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 Adoptee Male ISO B-Mother & Family


My husband was an orphan at Immanuel Deaconess in

 Omaha, NE from 1942 to 1944.  My husband's birthdate

 is 01/25/1938.  He lived with someone in the family from

 the time he was born until he was 4-years-old, at which

 time he was taken to the orphanage. 

We have one picture from the orphanage with the name

 JERRY LEROY JACOBA on the back.  We believe his

mother's name may have been Rose Jacoba.  He has

since found his father, Jack Virgin, who passed away

 at 58 years of age.  He also found a half-sister, and

half-brother, and several nieces, nephews, etc., and

 has re-connected with them.  His half-sister and

half-brother are now deceased.

In 1944, he was adopted to Hazel and Sam Chelson

 in Topeka, KS, who are now both deceased.

Contact me at














 Adoptee Female ISO B-Mother


my b-name was baby girl johnson

born? 01-03-49

b-mom's name patricia ann johnson

b-father unknown

1 older sibling think girl.

b-mom was living with uncle ed on

 cunningham st in warren michigan

married b-father sometime in late 49 or early 50

3 or 4 younger siblings

my name is betty seegmiller

e-mail is:


 Adoptees Family ISO His B-Family

DOB-----08-12-1944  Died 02-05-2003



























 Adoptee Female ISO B-Family


name is Jeanne E. Hontz  , I was born on January 27, 1953 in Williamsport, PA at

 a Lutheran Home for unwed Mothers.  I was adopted thru the Lutheran Adoption

 agency by John Benj. Hontz and Thelma A. Hontz I was raised in Nescopeck,

 PA by a wonderful family and have been happily married for 34 years.  In

January 2006 by Mother died and my sister and I found our adoption papers.

 I have always wished I had my medical information from my biological families,

 however never looked into this.My biological mothers name was Peggy Jean Hipple

 and was 16 years old.  My biological fathers name was Bernard, no last name listed.

 I was adopted in June of 1954 at WilkesBarre, PA court house and no information

is available to me from that court house.I would appreciate any help you can give me.

  I have a daughter 26 years old that is in the seminary to be a Lutheran minister,

 she has had medical problems off and on and I would like to know our family history

if at all possible.  We adopted a son who was my oldest child and he died in an auto

 accident at the age of 21.  This was a very difficult time in our lives.

My email address is


 Adoptee Female ISO B-Family


I am a White Female Adoptee in Search of

 my Birth Family.

DOB 08/11/1959

Born at Mercy Hospital-Jackson Michigan

Adoption was handled through Michigans

Childrens Aid Society.

Finalized in Alpena Michigan.

Birth Mother was 17 White

Adoptive Parents - White/Lutheran also

had adopted a boy

he was 5 at the time they adopted me.

I have brown hair and green eyes 5'3" tall.

Would love to know my birth family as my

 adoptive parents have both passed now.

I do have children of my own and 3 grandchildren also.

They would love to know their heritage also.

Contact me at



 Adoptee Female ISO B-Family


Born  7-19-58  Los Angeles, CA


Adopted through Social Services(Los Angeles),

and was "traded" for another baby in San Bernardino County.

Cherie    Contact me at


 B-Family ISO 3 Adoptee’s

DOB------7/18/55 - KS
DOB------3/4/62 - RH
DOB------5/16/63 - WG
Beside each date there was our initials.  On the
twins, she had a / between the initials.  On the
brother found in 1953 there happen to be a - between
his initials, but his name was the initials, so,
because of the dash,  Was there possibly a twin to
him???  His b'day is 7/28/53 S-V was his initials.  I
know my biological dad, and he seems to think she had
another set of twins.  My sister can remember some
twins, vague details though. There was paperwork which
documented the b'mom from the twins that I found, so I
assume if someone is looking, they possibly could have
the same access to documentation.

The births should have happened in
Liberty/Jefferson/Galveston/ or Harris counties.  I
was born in Galveston, Tx.  There was possibly another
child born in Galveston from people that was around
her.  My adoptive mom thinks she went up to Edna
Gladney Home in Dallas/Fort Worth area and had a child
at one time.  Not sure if we have all the dates, but I
am hoping.Contact me at


 Adoptee Female ISO B-Family


I was born at Our Lady of Victory in New York in February of 1955.

