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 B-Sibling ISO Adoptee’s

DOB,s------Between 1947 & 1957

 I am an adopted female searching for

any siblings,I am possibly the first

 born of 4My birth mother said she

 had given up other children after me.

Would have been at NYC durning the

period between 1947 & 1957.I was in

orphanage and foster care through

NY Founding Hospital.Birth mothers name

 Dorothea Lagana ,never married.

My name at  birth Laura Jane Lagana

 DOB---02-07-1949  found one sibling

born 07-1951 name at birth

Glen Zachery Lagana,he was adopted

 at 6 months.I was adopted in 1956I found

 birth mother in 1993 she did not

 want contact and has sence died.

Contact me at



 B-Sibling ISO Adoptee Male

DOB------6/01 to 10/31 In The Year Of 1947

My brother was born baby boy Tims. His birth date range is from

 6/1-10/31 1947. He was born in Houston Texas at Herman Hospital

 ( if our mother was telling the truth) A Baptist Minister took care of

 all the arrangements, I was told. The final adoption could have a range

 from 1947-1950. Just not for sure. I was also born in Houston, TX

 at St Joseph hospital in August of 1946. I was taken to Tennessee

, where I was cared for privately (I was not taken care of by my mother)

and I was not a ward of the state. Our mother did not sign the surrender

papers on me until 1948. I do not know about my brother. Our mother

 died of bone cancer, her brother also had this horrible disease. I hope

 my brother is well and his family. We are getting on up in age and it

would mean so much to me, as all adoptee’s know, to be complete

and whole. If you know anyone who fits some of the criteria please get in touch,

Contact me at


 B-Sibling ISO Adoptee Brother

DOB----12-10-1946   FOUND  Dec. 2006

My brothers name at birth was Kenneth LeRoy Matus.

Born to Helen ann Matus and Leo Girard not married ath time of his birth. 

 He was born, Dec. 10, 1946 in Piolit Point Tx. in Denton County.  My mother was at

The Rest Cottage Home for unwed mothers .

I am doing this for my family but mostly my Dad who is deceased and my

 81 yr old Mother  who is blind in one eye and will eventually be blind in the

other eye because of Macular Degeneration the kind you can't do surgery for.

I have been trying to locate my brother for quite sometime off and on thru the years.

  I have hit brick walls. I think it's because I live in Tx. where the files are sealed

 unless the adoptee is looking for us.  I have filed papers in Austin, Tx and they

 said they would notify me if he was looking for us.

Even if he does not want anything to do with us I can understand.  I would just

 like for him to know that my parents (not married at the time)  gave him up so

 he could have a better life than what they could give him at the time.  And,

 I would like him to have all the medical information I filed with Austin, Tx.

My Dad had always wanted to find him but that didn't happen in his time. 

 And my Mother has wanted to find him as well as the rest of his family. 

 That would include, a half brother, 4birth brothers and 4birth sisters that includes me.

  I was really hoping for this to happen before something happens to my MOther.

  I have often thought of calling Opra because she has always been so

 generous in helping people then

 I saw your website and thought I would try on my own again with your help.

Contact me at     


 Birth Mother ISO Adoptee Daughter


We are looking for Barbara Jean Worley.  That was her birth name.  Barbara was born January 25, 1948

 in Muskogee, Oklahoma.  Her birth mothers name was and still is Silvestor Worley. 

 She was only sixteen, unmarried, and very poor at the time of Barbara Jean's birth.

  She was given up for adoption in Muskogee, Oklahoma around Christmas of 1953. 

 She also stayed with her Grandmother Mildred Deckard and her aunts and uncles in Tulsa,

 Oklahoma before she was taken to Dept.of Human Services in Muskogee. 

The family was very sad that Barbara's mom made the choice of giving her up for

adoption without their knowledge, but at the time she thought of Barbara having

 a better life than she could give her.  My name is Janet Sue . 

 I am her cousin who is helping Barbara's birth mother to try to locate her

 E-mail   LeoAriesAquarius@Aol.Com






  B-Sibling ISO 4 Adoptee ,s  3 sisters and 1 brother

DOB,s  1951 – 1954  -  1956 -  1957

My birth name is Patricia (Patsy) Edwards, I am searching for my siblings.
I am one of 8 children born to Percy and Viola Edwards.  My birth name is
Patricia (Patsy) Edwards. I was adopted with our youngest brother Steven
(now Andy), and have located our oldest sister Stella (same), and our oldest
brother Percy (now Richard).  Our adoptions were handled by the CAS in
Hamilton Ontario, with most finalized in 1964.
We would like to find our other siblings, we are searching for 1 brother and
3 sisters.
The ones we are searching for are:  VALERIE 1951, ROSE 1954, JULIE 1956,
BILLY 1957.
I can be contacted at:



 B-Sibling ISO Adoptee’s

DOB,s------Between 1947 & 1957

 I am an adopted female searching for

any siblings,I am possibly the first

 born of 4My birth mother said she

 had given up other children after me.

