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Adoptee ISO B-Mom
City & State---Los Angeles, Ca.
Hospital---Queen of Angeles
Birth name---Carolyn Lee Schneider

My Adoptedname---Mary Marcia Eaglson
B-Moms name---Mary Lou Elias
B-Mom age 16 at time of birth
B-Mom worked in her fathers tobacco store in Los Angeles ,Ca.
B-Dads name ---Unknown
I was told my birth father never knew of me, but it seems i was

named after him. Contact me




Adoptee Male ISO B-Family


My name is Patrick Coffey, I was born in Spokane Wa. 0n

feb 24th 1958 at Sacred Heart Hospital. It was a catholic adoption,

the only thing My adoptive mom knows is my birth mom

was a professional woman.

Contact me††


Adoptee Female ISO B-Family



10/16/1955 in Newburgh, New York, Orange County to a

Mary Roberts.   My birth name was Roseanne Roberts. 

  I have a sibling by the same mother and I have no idea

who my father is. 

Contact me at††


Adoptee Female ISO----b-Mother & Family


Female Born 4/3/56 at St. Maryís Hosp in Long Beach Calif. Last

name of my birth mother is Davidson. She was young when she

gave birth to me. She wasnít married to my birth father.  I was

privately adopted at birth through an attorney.  Would like to visit

with my birth mother and would really like family medical information.

Contact me at†††





Adoptee ISO Any B-Family


I'm an adoptee searching for any birth family.  I'm female and was born 1969,

Hernando County Florida.  My brother was born 1971 I think in Polk County Fla. 

Taken from our mother around 1972 and adopted thru childrenís home society of

Florida in Tampa around 1974.  We were taken together and adopted together. 

Beginning to think nobody out there is looking.

 Contact me at††††



Adoptee Male ISO B-Family


Adoptee Birth Date: 1-3-1960
Adoptee Gender: Male
Adoptee Birth Race: Polish / Scotch / Indian (Asian Indian or Native
American...not known)
Name given to Adoptee by Birth Parents: George Miller
Adoptee Birth City: Jersey City,  NJ
Adoptee Birth County: Hudson County
Adoptee Birth State: New Jersey
Adoptee Birth Country: USA
Adoptee Birth Mothers Name: Dolores
Adoptee Birth Mothers Maiden Name: assuming Miller because of my Birth
name on the Adoption papers
Adoptee Birth Mothers Race: Polish
Adoptee Birth Fathers Name: George
Adoptee Birth Fathers Race: Scotch / Indian (Asian Indian or Native
American not known)
Adoptee Birth Hospital: most likely Margaret Hague
Adoption Agency†††† Catholic Charities. ††
Age of Adoptee when Adopted: placed at 3 1/2 months, Order formalized at
18 months
Name given to Adoptee by Adoptive Parents: Stephen George Kuziel
City adoption took place: lived in Harrison, NJ.  Formalized in Essex
County Court, Newark, NJ.
County adoption took place: Harrison is in Hudson County, Order
formalized in Essex County Court
State adoption took place: New Jersey
Country Adoption took place: USA
Adoptive Mothers Name: Mary (Deceased)
Adoptive Mothers Maiden Name: Pienciak
Adoptive Fathers Name: Stephen (Deceased)
Searching For: Any members of Birth Family, Medical History

Email Address:


Adoptee Female ISO B-Parents & Family


my name is Sandra.D.O.B. 5/18/1965. I am searching

for my birth mother/father. I was Born at Grant

Memorial Hospital in Columbus Ohio. The Adoption

was finalized through the Franklin County Proabate Court

. My mother and father was both in college at OSU or

could have been another college in Ohio.(so i was told)

 If you have any information about this case

please contact me at:


Adoptee Female ISO B-Family


I was born in November 21, 1963 in  St. Louis Missouri

and put up for adoption.  My birth name was Sandra

Brown which is also my birth motherís name.  I was

born with heart defects and anemia.  I was in and out

of Childrenís  Hospital until age 2. I have contacted

the department of Social Services Office in Illinois

where my adoption was processed.  They have a picture

and permission to release information if my birth

mother ever contacts them.  My adopted parents

were Roger and Barbara Reid.

I am open to contact if desired.††



Adoptee Male ISO B-Mom & Family


i was born in Hamilton Ohio. at mercy hosp. i was told

DOB was 9-15-64 but i donít no if that is right. all i know

is that my birth mother tried to keep me. but she could not

. and all i know was my birth name was Darrell. i was like

3 mo. old when she gave me up. i was in 2 foster homes,

and then i was adopted. at 16mo, old, if anyone knows

anything about me please write me. i have been looking

for about 10yrs now.. and i just donít know what to do and

where to go now. 

my email is....


Adoptee ISO B-Family


I was born in October 1969 in Denver.
Adoption finalized in March 1970.
B-mother was small, 17 years old French/Irish
B-father was 20? and Spanish.
They were both possibly from

Trinidad CO (have no documentation of that)
Would love to know where I came from!

Contact me at††



Adoptee Female ISO B-Mother


I am an adoptee searching for my birthmother.

  I was born August 20 1963 in
Mount Sinai Hospital, Miami Beach Florida. 

I was adopted by a couple in New
York City.  My birthmothers  name was

Elaine Thompson.  If anyone has any
information it would be greatly appreciated.

  Please email me on


Adoptee Male ISO B-Mother & Family


Male born in the Salvation army home for unwed mothers in Oakland,

California on 10/22/1966. I was told my birthname was Michael Cal Romanoff.

My mother had a tag on her wrist that read "Middy" or something like that.

My birthmom was young. I was told my birth father already had a wife and

children. I can be reached at:



3Adoptee Boys ISO B-Parents




3 boys, Douglas Co, Nebraska, born




Looking for birth parents

Hospital may be: Clarkson Memorial or Nebraska Methodist

Adopted through Iowa Children Home

around 1966

Contact me at:





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