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Family ISO Adoptee Male B

DOB-----03-12-1947 ?

My sister gave up a baby boy in the spring of 1947.

She was so traumatized that she is not sure of the date.

 We think it is March 12, 1947.

She gave him the name of Jimmy Dale. Her last name

 was Starkey. She stayed in the Florence Crittenton Home

in Little Rock, Arkansas

and the baby was born at the Baptist Hospital on 12th street

 in Little Rock, Arkansas

She later married but never gave birth to a child again. She

 Adopted two half-brothers in the 60 ‘s. One of them along

 With her husband

Drown in a drowning accident in 1966. She would really like to

 find her child, which would be a grown man. My name is Evelyn.

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B-Sibling ISO  3 Adoptee Siblings


Ida Fay - 1950

Brenda - 1951/52

Ronald - 1955

I am searching for my 3 biological siblings all from Grant County, Indiana. Their biological names

are Ida Fay, Brenda and Ronald Osborn. My biological name is Robert Earl Osborn. Our biological

parents names were Robert Eugene Osborn and Lela "Felton" Osborn-Abbott (both deceased)

. Please contact me at


B-Family ISO Adoptee Female


My adopted sister was born  at Saint Anne’s Maternity Home.

Birth Mom—Donia C. Mc Murray

In Los Angeles Ca.

My name  is Robbyn

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B-Sister ISO Adoptee Brother

DOB----June  Of  1962

I am looking for my adopted brother.Baby boy Green.

 He was born in the month of June 1962
at the Shakopee MN Hospital. He would be 49 years old now.
He was given up for adoption at the hospital.
His mother was Barbara Green, or her married name was Barbara Anya.

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B-Family ISO Adoptee  Female


We are looking for a half –sister :

Birth date 12-22-1966

Parents- Robert F. Barkhimer age 50 and Sharon Ann Barkhimer age 30

Mothers birth name Sharon Ann Smith,!st marriage Tucker

Baby was delivered by Dr, Lidikay

Hospital- Community East in Indianapolis,Indiana (Marion County)

We were told by the health dept. that there was a birth and the baby girl was adopted

This adoptee has three half sisters on her fathers side and one-half- sister on her mothers side

Parents lived in Indianapolis at time of birth

Father was a postal worker, Mother was a housewife

I believe the child was born in the evening between 9-11:59 and may have premature

Father had greying hair brown eyes about 5’5, weight 175 ,German desent

Mother had brown hair, 1 brown and 1 green eye ,Height 5’3 ,weight 140 German desent

 Contact Mary


B-Sibling ISO Adoptee  Not Sure If  M/F  ?

DOB-----June Or July Of 1964

Hi, I am searching for my half sister or brother whom my mother gave up for

 adoption in June or July of 1964 in Pensacola Florida. My mothers married

 name at that time was Diane Bane. Her maiden name was Diane Bredice.

 She had an affair while her husband was serving in the military in Germany,

 became pregnant and subsequently put the baby up for adoption. My mother

now deceased and my sisters and I did not find this out until her death 3 years

 ago. We are desperate to find our brother or sister who we have missed out on

 being able to know and love as we love each other. I'm not sure what information

 the adoptee would have, if any. My mom already had 1 daughter at the time of this

child’s birth. She went on to have 3 more girls and 1 boy. She was about 5'2" tall

 Caucasian with brown hair and eyes. She was part Italian and had light olive colored

 skin (though I do not and neither do 2 of my other sisters). She was petite. According

 to rumors the father of this child was in the Navy stationed in Pensacola at the time

 my mom became pregnant but was from Bakersfield CA.    

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B-Family ISO Adoptee  Sister


Looking for my sister who was born about

 January 1968  in Baltimore Md .She was

 put up for adoption  through Catholic

Charities Villa Saint Maria or Marie.

 Her B-Mother named  her Adrien which

 may be changed now

.I would love to find my only sister.

Please contact me at  




B-Sister ISO Adoptee Brother


I am searching for my birth brother Charles Henry

 Johnson (birth name). He was born 11.4.1963 in edenton,

 NC. I believe he may have been adopted from St. Mary's

 Infant Home in Norfolk, Va around 1966 to 1967. I am his

 birth sister. Susan Gayle Johnson at birth. All three of us

 Susan Gayle Johnson, Thomas Floyd Johnson and

 Charles Henry Johnson was placed in St. Mary Infant Home

 in 1966 by a judge I have located my brother Tommy in 1980.

 My present name is Susan Gail Plantier

. I would love to locate my birth brother.

Contact me at


B-Family ISO Adoptee Male


Looking for Adopted Brother born

January or February 1962. Mom was at Florence

Crittenton Home in  Lynchburg, Virginia.

She named him Anthony or "Tony"

He would be white probably with brown

hair and is probably  smart and may have

artistic talent as well.

Never stopped thinking of you all these years!

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B-Brother ISO Adoptee Brother


We are looking for my husbands brother

 born 12 / 17 / 1985. Birth name was

 Dominic Allen Bronstad. Born in Minnesota

. Name was most likely changed at birth.

 Please help. Email


B-Family ISO  Adoptee Male


I am helping my daughter to locate the son she had

 to give up for adoption in 1986. Her name was

 Carrie Osborne, and her baby boy was born on

 April 2, 1986 at St. Vincent's Hospital, Indianapolis, IN.

 The adoption was handled by St. Elizabeth's

 Home in Beech Grove, IN. She (privately)

 named him Vincent, though the adoptive parents

 most likely gave him a different name.

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B-Mother ISO Adoptee Female


Birthmom ISO daughter DOB 4/12/88, 11:02am,

 Methodist Hospital,

Omaha, Nebraska.

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B-Sibling ISO Adoptee Male


looking for my younger half brother born in san Francisco ca

 on 9-4-1988 named gunnard Morgan Davis(birth name) he

 was born at Kaiser foundation hospital @ 0535 mother's

 name colleen Davis maiden name Nicholson. father's name

 Robert Wilmer Davis. anybody knows ANY info on him or the

 adoption please email


B-Sister ISO Adoptee Brother


my name is sharida and I have been looking for my brother that was

 put up for adoption in dec 1980 in fort Wayne Indiana he was born

 dec 14th 1980 I have a birth certificate but it is non identifying .

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