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I have been doing this service for 17 almost 18 years now and have enjoyed It all. I am still searching for my twin.

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1930,s  &  1940,s



Adoptee  Female ISO B-Family


Subject: adopted & born 15 Sep 1944  baptized as Mary Beth Tougas -born

Catherine Booth, Montreal and now named Maureen Angela Saunter, living in

Canada.  Adopted in Sherbrooke, Quebec and records sealed.

Subject:  Mary Beth Tougas, 15 Sep 1944, Catherine Booth Hospital, Montreal,

Quebec.    Name now:  Maureen A. Saunter

Maureen  Angela Saunter  is a mother of three children and grandmother of 7

children.  She has no medical history nor any other history, and really

wants to meet her birth family.  Someone in Montreal must know.  Please help

us! Tried to search in Montreal and Sherbrooke,  Quebec; we got nowhere.

The records are sealed.

My cousin was born 15 sep 1944, in Catherine Booth Hospital Salvation

Hospital, Montreal, Quebec  then for unwed mothers.   Birth mom born

about1927, so year 2000 now aged 73 years.  Time is running out.  Birth mom

had grade nine; beautiful brown eyes and dark hair; about 5'2".  Child has

dark skin and brown eyes and dark hair, about 5' 2".

Birth mother was supposed to be 17 and of Irish origin and father of English

origin.  Girl's birth name was Mary Beth Tougas.  I was told this could have

been a anonymous name and not reflective of her mother.  The birth mother's

father was supposed to be a detective.

I was told that Babies born in Montreal were adopted out of Sherbrooke,

where she adopted to an English family, which so happened the adoptive

father was English decent and the adoptive mother Irish.   Whether it was

truth or lies as to Mary Beth Tougas,  had an Irish birth mother and English

father unknown also.

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Adoptee Female ISO B-Family


Born August 16,1943  Bay State Medical Center Springfield,

 Massachusetts  baby girl named Sandra  looking for any

 relatives or siblings.



Adoptee Female ISO B-Family


Born at Brady Maternity home October 4, 1935. Posably

Contact me at




Adoptee Female ISO B-Family


I was born in Little Rock Arkansas, St Vincent hospital In April 1947. My mothers name at the time if my birth was Alberta Merkel. 

At 10 months old Alberta married Charles Henry Dawes who adopted he and gave me the name Patricia Ann Dawes and sealed my

 original birth certificate. I have discovered my birth fathers name was James"Buddy" Viar.  I'm curious to know anyone that is familiar

with my birth fathers family. I know his marriage history and husband death and place of residence at his time if death. I know he has

 a daughter. I have  no intention of contacting her birth fathers family. I just want to know the history of his birth and life. My mother

 and  her family are still alive. The circumstances of my birth has been kept from me up until 1999. However from an early age I always

 suspected something was different from me my siblings and entire family.
If anyone could help me with my birth fathers family history it might help me with closure on this matter.
I can be contacted at


Adoptee Male ISO B-Mother


I am assisting a friend who is looking for his birthmother. Here are the details as I know them.

 Charles Riley Shinnefield was born on March 4, 1947, and has a twin brother. Both boys were

 adopted by the same family. Charles was born in Long Beach, California to Jane Weaver

 (not sure if this is her real name), who was college educated and in her early 20’s. We believe

 the name of the hospital was St. Anne's Maternity Home - Long Beach. He has also been told

 that his father was a very prominent political figure from that time The birth mother reached out to

 the family a year after the birth for information, pictures, ect. but was turned away. It was a private

 adoption arranged by an attorney

. If anyone knows anything regarding the mother

 please contact me at






Adoptee Male ISO B-Family


Born Randall Stevens or Stephens, one brother Ronald.
O/1953 dec in Iowa, Marshall town .
Too Ivan and Marie lackey
Any assistance is deeply appreciated.
Suffered brain surgery and military related issues.
Searching for siblings and parents.
Father spent time in a Iowa prison

E-Mail me at



Adoptee Female ISO Adoptee Brother & Family


I am searching for a male sibling I believe was born and given up in

Nebraska, as well as any birth family from Nebraska. My bparents were

Marian/Marion Perry and James _____________ both from Nebraska. They had

gone together from about 1950-1954 before they came to Los Angeles,

California where I was born on 12/13/54 and given up for adoption. They

had both been married and divorced before. My bbrother was born about 2

years before I was born. My bfather had been in the Navy and my bmom's

father worked in a steel plant. My adoptive name was Nancy Gay Core.