My mother was listed as age 18 at the time. Her maiden name

may have been Frank. She used the alias name of Fisher at

OLV.  She had two sisters, two brothers, one of whom died

in 1947.The name on my adoption papers was Susan Marie Frank.

Contact me at


 Adoptee Female ISO B-Family


Lorraine Ferris   Possible middle name is Rita ,non id only

stated mom was white and 19.  I was told by family

her name may or may not have been elizabeth ferrisit

is obvious from my appearance dad was black or

hispanic or a mixture,sheltering arms childrens service   new york

Contat me at



 Adoptee Male ISO B-Family


My name is Fred J. Mosher I was born 12/15/55.I was

adopted and Im not sure what hospital I was born in, all

I know is that it was in the Albany,Ny area. I need to

find out so I can get a copy of my birth certificate.

Contact me at



 Adoptee Male ISO B-Family


I am searching for the birth parents of my  friend, he was born on

 July, 15, 1954 at St Mary's Hospital In Evansville Indiana. He was

 adopted the day of his birth or maybe a few days later. The adopting

 parents were the Chapman family in Evansville, now both his adopted

parents are dead. He told me the way he heard the story is his birth

 parents had to many children when he came along so for financial

 reasons he was put up for adoptions. He would like to know

 his birth parents and any other siblings he has alive.

Contact me at


 Adoptee Female ISO B-Family


I was born white female on 12/28/57 @ 6:59 PM at St. Joseph Infirmary in Louisville, KY. 

 James Childers M.D. delivered me at 8 lbs. 12 oz.  My length 20", head 14 1/2", and

 my chest 13".  I was named Debby.  My father was of German desent and my

mother was an adoptee, probably German desent.




 Adoptee Female ISO B-Mom & Family


Female adoptee ISO B-mom Ruth Evelyn Nichols. Birthname: Karin Elaine Nichols.

 DOB: 1/18/1956. Born in Franklin County, Columbus, Ohio. B-mom was in Florence

Crittendon Home on S. Main St. Columbus. She was 20 years old and resided at

 203 S. Plum St. in Springfield, Ohio, Clark County. I'm not sure, but she may have

married since then. She was born in Lawrenceville, Ohio but I do not have her DOB. 

Dr. Charles W. Hart delivered me at White Cross Hospital in Columbus.

 My adoption was final on November 17, 1956 in Seneca County Probate Court in Tiffin, Ohio.

Contact me at


 Adoptee Female ISO B-Family


My name is Richard  and I am  searching for any information on my mother's parents

 and any other children they may have had.  She was born Shirley (no middle name)

Williams, June 30, 1953 at Riverside Hospital in Newport News.  What a case worker

 Mrs. Todd told my grandparents who adopted her is that her father was stationed at

Fort Eustis and was a handsome tall blonde man from New York who never knew of

 the pregnancy and birth.  Her mother's husband was in jail, and once he found out

 insisted that she get rid of the baby before he was released.  We are pretty sure her

 mother lived in Newport News, then referred to as Norfolk County.  Albert  was the

lawyer that handled the adoption case for my grandparents, Gladys Murlene  and

 Lewis Edmond .  My grandparents later adopted another baby girl, Kathy Cartwright,

and had one son, Michael Lewis .

However, years ago my mother obtained paperwork from the adoption agency that

 had all names, addresses, or any "confidential" information cut out with scissors. 

 The paperwork told a story that her father was from North Carolina and that she

had one older brother, which my grandparents knew nothing about.  Naturally we

 aren't sure what story is correct, or if there are any other siblings or not. 

 Whoever her parents were knew how to cover up their tracks, or perhaps the

 Army found out that her father had an illegitimate child and changed some

 information to protect her father.  This has been frustrating for years, and

 I am now 26 and would like to know more about myself and anything

about my mother's birth family. 

Please contact me at











 Adoptee Male ISO B-Family


I am trying to help my boyfriend find his birth parents.

  His birth name would have been Bobby Boyd or Robert

 Boyd and he was born in Detroit, MI on 6/29/1969 at

 St John's hospital at 10:42 pm..  His mom would have

been 18 at the time and the only information we have

 about his father is that he was in the Navy.  He was in

 foster care before being adopted at 14 months which

 was handled through Catholic Social Services. 

Contact me at


 Adoptee Male ISO B-Family


white, male, adoptee, born in forsyth county, winston salem, @ baptist hospital, chs (?)

 did adoption, can be reached   at  Adoptive parents are/were robert & elaine dees.

I was told that my mom was short, olive complexion, auburn hair...  my dad was +/- 5'10", bonde hair,

 blue eyes...  they may have been unmarried @ the time...  i think there were other siblings (half-siblings)...

  i have been told that my mom was her high school graduating class salutatorian...

  sarah austin handled my adoption, for the agency...



 Adoptee Male ISO B-Family


Male born 3-29-1963 March 29, 1963  In

Des Moine Iowa at Booth Memorial

mother 17 father 21  searching for any

bio family...adopted & raised in Newton

Iowa...anything ring a bell ? contact if

you have any further info we've been

searching for years....

JT   Contact me at


 Adoptee Male ISO B-Parents


Stephen Neal Kitch--Adopted name

Birth mother unknown

Birth father unknown

Born: August 26, 1962

Evansville Indiana

St. Mary's Hospital

Adopted by Frederick David Kitch and Susan

Jane Englehart Kitch Aug. 28, 1962

He was a premie weighing only a little over

 4 pounds, adoptive mother Susan J. Kitch

was a special care nursery nurse.

Contact me at


 B-Family ISO 3 Adoptee’s

DOB------7/18/55 - KS
DOB------3/4/62 - RH
DOB------5/16/63 - WG
Beside each date there was our initials.  On the
twins, she had a / between the initials.  On the
brother found in 1953 there happen to be a - between
his initials, but his name was the initials, so,
because of the dash,  Was there possibly a twin to
him???  His b'day is 7/28/53 S-V was his initials.  I
know my biological dad, and he seems to think she had
another set of twins.  My sister can remember some
twins, vague details though. There was paperwork which
documented the b'mom from the twins that I found, so I
assume if someone is looking, they possibly could have
the same access to documentation.

The births should have happened in
Liberty/Jefferson/Galveston/ or Harris counties.  I
was born in Galveston, Tx.  There was possibly another
child born in Galveston from people that was around
her.  My adoptive mom thinks she went up to Edna
Gladney Home in Dallas/Fort Worth area and had a child
at one time.  Not sure if we have all the dates, but I
am hoping.Contact me at


 Adoptee Female ISO B-Mother

I just found out a couple weeks ago that

I was adopted. Both of my adopted parents

are dead and left no trace. My birth

certificate says baby girl Gillen. Birthmother

Bonnie Gillen. I was born in Anchorage, Alaska.

I need someone to fill in the blanks.

Contact me at


Adoptee Male ISO B-Family


Male Born August 26, 1964 in Houston Texas.
The home was DePelchin Childrens Home.
The hospital was St. Josephs.
My adoption Decree date is June 14, 1965 and it
was in the 129th district court in Harris County,
Houston Texas. 
 I was born red headed and blue eyed and freckled.
My Non-I.D. info says my BM is of Irish Nat.
brown hair, brown eyes and olive skin.
My BF is of Irish and English, brown hair, brown
eyes, and olive skin.
I am looking for any birth family.
I live right in the Houston area and can be
reached at

Thanks so much........Jay 


Adoptee ISO B-Siblings & B-Mother


Adoptee Birth Name: Baby Girl Parker
Adoptee Birth City:   Bristol
Adoptee Birth County: Bucks County
Adoptee Birth State:  Pennsylvania
Adoptee Birth Country: USA
Adoptee Birth Hospital: Delaware Valley Hospital
Adoptee Birth Mothers Maiden Name:  Patricia Parker

Adoptive Mothers Name:  Jessica (Lancieri) Day
Adoptive Fathers Name:   George John Day

Adoptee Info: Anna Marie (Day) Smith

DOB: October 5, 1963

My brother George J. Day Jr.,who was also adopted

 by our a-parents was born on December 27,1965

at the Rancocas Valley Hospital in Willingboro NJ.

