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Daughter of Adoptee Female ISO  Any Birth Family


My name is Michele Mcculloch Perez, my mother was born in North hempsted ,New York Oct 20th,1945 she

weighed only 2 pounds and was baptized at birth, they suspected she might die. she often thought she was

 a twin, her birth certficate said number 2 I believe. she had a rare blood type ab+ or – , not sure , I need to

 ask my brother . she had several issues with her health and Docters could never help her ,she passed away

 at 61yrs old. she always wondered if she had family somewhere. I would really like to know who her ancestry

 was and medical history. she may be an only child. I hope someone out there can give me some answers

. thank you Michele Mcculloch Perez my e-mail



Adoptee Female  ISO Birth Family


My name is Margaret  Now. I was born Des Moines Iowa 1947 and
was given up for adoption by my birth mother. Placed for adoption
in the Christ Child Home run by Nuns. Adopted by Carl and Mary
Mays. Rumor is Carl Mays may be my biological father. I am Looking
for any one concerned as you can see I
am getting up there is years. I tried to search when I was in my
30's with no success

Contact me at



ISO Adoptee  Fathers Birth  Family


I'm looking for my Father's Biological Parent's

 (Family). He was born April 3 1931, and passed

 away December 23 1988. He was born in Flint

 Michigan and was born at St. Joseph Hospital.


His Biological parents names were Blanche and

 Floyd Jackson, his adopted parents names were

 Audrie R. Chambers and Leslie Lee Chambers Sr.


He was one of thirteen kids. The adoption went

 through Genesee County and from the papers I

 have looks like either they took him home around

 May 5, 1931, and around the 10th of September 1931

 Looks like the adoption was final. The adoption went

 through King's Daughters in Flint.


I really hope you can help me as for family medical

 history information as well as it would be nice just

 to know where my father came from. I do have a son

 and daughter and many nieces and nephews 

 we worry about the medical history.


Contact  me at









Adoptee Female ISO B-father


Given Name Susan Fern Albert's 2/27/1954 Birth Certificate states I was born at

 St Vincents hospital Green Bay Wisconsin 1238 Smith St.Birth Mother Elaine

Beatrice Albert's Maiden name Farvour.Birth Father Charles Jr Albert's.1993 my

 son was born premature the Dr's decided to do Genetic testing for Myotonic Muscular

 Dystrophy At the time my siblings were still alive and were able to do it.Charles

 Albert's was the carrier he passed away in 1975.The results were neither I nor my

 son had the mutated Gene.I also got the news that Charles Albert's was not my father

I only have one picture of me I believe I was about 2 or 3 yrs old.There were no other

 pictures.I faced my Mother with the information she denied it.The last 10 yrs of her

 life we were alienated I remember being in a place that had Nuns and them telling

 me my parents were there to pick me up.I believe my mother had a affair and put

 me up for adoption.I couldn't tell you what transpired.Both of them lied to me

Contact me at


Adoptee Male ISO B-Family


Adoptee male looking for birth mother and or family I was born

 May 10th 1955 in Seoul Korea in a place called Heukyung-dong,

 Dongdaemun-ku, Seoul. And my birth family name is

 Lee or Yi. If you would like to contact me

 please email me at



Adoptee Male ISO B-Mother & Family


Born in Montreal in June 1958, I am searching for

 information about the

circumstances of my own birth. I was born in the

 Catherine Booth Memorial Hospital and adopted

 through a private arrangement although Batshaw

 hold my records.I know the name I was given at

 birth but only know that my mother used the

 name Michelle and was about 23 years of age.

Contact me at



Adoptee ISO B-Mother & Family


Looking for birth mother and/or siblings. I was

 Born Dec 14, 1952, Sutter Maternity hospital,

 Sacramento, CA. private adoption through

 Physician  , who is deceased. I only know that

 My mother was in the middle of a bad divorce

, and moved to Sacramento to get away from

 my father, and have me. don't  know what town

she came from. She was apparently short stature,

 Heavy set. that's all i know. I am told I am of Irish

 And   Scandinavian decent. Any information is helpful.
Shannon   contact me





Adoptee Female ISO B-Family


I am an Oklahoma female adoptee looking for any family

....I was adopted in Lawton,OK at 3 years old...adoption

 was expedited due to abuse. Birth name was Tonha Karlai

 Rosemarie Rachel name was Sanda Christiania name was Antonio Daniel Smith-may have been US

 serviceman,his family may have been from FL,he may have

 been deceased @ time of adoption....I was born 2/10/1961

 and adopted 3/25/1964...the info' I have is from adoption papers

 but don't know how much of it is true...spoke German (?) when

 adopted....if this sounds familiar to anybody

 please contact:



Adoptee Female ISO B-Family


Female, Born 12/17/1964 4:05 a.m.

Detroit, MI

Florence Crittenton Hospital/Home for Unwed Mothers


Searching for birth mother, birth father, siblings

Contact me at


Adoptee Male ISO  B-Family


i was born September 30 1965 at st agnes

 hospital in baltimore md, i am a male looking

 for any kind of birth relative,, please help me,

, somebody gave birth to me on that day at

 that hospital and gave me up for adoption,

 my adopted name is Ray, im not sure if that

 is the name my birth parents gave me,,

Contact me at



Adoptee Female ISO B-Family

DOB-------06-13-1967         FOUND   Birth Family  06-19-2011

I was born in San Francisco, I believe at San Francisco General Hospital.

 I was born Kelly Marie Flemming (I'm not sure if spelling is correct) on

 June 13, 1967. As I understand it the story goes, my birth mother was

16 when she got pregnant and her parents kicked her out. She kept me

 for three months, realized she couldn't do it and gave me up for adoption.

 I was adopted out of Oakland Children's Home Society shortly after

Contact me at       



ADOPTEE searching for Biological family

D.O.B. 07-31-1966

Place: Allentown, PA

I was taken from the hospital at just 2/3 days old. My adoptive

family was from Baldwin, NY (Long Island).

Adoptive Families name:   Ledwith

Contact me at



Adoptee Male ISO B-Family


My husband was born July 20, 1966 at a small hospital in Milton, Florida.

 Baby boy caucasion. Mother was very young and had to give baby up for

 adoption.She was not from there and we were told she went there to stay

 with family just long enough to have the baby.His adoptive name

 Fredrick Mack Kinard. 

Contact me






Adoptee Female ISO  B-Family


I am an African-American female in search of

 my birth family. I don't have much information

 other than my birthday which is January 10, 1974.

 This was a private adoption through Evangelical

 Child and Family Services. I was told that my mother

 was from another state and she was a teenager the

 same was true for my birth father. My mother lived

 in this agencies home for unwed mothers. My adoption

 was finalized about 4 months later in April. I am not

 sure how much of this info is true but if any of this is

 familiar to anyone

 please contact me at




Adoptee Male ISO B-Family


Adoptee Birth Date: 10-19-1973
Adoptee Gender: Male
Adoptee Birth Race: Native American, German, Caucasian, French.
Name given to Adoptee by Birth Parents: Phillip
Adoptee Birth City: Denver, CO
Adoptee Birth County: Jefferson County
Adoptee Birth State: Colorado
Adoptee Birth Country: USA
Adoptee Birth Mothers Name: ?
Adoptee Birth Mothers Maiden Name: ?
Adoptee Birth Mothers Race: German/Causasian
Adoptee Birth Fathers Name: ?
Adoptee Birth Fathers Race: Native American/French
Adoptee Birth Hospital: Denver General
Adoption Agency or Attorney:

Age of Adoptee when Adopted: not sure (8 months?)
Name given to Adoptee by Adoptive Parents: Chris
City adoption took place: Denver
County adoption took place: Jefferson County
State adoption took place: Colorado
Country Adoption took place: USA
Adoptive Mothers Name: Shirley
Adoptive Mothers Maiden Name: Robbins
Adoptive Fathers Name: Michael (Air Force)
Searching For: Birth Family, Medical History.
Email Address:

All Other Information: Born at 3:18 am –



Adoptee Male ISO B-Father & B-Family


My name is Charles W. Thomas Jr I was born 10-23-1970

 my biological mother passed away but before she died

 she spent three days with me and told me my biological

 fathers name is Joel Thompson who had a brother who

 died in the war his name was Lance Thompson, they once

 lived in Riverview, Florida that was 40 years ago that is all

she had time to tell me. She died of a blood clot going to

 her heart. I would love to find him or any family members.

 My email address is

 or you can use this address which belongs to my wife.



Adoptee Male ISO B-Parents & Family


I was born in Charlotte NC on 06-08-1978 and given up for adoption and

 went through North Carolina Children’s Home Society. I am searching for

 my birth parents and or possible siblings. Please help. I’m a male and I think

 I was born at the big presbitian hospital.My name is   Daniel

Contact me at