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Adoptee ISO B-Family


I was born on 11-15-53 at OLV in Lackawanna, NY.

My birthname was: Dawn Elizabeth Bowman

 My email address is:




Adoptee Male ISO   B-Family


I was adopted in Fort Worth Texas by Lynda an Frank Howell..

.All I know is my birth name was Baby Pruitt.Mother was listed

 as Evelyn Pruitt on birth certifercate.I am a male an was

 born 06/01/1969 . My name is James David

my email is



Adoptee Female  ISO B-Mother & Family


I am 49 years old, born at St Vincent's orphanage Oct 6,1965 by a 15 or 16 year old girl named Rita.

  My biological father's name was 'Al'.  I do not have much info.  Catholic charities was not much help..

. My adoptive parents have both passed and I have wanted to meet my biological mother since I was little.

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Adoptee's Family ISO His B-Family


His adopted name is Shane Timothy Warfle. Birth name was  Robert Allen

 don't know birth last name. Born on Jan 15 1968 in Batavia @ Genesee

 Memorial Hospital. I believe he was adopted from an orphanage in Batavia.

 He also has an adopted brother name Gregory Warfle. Shane passed on

 Aug - 19 - 2012 of a massive heart attack. He has a 10 yr old daughter so

 I would like to find out family history to protect her.

Contact me at


Adoptee Female  ISO B-Family

DOB----11-?-1968  Maybe                     FOUND FAMILY

Adoptee Searching for any birth family Born Baby Girl Dunn born maybe Nov 1968

 in Newport News VA at Mary Immaculate Hospital Dr Skloff  private adoption to a

NY Jewish Family. Adoption was finalized in 4/1970. So here is the thing I was born

 cross eyed so that is also a good sign of a preemie not sure, but def not common.

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Adoptee Female ISO B-Family


I was born August 15, 1963 with the name Becky in Wenatchee, Wa.  CHelan county.

 My adoptive parents have both passed and they never discussed the adoption with me.  

I was hoping to find my birth parents or any information about my origins

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Adoptee ISO Of B-Family


I was born 03/07/1963, my real mom was only 16 when she had me

, I was told I was born at the Denver Memorial Hospital in Denver, CO.

 My adopted parents are deceased and I am searching for my biological

 mother.  My name now is Ginger Swets but my adoptive parents

 named me Ginger Lee Young,

Contact me at



Adoptee Male ISO B-Family


Looking for birth mother & family Born 3/2/62..

.Deaconess Hosp Cleve Ohio, brown hair hazel eyes,

 White male, mother could be Polish& also have a sister

, adopted name Steve

or face book ..God bless


Adoptee ISO B-Family

DOB----- ?

Adopted In 1963

I   was  adopted    to  Mr. And Mrs.   pitt. 

  They   lived   in Brooklyn   ny    . 

E-Mail me



Adoptee Male ISO B-Family

Male April 1960

Cabrini Hospital NY

 Jpe and Vivian Russ Birth parents


Adoptee Female ISO B-Parents & Family


I am searching for birth mother, or father. I was Born January 30,
1961 and was told adopted out of Florence Crittendon home in Wheeling,
WV. My adoptive parents took me home from the old wheeling hospital
when I was three days old. I need to know if still alive or where I
can go to remember them. Thank you,
Contact me at


Adoptee Female ISO


Last Name: Brown















Gender: Female


Race: Black


DOB: 2/14/1966


Height: 5'7"


Born: Bridgeport, CT


Hospital name: Bridgeport


I am not sure if I am a twin, however, weird family situations, it is a possibility:


My email:


Adoptee ISO B-Parents


ISO Birth parents

. Born Aug 15 1968 @ 7pm,

 St Vincent Inf. Little Rock Ark,

 attending doctor was Gilesbee.