We have the same birth mother.

Patricia Parker and her family lived in Brownsmills NJ

I have found out through family members who knew

 birth mother that there are possibly 11 other

siblings that she gave away or gave up for adoption.

 I desperately would like to find these siblings.I was

 told that 2 boys were adopted by Marie  and Arthur

 of Bristol Pa.

Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.

Contact at:


 Adoptee Male ISO B-Family


born 09/22/66 sanbernardino Ca, state adoption.

Was told of 2 brothers and 2 sisters. In 66, b-mothe

r was 35, divorced, and from back east.

 father 45 , welder but not much else.

Contact me at


 Adoptee Female ISO B-Family


  melissa ann burrell i was born dec.29,1967 at hermann hospital in

houston,texas at or near 6:53 am catholic charities handled the adoption

  i'm an african american  female,   i was told that the name that matches

 the birth cert. # is not melissa but quincina marie williams my adoptive

 parents names are jessie burrell( 54yrs old at the time of my adoption)

 & bella(betty) joan williams burrell(24 at time) from lafayette,la. i'm sure

 every person that's touched by adoption says they really need to find that

 missing it is not a unique statement. so all i could say is that

 i am praying for a miracle no matter what size small or big. you see i was

 the only child my adoptive parents raised and because my a-father was so

 old when they got me he died when i was 22yrs old and all threw my childhood

 and teenage and young adult life my mother and i didn't get alone. my mother

had issues and hurts that she could have resolved before she brought a child

 in her life she probably thought that by adopting a child that hurtful void would

be filled. but finally over the last few years we have been mending our shattered

relationship. which i'm so glad about i did not want one of us to die with never

 loving each other like a mother and daughter should have. but my mom health

 is felling her now and  i'm scare to death  that me and my three girls will be

 lefted alone having noone.i have searched for years now and after five years

 of searching i got my birthname at least i pray that the searcher was positive

. and i can't afford a private search or able to give catholic charities any money,

 i'm a single mom trying after 36yrs to get my life on track. but the one thing

 i've pray more than anything else in my life is that i die never knowing how my

mother looked and be able to see my real family. and the hardest thing now

for me is to search site after site entry after entry of not only never coming

 across a match but to see the word found next to a entry. in my mind i say

 i'm so glad that their search is over , but my heart hurts because it's not mind. 



Female adoptee, ISO Birth family

DOB 12/14/1966

City & State:  Billings, Montana

Hospital:  St.  Vincent's

Birthparents were supposedly in their 30's and 40's

Birthmom - Catholic, employed as a waitress

Bithfather - Protestant, from back East, and worked in Public Relations

I really am looking for important medical history, due to some recent medical

conditions that I have been diagnosed with.  I do not want to disrupt anyones

life, but would really like to know "where I came from"

Please contact


 Adoptee Female ISO B-Family


Adoptee Birth Date: 12/19/1968
Adoptee Gender: female
Adoptee Birth Name: Amy(named by adopted parent)
Adoptee Birth City: Saint Paul 
Adoptee Birth County: Ramsey   
Adoptee Birth State: Minnesota 
Adoptee Birth Country: USA
Adoptee Birth Mothers Name: ?  
Adoptee Birth Mothers Maiden Name: ?   
Adoptee Birth Fathers Name: ?  
Adoptee Birth Hospital: Regions
Adoptee Name: Amy Timgren
Adoptee City: Bloomington      
Adoptee County: Hennipen       
Adoptee State: Minnesota
Adoptee Country: USA
Adoptive Mothers Name: Diane Timgren
Adoptive Mothers Maiden Name:
Adoptive Fathers Name: Eugene Timgren
Searching For: Birth Mother/Birth Father w/siblings
 All Other Information: I was born on December 19th,

 1968 at about 2:30 in the afternoon in St.Paul. My mother

 was about 25 years old at the time of birth  and was a

 teacher.  She was 5'5" and had blonde hair. At that

 time she was not married to the birth father who

 was about 28. He was  5'8" and had black hair, and

 owned a business. Birth mother was mostly German

 descent, and the birth father was all German. He

 had children from a marriage.
Apotion agency- Childrens's Home Society of St. Paul 

Email Address:


 Adoptee Female ISO B-Family


Baby girl born 11-02-69 in Chicago, IL

ISO B/mom or dad. I believe I have 2 half brothers who

lived with my mother. Not sure where my father ended up.

