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Adoptee Male ISO B-Family

Male born 4-10-35 in the Veil Hospital,

 W. Chester, Pa. Birth Name: 
Anthony Frank:  Mothers name: Marie

Adopted through the Veil black market

 hospital, 9-24-35 through a 
private adoption by attorney.
Any information helping me in the  finding

 of my birth family would 
be greatly appreciated.







Adoptee Female ISO B-Mom


Adoptee looking 4 bm.Born booth memorial in

 des moines Iowa 9 29 1947 bm was 15 & i was

 2nd child. Bf in navy & 19. Adopted through

 Lutheran social services. No attorney. Bgf wa

s a railroad man.Bgm left. Placed  on 12 10 47

 adopted polk co ia.Bm was 5th of 5 children

. Dr anderson dr b cert.Signed 9 30 47. Not sure

 if bdate has been changed. Please help me find

 her. Have cirrhosis of liver & want 2 find bm

 b4 2 late.



 Adoptee Male  ISO   B-Parents & Family


He was born sept 1 1945 in Wichita Kansas

 adopted by Harold & wilda runzel they named

 him roger skip runzel raised in Kansas hd was

 in the armed forces my name is millisa

Contact me





Adoptee Female ISO B-Father & Family

DOB---- 1950
born at the Salvation Home for unwed mothers in Spokane, Washington in 
My mother's name is Rosemary Galloway, and I am told my father's name 
is Marvin McArthur both from the Helena, Montana area.  Any info you 
can send me
would be a blessing.  I already Know  about my mother's family.  It is 
my father's family I do not know about.

Contact Sherry At



Adoptee ISO B-Father


I was born in May  30,1951 and the Salvation Army Home for Unwed Mothers 
in Spokane, Washington.  My mothers name was Rosemary
Galloway.  I am trying to find out the name of my birth father.  I 
have been told his name was Marvin MacArthur and was a student at the
University of Montana at the time.  I want to know if his name was 
registered when I was born. 

 Email me at




Family Of The Adoptee Male ISO B-Family


My husband was born in Ohio in 1953, at the time he was

 named  Keith, but was adopted by a family in Marfa, TX. 

  His name was Federico Martinez, and he is now deceased,

 he at one time did want to find out who his parents were,

 we’ve only been told his mother was Hispanic and his dad

 was Puerto Rican.    I would like to know if he has any more

 siblings out there.   We celebrated his birthday on 9/25,

 but I think he was like almost 9 mos old when he was adopted

from some sisters from the orphanage.

Contact me at



Adoptee Female ISO B-Family


My mom was adopted in 1950 from Rest Cottage Home for Unwed Mother

and Child, Pilot Point,Tx. I believe her birth mother was from Florida and

 sent to Texas to have the baby. Possible the birth mom named her

 Sharon Faye Burchfield, but not sure due to misinformed information.

 My mom's birth date is May.9,1950.

Contact me at


Adoptee Male ISO B-Siblings


Looking for 12 siblings. I was born September 12-1959

as Kenneth James Smith a white male twin blonde hair and blues eyes

. I was born at Tampa General Hospital in Tampa Florida. My twin is a

Female. I was adopted between three and four years of age. I have siblings

Older and younger and there are three different fathers that fathered us all.

 My mother had black hair with a grey streak across the front. My grandfather

 Was a Methodist minister and ran a general store. We lived with our

 Grandparents. the store, the church and our home was all on the same

 Street. I do not have any names at this point. I was adopted to a

Family in Georgia.


 Adoptee Male ISO B-Parents & Family


Born In Tampa Florida

That is all the info I have

Contact me at






Adoptee Female ISO   B-Parents


I was born on 5/5/64 in NYC.  My real name was Margaret Bell. 

 I was adopted by a housewife and NYC police officer from Staten Island. 
I am looking for my birth parent (s). 


Adoptee Female ISO B-Family

ISO - Any family
DOB- 3/2/66
Name on Birth Certificate - Danielle Bachota 
Adoption Family - Kapustensky family
Adopted-  at approx 3 mos of age out of St. Josephs in Scranton Pa via Catholic Charities
Other info - Was told that Birth Mother was deceased but that info has never been verified.

Contact me at


Adoptee Male ISO B- Family


Born 12/29/1967  at Malden Hospital , Boston mass .

Adoption Handled by Catholic Charities  Jamaica Plain/West

Roxbury Mass.  Adoptive Parents Names Guy-Alice Bisazza

Contact me at


Adoptee Male ISO B-Mother


My husband is searching for his birth mother named Joyce
He was born June 20th, 1966 at the University of Washington Hospital -
Seattle, WA
His Birth fathers name is Roy or Ray not sure.
His mother had one daughter prior.
Please have someone contact us asap.  His oldest
son "21" has just been diagnosed with "Brugada Syndrome" and needs to
know more of his medical
history.  Please if someone knows something please help.
Contact us at my email address




Adoptee Male ISO B-Parents


I  was born march 2 - 1962 deconess hospital Cleveland Ohio 

    adoption was from st Vincent de Paul  i think mother was

 polish i think   please help if you can  thanks   adopted

 name is Steven ordakowski

Contact me at




Adoptee  Female ISO B-Mom


I was born in Norfolk General Hosp in Norfolk Virginia on March 7 1968. 

 The birth certificate I have is a black copy with the seal that has my

adoptive Parents on it.  I have no information from them and my adoptive

mom passed away a while ago and my father is keeping very quiet about

any information about my birth mom. He always said he didn't remember

 her name and that she was in either in College or Grad school but I think

he might be just making that up.   My name is Allison Lisa Herman.  Im not

sure what you need to post but my adoptive parents lived in NY at the time

 I was adopted so in case my birth mom knew it that's where i went to live with

 them and my older brother.  I think my whole life i really wanted to know but

 never wanted to hurt my folks feelings.  But I always felt different and still feel

 a lot of emptiness and loss.  Now that my mother has died and father moved

on I really feel kind of abandoned and the desire to find my birth mom has really

 increased.  the only thing is I cant afford to have an official search launched and

 I dont know where to turn.  my birth mom would most likely be nearing her 60s

or in her 60s and i want to find her before its too late.  And maybe I can get some

 kind of closure on things that have been bothering me my entire life.    Contact me at       Allison


Adoptee Male ISO B-Mother


i am a male i was born 9-15-64 at mercy  hosp in Hamilton

 Ohio my mom had me 4  a little wile i was adopted at 16mo.

 old was  in 2 foster homes. i would like to find my birth  mom

. my birth name was Darrell that is all i no

 please e-mail me if u have  any info at



Adoptee Female ISO B-Parents


my name is Melanie.  I was born as Melanie Ann Tinsley

 on March 17, 1969.  My birthmother’s name was Michelle Tinsley &

 she was 15.  My birth father was 18 at the time.  I was born in Lackawanna

 Buffalo.  I would like to find any part of that end of my life.  I have a very

 rewarding & great life.  I would like to say thank you to my birthparents &

 to tell them they did the right thing. 

Contact me



Adoptee Female ISO Birth Family


My name is Lynita  . I was born Georgia May Brown, Nov 3, 1964 in Fort Leonard Wood MO.
 I was adopted at 10 days old to Lowell and Loretta Armfield and My name was changed.

They lived in Waynesville in the basement of the Baptist Church and my dad was a medic at

 the base.
My Birth Mothers Name ( I was told) Was Betty Ann Buckner or Butner, Age 18.

The fathers name on my Birth Certificate was Robert Brown, But I was told this

was not my Biological Father, and I believe he was from Texas, but not sure.

Contact me at



Adoptee Male ISO B-Family


For many years now I’m searching for any birth family o  in Canada.
Joseph Jean-Pierre Asselin, b. Rosemont Hospital, Montreal, Quebec

, 21-11-1968. Bp: 22 April 1969 (church/town unknown)
Joseph Jean-Pierre was premature at 7 1/2 months. His mother was

 35 years old, she was a maid, and she kept him for about 6 months.

 After that he was placed for adoption, moved to the Caribbean with his

 new parents, and now lives in the Netherlands.
He has been in contact with the Centre de Jeunesse in Montreal, and

has gotten no further info.
is there anyone who can or will help me my ifo to reach me is


Adoptee Male ISO B-Family


My name is Kevin Robberts. I was said to have been

born in El Paso, Tx Feb. 6 1969. I was placed for adoption

 on Feb.14,1969.

I don't have any other information except that I was placed

 with El Paso County Child Welfare Department.

Contact me at


Daughter Of Adoptee Male  ISO B-Parents


Looking for the Birth parents of Thomas W Miller of

Duluth ,MN He was born Sept.20 1961- March 12, 2004

 He was adopted to Donald & Mary Ellen Miller of

 Duluth ,MN.   He passed while living in Dallas, TX at the age

 of 42. My name is Melody McClure. I never got to meet

 my father so this is very important to me. 

Contact me at


Adoptee Female ISO B-Family


I was born July 22, 1967 in Evansville, IN at the Deaconess

Hospital.  Birthmother was 15 at the time, had a preschool

 age brother.  Her mother was a secretary, her father was a

 construction worker. I was adopted in KY because birthmother

 was from there. I can be emailed at 

 Thank You, Gaydara



 Adoptee ISO B-Family


I am a Female I was Born on September 6Th,1969

Philadelphia Pennsylvania,

Birth Mother was 15 and worked in a Hair Salon

where I think my Biological Father also worked. The

Lawyers office who handled the Adoption was burned

down and there is  no forwarding address or Phone listings.

Contact me at






Adoptee Female ISO  B-Mother


 i am searching for my biological mother. All i know, is that she was a twin

 from the Cedarburg/ Grafton/ Thiensville Wisconsin area and that she

 was 16 years old when she gave birth to me, which would put her year

 of birth 1960 or 1961. Also, i was a breach birth.
If you could post my info, i would greatly appreciate it.
my date of birth  might have been changed as my adopted

 parents had adopted another girl before me that the mom came

 back for, so the adoption agency wanted to make sure that it didn’t

 happen again. but it would be close to that.

Contact me at




Adoptee Female ISO B-Family


Female adoptee searching for birth family. Born 1973,

 possibly in September but the dates where probably

 changed on my birth cert. Possibly in Chamblee

, Georgia. I was told it was a private adoption, so

 there are no records of it. A Dr.

 delivered me in his medical office. My birth mother

had two children with her. I was told she came to the

 office by bus with her children. The dr who delivered

 me also adopted me. His wife's name is Amy

. A Mrs. Whitfield, and another nurse, Kelly where

 there when I was born. I am white. My adoptive

parents will not help me with my search.

Contact me at



Adoptee Male ISO B-Parents & Family


I'm looking for any info. on  birth parents and half siblings of Steven
Reames (adopted name)  born @ St. Claude General hospital in New Orleans, La. on
Feb. 16,1973.  Dad was Adjune Powell and  mom was Carmella Mort_ llano ?? I
went to a 'home' ,with 'Lutheran or Methodist' in the title in 1978 when I
was five because my dad was in very poor health and service pension wasn't
very much. The last address was St. Claude Street (maybe 2800 block). Dad was
about 50 years old I believe when I was adopted. My Mom had been married
before to 'Sam Pierce and had 2 or 3 children with him I'm told. I remember my
mom came to  see me a few times while I was in 'home' My mom married again to a
Stanley ????Dad fought in WW11 and/or Korean Conflict.
Contact  Judy  at     


Adoptee Female ISO  B-Parents


I am in search of my birth parents. I am a 32 year old African American

female born in Toledo, Ohio on January 31,1978 @Toledo hospital.

 I have no idea what my birth name was , but my given name is

Jumani Kiana AAliyah

, adopted to George and Prudence

@ two weeks old through Lucas county Children's Services.

Contact me at


 Adoptee Male ISO B-Parents


I am looking for my biological parents. 

 I was born May 2, 1973 in Hermiston,

Oregon at Good Shepherd Hospital.  The

 only thing that I know is that my mother

 was 13 years old when she had me.

Contact John  at





Adoptee Female ISO B-Family


My name is Amy Y. . I was born December 25th, 1980 at St Francis Hospita

l in Tulsa, Ok.. It was a closed adoption and my adopted parents don't know

 anything either. I want to know about my medical history and if I have siblings.


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