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Adoptee Male ISO B-Parents

DOB: 05/18/1965
Born in Ohio
Name given by adoptive parents: David
I am looking for my husbands biological parents for health reasons.
Please contact me at:








Adoptee Female ISO B-Family


I'm searching for a friend she had no birthname her adopted name

 is D'Lisa she was born March 25,1978 at 9:57pm in Las Cruces

,New Mexico. Her mother was in labor for 2hrs. Her birthmother was

 spainard/french and was a catholic. She was told that she had a

 brother that was 5yrs old when her mother gave birth to her also that

her mother was a cake decorator. She was adopted thur New Mexico

 Child Services her adoption was finalized on June 13,1978 her case

 worker was Regina  Mermeth. She was in foster care for 2 months her

 foster mother gave her the name Page.

Contact me at


Daughter of an adopted father seeking biological grandparents

DOB: September 24th, 1970 (09/24/1970)
Birthplace: West Bloomfield, Michigan
Race: Italian-American
Name/Adoptive name: Scott Christopher Giavedoni

 I'm about 95% sure that he was born and adopted in Michigan.

 The family that adopted him soon moved to Florida, though. I'm

 estimating that I'm third of fourth generation Italian-American, which

 makes my father second of third. He was also adopted by an Italian family.

 Ernestine (Ernie) and Gene Giavedoni if that helps. 

 Contact me at



Adoptee Female ISO B-Family


Birth name Mary madewell dob april2 1974

Oklahoma city Oklahoma  Oklahoma county

 2 days old . Father kiowa mom white mom

15 yrs old at my birth

Contact me at



Adoptee Female ISO B-Family


My friend is looking for her birth parents she

 was born in Sheboygan wi on 10-23-1975 she

 knows her parents were teen parents n that they

 named her Jennifer

Contact me at





Adoptee Female ISO B-Family


I was born on December 17, 1980.....I am looking for my birth parents

or my mom. I was adopted by glenna de camara and Donald de camara.

 But heard back in high school that my grandmama wrote my mom up and

 reported it to san diego regional center.  I heard a name said don't know

 who it is mine name or my moms. It was lauren mendoza. 

Contact me at



Adoptee Female ISO B-Family


Searching for biological family
Baby Girl born April 29, 1983 in

 Little Rock, Arkansas at Baptist Hospital
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Adoptee Female ISO B-Mother & Family


My name is amber iso of my birthmother I was born august 28th 1986 in

 ft Myers Florida my mother had two older brothers one older sister and one

 younger brother her father was creek Indian. I was in foster care for a month

 until I was placed with the family that adopted me I was placed with them on

 sept 26 1986 the adoption was not finalized till June of 1987 I was adopted

 through the children’s home society of Florida

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ISO B-Parents

Adoptee : Male

Place : Cheverly Maryland

Hospital: Prince George

Date of Birth 6/6/1986

Birth Name: Donald Ray Johnson

He has been searching for a long time with no luck . it was a closed adoption

, the birth mother also gave his brother up for adoption. Both have the same adoptive parents

Contact me at



Adoptee Female ISO Birth Parents


Born in Mount Vernon, New York.

 Adoption handled by The Family

 Services of Westchester.

At the time of adoption my mother was about 18 years old

. She is of Italian heritage, Catholic, and 4'11" tall. The older

 of two girls, my birth mother lived in a lower middle class

 Italian family. My maternal grandfather died when my birth

 mother was 4 years old in a work-related accident, after which

 my mother, aunt, and grandmother moved into a 2-family house

 with my maternal great grandmother. My birth mother's career

 goal at the time was to major in romance languages and finance

with the hope of entering the international finance field. All I know

 about my birth father is that he was in his early 20s, is around 6

 feet tall, and has brown hair and green eyes.

please contact me at: