Wilson, first name Diane, she doesnt know my gender, I would love to say thank you and get some medical info if possible.  I have a son of my own and want to know my medical background.  I want to express to her my love and understanding.  she may contact me atemail me at amyberliner2003@yahoo.com

again I was born in Albany Georgia May 31, 1971 this adoption was private through the doctor. or email  to allisontuc@aol.com


Adoptee ISO B-Mother


I am searching for my birth mother
I was born 3/28/1973
in rochester, new york
adopted through cathlic family services of rochester, Ny


Adoptee Female ISO B-Family


I found my birth father and I am still looking for my mother who's name is Nancy Arbuckle (last known place was South Carolina) and my brother named Geroge Yanosh also from S.C. born November 1975.I am searching for my birth family. I was born 1-7-77 in Alleghany Valley Hospital in Pennsylvania to a young family. I know my birth name was JUDY LEE YANOSH and my birth mothers name is Nancy J (Yanosh at the time).  I know I have a sister that is 14 months older than me, but according to state records, custody of that child was questionable prior to my adoption.  I am desiring to find my birth family, especially my sister.  If you know anything that can help my find my birth family please contact me nascargal77@charter.net






Adoptee Female ISO B-Family


I was born April 10 1981, at Good Sam, weighed 9 lbs 6 ounces. Was adopted 2 months later

Looking for birth mother and father. Just had a little baby boy. Just want to know my past

Contact me at††† sschafer@lendexloans.com


Adoptee Male ISO B-Family


ISO Birthfamiy.  Male adoptee.  Born 12/25/80 at Edgewater Hospital in Chicago, IL. 

Children's Home & Aid adoption agency used (I believe).  I may have been a sick baby. 

I may have other siblings that were also placed for adoption (heard about a brother). 

Adopted to the Egonuts.  My name is George. 

Please email TheAmberVGeorge@aol.com


Adoptee Female ISO B-Father


I am looking for my father. His name is Jesse James Lawrence. I was born on July 3, 1981. I have a sister named Felicia Ann. My mother's name is Robin. I am adopted. I was adopted in Jan. of 1990. I lived in Chicago until I was taken away from my biological father. He is either 41 or 42. Somewhere around there. He was 19 when I was born. I am 22 now. My e-mail address is saa20002001@yahoo.com.Please help me find him. I have been searching for 4 years now and I have found nothing. He was supposedly living in Indiana when he got out of jail several years ago with his mother.


Adoptee Female ISO B-Family


F-emale adoptee searching for parents.  I was born 6/16/1984 at St. Mary's hospital in West Palm Beach, Florida.  My parents names were Anita and Michael, they were not married. My mother was 19/early 20s, my father 25. My father was an artist. If any of this sounds the least bit familiar, please email me.††† RockStar92502@aol.com†† Laney


Male ISO B-Mother & Family


Fiance of abdoptee searching for birthmother.my name is Heather Purvis and I will be getting married on March 6, 2004 to a wonderful guy who deserves to know who his mother is. He was born on July 22,1982 in Ocala, FL and is name is Andrew Allen Pearce.  From what i understand his birthmother was from Michigan and was a tennis player.  She moved down here to have him and then returned home.  His birthfather had too big of a family to support another mouth and his birthmothers father did not want the child as well. at least that is my understanding on why he was given up for adoption.  The nurse who was in the room with the birthmother when she gave birth to andy said that she(the birthmother) got to hold andy before she gave him up.  I hope this well help anybody who is looking for the son. 
Please Email me at Ppurvis9@aol.com






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