I would love to meet anyone from this family.

The name I have on the BCert.(which may be wrong ) is Tzcikus.

Contact me at


Adoptee Female ISO B-Father


Place Of Birth------New Windsor NY

B-Father Name----Robert Youlles  ?

B-Mother  name----Diana E  Mccarthy

Contact me at




 Adoptee Male ISO B-Family


My name is:

Robin Adler

Born on:


Place of birth:

Jewish Hospital

Cincinnati, Ohio



 Contact me at



 Adoptee Female ISO B-Family


I am searching for any birth family.  I was born in

 Irving, TX on November 1, 1968 to a Connie Nelson.

  I am female.  I was soon adopted and taken to Amarillo, Tx.

Contact me at



 Adoptee Female ISO B-Family


I am in search of birth mother or father.

  born august 1960 in maryland. 

 suburbam hospital  august 1960.

  father in airforce.  mother married.  sibling.   





 Adoptee Male ISO B-Mother & Family


male adoptee 03/01/1965 Baby Boy Davis searching for birth mother Ann Davis.

 Location of birth Keokuk, IA. Last known address of BM Canton, MO.

 unemployed secretary, 21 years old at the time of birth,

Lutheran Family Services Ft. Dodge IA, Presbyterian.

Contact me at


 Adoptee Female ISO B-Father


ISO: Birth father/Birth family.  Birth father said to be 5'10", Irish decent,

Green eyes, black/brown hair at the time.  College degree in Engineering,

 25 at time of pregnancy/relinquishment, born 1937?
Where are you?  Can you find it in your heart to give me medical,

 heritage information and memories of my bmother?

Julia aka Mary Margaret Meehan, Biological daughter to Anna Marie who is in heaven.
Found birth mother and birth aunt: 8/2/2004
bmother died: 8/2/1987
Birth aunt reunion: 9/24/04- Happy.  I found healing in her arms.
Adoptee's dob:  12/12/1962
Reunited with birth mother's friends:  10/04, 11/04, 12/04, 2/05, 3/05
Hospital:  Saint Mary's Hospital, Brooklyn, Kings County, New York
Unwed Mothers Home:  Angel Guardian Home, Brooklyn, New York
Attempted reunion with "other" birth family members: 9/04, 12/04, 3/05
Birth half siblings of mother:  decline contact. 
Birth Uncle of mother- decline contact.
Adoptive family: Afather deceased.  Amother and abrother: alive, well and supportive.



 Adoptee Female ISO B-Family


female born on 10-16-67 in The Bronx, NY at Misericordia Hospital.

Searching for any birth relative but really wants to find mom or dad.

Contact me at


 Adoptee Female ISO B-Family


I was born Feb 9, 1966 in Queens New York at the Booth Memorial Hospital. 

 Placed for adoption by the Spence Chapin agency.  Name passed along to

adoptive family was Ann Alexander - unclear whether this was really a name

 given by my birth mother or not.   I ahve begun the process of trying to

 find my birth family history, including medical history and nationality info.

Contact me at


 Adoptee Female ISO Any B-Family


My birth name was Ginger Lee Condon.  I was born on 7-31-1968 in

 Hamot Medical Center in Erie, Pa.  My biological mother's name is

Darlene Zehfuss and my biological father's name is James A Condon.

my birth father's date of birth is December 30, 1940. 

 I was placed in foster care in Kodiak,Ak. in 1970 and adopted in

 Anchorage,Ak. in 1974.  I would like to hear from anyone in my

 birth family or anyone who has any information about them. 

Contact me at



Male ISO B-Father


I am a Pastor who is looking for my biological father. His name is Joe Harris.

 I was born in L.A. California on March  6th 1965 to my mother Mary Joshine Atwater.

 The two were neighbors in a trailer park. At the time, my father was engaged to anotherWoman

. My purpose is for medical reason, not only for myself, but for my two sons.

I was born in general hospital, my mother had written a false name for my father. Recently,

 I found the name of my real father

. Please e-mail me at


 Adoptee Female ISO B-Parents & B-Family


My wife was born January 4, 1962 in

Milwaukee County Hospital in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin. 

 Her birth certificate states she was born at 12:57am

 and that she was given the name of Lori Lynn Johnston

.  As far as we can tell, the last name of the birth family

 is Bierstedt (or something close).  She was adopted by

 Everette and Peggy Johnston.  Her adopted parents and

 grand-parents have passed away and have taken this

 secret with them.  She has wanted to find her birth family

 for years and even more now that her adopted

 parents/grand-parents have passed.  If anyone

 has any information on my wife's birth family,

or knows of anyone who might have information,

 please contact me at



Adoptee Male ISO B-Family


Douglas County Nebraska

Birth mom and dad never married - was told Arkansas

 was were family lived or from

Birth mom was a school teacher at the time

Nebraska Childrens Home handled the adoption

Birth Father was some type of musician –

 not famous but loved to play instruments

was also told that after the adoption process was

 handled Birth mother called Nebraska Childrens Home

to make sure all the bills were paid ....

Please email me if any info rings a bell –

 NOT ANGRY just want to thank you for your decision,

 I know it was a hard one - But you did what was best –

 would also like to have medical info if possible -

Please email any info to    



 Adoptee Female ISO B-Family


White Femal Adoptee, Born March 30, 1966,

 Fort Worth, Texas at Volunteers of America.

  Birthmom 15 and Birthdad 17. 

 I weighed 7lbs 6oz and had strawberry blonde hair.

Contact me at


 Adoptee Male ISO B-Family


I am searching for my husbands birth mother or family.  He was born 03/02/1961 at

 Northridge Hospital, Los Angeles County California.  He was adopted by John & Winifred

 who have been wonderful parents.  He recently lost his adopted father who passed away

in February 2004.  The non-id info says his mother had a masters degree, was age 31, a teacher

, lived in LA for 6 months prior to the birth, She was born in New York, had no siblings

 and she was not married.  We are desperately searching without help from his adoptive

mother who he is afraid of hurting in any way. 

Please, anyone with information should contact me at

Our son is 12 years old and is a wonderful reflection of the

 man the adopted parent’s raised as their own.


 Adoptee Female ISO B-Father ( Bachss/Bache/Bach


My name is Judy, but I was born with the name Lorraine Auer to my birth mother Laura

, a graduate of Staples High School in 1963 and who planned to attend Stephen's College. 

 She stayed at Woodfield, a home for unwed mothers, and after giving birth at

 Bridgeport Hospital and putting me up for adoption, she married a man named

Stephen Bachss (accordinng to the info I have, however this seems to be a typo)

 who sources who knew her at the time say is likely my father.  I found my

birthmother living in South Orange, New Jersey after a short search,

but she is hostile, as is her mother (Lois  and will provide neither health or

birth father information.  Laura and her husband Stephen divorced sometime in the 70's. 

  If you can help me, or know any of the above places or people,

 please contact me at
















 Adoptee Female ISO B-Family


I am a female adoptee in search of bith-family.I was born

 Aug.4,1970 in Orlando Fla.The agency was Children's

Home Society of Orlando  where adopted parents picked

me up on Aug.28,1970 thier caseworker was Mrs.Swanson

,.Adoption was final on April 1,1971 in Tavares  Fla.

(Lake County).Was told my real mother was 16 at

 time,her mother was an interior decorator.My

real father was working for his father in construction.

Don't know why but believe as a masonry.

My e-mail is


 Thank-You, Teresa



 Adoptee Female ISO B-Family


I am an adoptee in search of any birth family.

 I was born at Seventh Ward General Hospital

 in Hammond, Louisiana on April 26, 1971. 

The delivering Dr was Dr. Charles Alford and

 the attorney that handled the private adoption

was Duncan Kemp.  I have repeatedly been

refused non identifying information but

Duncan Kemp’s secretary at the time let it

 slip that my biological mother was from

 Mississippi.  Would be glad to find biological

parents, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles anyone

that can tell me where I come from.

Contact me at


 Adoptee  Female ISO B-Family


My name is Kelli and I wish for you to post the following information on your site.

I was born on December 1, 1971 at 7:50 A.M. in St. Joseph, Missouri.  My birth

mother lived in Plattsburg, Missouri. I was placed in foster care until I was approx.

 1 month old. My name while in the foster care was Kristy. My adoptive parents

 say the last name listed on my papers was Montgomery.  It is believed that I am

a product of an affair and my birth mother chose to release me for fear that my

step father would beat me.  I think I have 2 or 3 step sisters from my birth mother's

marriage.  I am simply curious about my birth mother and her existing family. 

My adoptive mother says that the man my birth mother had an affair with was

a professional photographer and he was killed in a car accident.  I am happily

married with a family of my own, now.  I don't want anything from my birth family

 except a chance to meet them and get to know them.  So, please if you are my

birth mother and you are reading this, now, get in contact with me.  There's nothing

to be ashamed about. In my eyes, you made all the right choices. 

 And I just want to say, "Thank You" for allowing me to live. 

Contact me at


 Adoptee Male ISO B-Family


My Name is Mathew Ronald McCrae and I am looking for my Birth parent. 

 I was born in Portland, Oregon, on May 26th, 1972.  Dr. Ron Roulghin(Sp?)

 was the Dr. who delivered and also helped in the private Adoption case.

My Parents who adopted me are Dallas and Carol McCrae.  I grew up in

 Wallowa, Oregon.  I really want to find my Birth Parent or Parents and

 family members.  I want to know where I come from, and put some closure to rest.

  Contact me at



 Adoptee Female ISO B-Family


 My adopted name is Shannon ,   ,  BORN 11-2-1970 at Nathan Littaeur Hospital in

Fulton County NY. According to the NYS Non-identifying information.  My birth mom

was 29 yrs old, had two other children and was a nursing assistant.  No information

 available on birth father ect.  No names, SSN's. dob's etc.  My parents were friends

with the judge and the attorneys that represented them.  I went form the hospital to a

 Foster Home and they adopted me.  I really need Medical information and I need to

 know if my birth siblings are ok.  I need to know more about my birth family and their

 background etc.    the attorneys office that handled my adoption is refusing to give me

a copy of my file.  I know that my adoption took place in the surragacy court and not

 family court.  My ex hubby burnt my adoption certificate and I tried to get a new one

 and they refused to reissue  me a certificate.  The surragacy courts destroyed my

 files with the exception of my request for adoption and the court order to allow me to

 be adopted. I  have searched newpapers, microfiche and I have registered in many

 adoption registries over the past few yrs. If anyone can give me information leading

 to my birth family i would be forever grateful.  Thank you and gbu all!  

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  Adoptee Female ISO B-Family


I was born on 2/18/1974 at Toledo Hosptial in Toledo, Ohio at 12:05 a.m. 

 I am searching for my bio family.  Bmom was 29 years old at my birth she

 was married but not to my Bdad.  My bdad was 17 years old at my birth. 

 She quit school after the 9th grade and functions on a slow learner's level. 

 He quit school after the 10th grade and worked as a janitor.  She is 5'2"

 with brown hair, brown eyes.  He is 5'11" with black hair and hazel eyes. 

 She and her husband had 5 children.  Ages and Sex (9 boy (1965), 7 girl

 (1967), 6 girl (1968), 5 boy (1969) and 3 girl (1971).  All the children were

 removed from the home and put into foster care due to poor living conditions

 and neglect (not sure if this was done before my birth or after).  They could

 not care for a 6th child so I was put up for adoption.  I was in a foster home

 in Pettisville right from the hospital.  I was adopted on 10/22/1975. 

I need someone in the Columbus, Ohio area to search the birth index for

 a last name on my birthday.  Please help me.

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 Adoptee Male ISO B-Parents & Family


looking for birth parents

 Male born 10-05-78 @4:17am

in Las Vegas, Nv @ Southern Nevada Memorial Hospital

Adoptee Parents name SHARPS

Contact me at


 Adoptee Male ISO B-Family


My husband was adopted and would like to find his

birth family even though he was raised with a loving family

 he would still like to find them.  You can contact me

 at  Jason was born on

 April 11,1970.  He was adopted on the 27th of April 1970

through Catholic Social Services.  The adoption took place

 in Southbend IN. . He has olive color skin, hazel eyes,

 and said that gray runs early.  The director of the

 adoption agency was William   The paper work that he

 has from his adopted mother says the adoption

 was final one year from the above date.



Adoptee ISO B-Family


Looking for any member of my birth family.  I heard my mother was

15 and my father was a professional married man.  I was born in

 Fremont OH.  The doctors name was Eugene F. Dierksheide and

 was at Memorial Hospital Of Sandusky County. 

 I was born at 2:56am on Oct. 7, 1975.

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 Adoptee Male ISO B-Family


DOB:  2/1/70 - perhaps changed by one week

 either way

Born:  Harrisburg, PA.  Adoption Finalized

 in York County, PA.  Believe first name may

 have been "Dale" but later changed in 1975 to

 Steven Dale".  Caucasian, brown straightish,

 thick hair, green eyes. 

 May have an older b-brother. 

 Please contact


 Adoptee ISO B-Family


I am helping my husband search for his birthmom or birthfathers family.

  He was adopted 06/14/72in Williamsport Pa Lycoming county.

 Birthmothers name was Joyce she was born in April of 1944.His

 birthfather's name was Charles born in 1941 he is deceased.

 Joyce was mariied once before and had a baby that died of crib

death and her husband died in a car crash . joyces' father died a

week after my husbands birth.

The adoption agency was Tressler lutheran Services

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 Adoptee Female ISO B-Mother


Searching for my birth mother her name is Victoria Marie Morand.

 Her maiden name was Brenner she was born Sept 6, 1957.

I was born March 17, 1980 in North Vancouver Canada BC.

 if you have any information it would be greatly appreciated.

 please contact me at



 Adoptee Female ISO B-Mom


I am helping my step-daughter locate her birth mother

,Please post the following on your website.I am an

Adoptee searching for my birth mom.  I was born

Jan. 22, 1989 at Sacred Heart Hospital in

 Pensacola, FL.  I was given up for adoption

 at birth but my adoption was delayed until

 I was 4 mos. old because my birth father would

not sign the adoption papers.  My birth mother’s

 last name was Scott.  My birth mother was 5’1” tall

 and dropped out of high school.  My birth father

 was 100% Cherokee Indian and also dropped out of

 high school.  I was adopted thru

 Catholic Social Services in Pensacola, FL.

 Email address:



 Adoptee Female ISO B-Parents & Family


 Im 21yrs and my brother is 22 yrs im not exactly sure were in connersville

we were born but i was told by my parents that adopted me that i was born

in a home instead of ahospital and they care for mothers who are giving they

 child up for adoption.  I was born 2/12/84 with brown hair,brown eyes and

 my brother was born 3/10/83 brown hair hazel eyes both african americanwe

 were adopted by two twin sisters obviously my mother has me and her twin

 has my brother Corey  .  I also know that we have different fathers my fathers

 name is James Eason or Easton our mothers name is Charmaine Walker.

  One of my main concerns is that my mother is not actually from there.

 I just have this feeling because i have never been to connersville other then bith

I just didnt really know if you actually have that many afican americans living there. 

But I feel like I should still give it a try.  If you can let me know if there is another way

 I could search for my mother or if there are any there sites that i could search.

  I have been looking for the past couple of years and with no help from my parents

 or my brother i have just reached a point where maybe its just better if i stop. 

 I would like to meet her because there is an emptines in my heart from just not knowing.

You can reach me at




 Adoptee Male ISO B-Family


Adoptee male -ISO - B- family

 My boyfriend is looking for his birth parents.

His name is Matthew and the only information

 that he knows is he was born on January 1, 1980 in Elgin, IL.

 If you have any information about his birth family

 please contact me at