Would have been at NYC durning the

period between 1947 & 1957.I was in

orphanage and foster care through

NY Founding Hospital.Birth mothers name

 Dorothea Lagana ,never married.

My name at  birth Laura Jane Lagana

 DOB---02-07-1949  found one sibling

born 07-1951 name at birth

Glen Zachery Lagana,he was adopted

 at 6 months.I was adopted in 1956I found

 birth mother in 1993 she did not

 want contact and has sence died.

Contact me at


 B-Mother ISO Adoptee Daughter


my name is Lillian and i am searching for my daughter, her name was Eva Ellen Clark

 at birth she was born 5/13/1954 in Elmira NY at the Arnot ogden hospital.i had her till

 she was 2years old then i had to put her in foster care she lived with a family

 name Allingtion. she was 4years old when i had to sign the adoption papers

Contact me at


 B-Family ISO Adoptee Female

DOB-----05- 5th Or 6th  -1954

 I am searching for my moms birth sister. Born Martha J. Melton in

 Lauderdale County Alabama, May 5 or 6 1954. Wrote to Montgomery Al.

 to try for records but deadend except they sent reply back to Ms.

 Hollingsworth. So maybe that name counts for something. Born to

 Essie L. Melton, she was about 15 at time of birth. There are 5 siblings

1 sister 4 brothers, one of which is deceased

.My name is Tina  , your niece.







 B-Mom  ISO Adoptee Daughter

DOB-----11-10-1964                FOUND Daughter

ISO Female Adoptee Born 11-10-1964
I am searching for my daughter,

I am her birth mother.

Catholic Charities, Phila, Pa.

Adopted in Dec 1964.
Contact me at    



 B-Mom ISO Adoptee Daughter


I am searching for my biological daughter born 12/01/1961

 at Swedish Memorial Hospital in Seattle.  She was

 delivered by Dr. Soderstrom.  I was living at The

Florence Crittenton Home for Unwed Mothers. 

The adoption was arranged by the Medina Adoption Agency.

My hospital name was Ann Stevens. She weighed 7# 2 oz


Contact me at



 Birth Sibling ISO 2 Adoptee’s Both Male



I am an adoptee searching for 2 brothers

We are from Connersville,Indiana.

There were 5 of us (siblings) 2 have

not been found

Names before adoption were Darren Lee Strong

and Roy Allen Strong

D.O.B. is 10-20-1964 and 11-24-1965

Contact me at


B-Sibling ISO 1 Adoptee Brother & Adoptee Twins M & F

Adoptee Male  DOB------06-02-1967

Twin Female  DOB-------04-11-1969

Twin Male DOB-----------04-12-1969  he was born right after midnight

my name is Jenny and i'v been trying to help my mother find her brothers and sister who were adopted

.She has a brother named Paul Daniel Garcia Born 06/02/1967 in Ventura County Hospital in Ventura,

California and Twins brother/sister names at birth were Joseph L.Garcia and Patricia A.Garcia.Patricia

 was born on04/11/1969 and Joseph was born 04/12/1969 right at midnight they were both born in Ventura

 County Hospital Ventura,California.Birthmother Lupe Carmona Garcia\Birthfather was Tony Garcia.My

mother remembers hearing that the twins were adopted together by a couple that lived in Camarillo or

Moorpark California.Lupe was not around to sign adoption court papers for the twins so Lupe's sister Vivian

 signed the adoption papers for the twins to be adopted.

Contact me at


 B-Family ISO Adoptee Son

DOB----07-17-1968          FOUND   12-12-2006

I am searching for my half brother

D.O.B.  7-17-1968

B-Mother Lisa Gertz

B-father Peter John Ulso?

Born @ ShadySide Hospital


B-Mother stayed at the Florence Crittenon Home

 while pregnant

Half brother was given the name of

 Dale James ? after birth

I am his half sister and I have been

helping my mother search for him,

 we have a very large family and would love to add him.

Contact me at     



 B-Family ISO Adoptee Female


Birth family looking for female born

April 10, 1963 at St. Anne's in Los Angeles.




 B-Family ISO Adoptee Son

DOB----Between 1962 & 1965

I do not have any specific info other than that I believe the baby to have been

a boy, born sometime between 1962 and 1965.  I believe he was placed through

an Agency in the Chicago, Illinois area- although I understand they also had an

 office in Wisconsin. The name was Evangelical Children's Home or something

 similar to that. I have never tried to contact them, I am sure it would be a dead

end.  The birth mother's first name would have been Eileen, middle name Ruth,

  .  She was married twice during that time frame so I am

 not sure if she would have used Kenyon or Sager as a last name.  Eileen was

my Aunt and we were very close. She recently passed away.  She never

discussed it openly with me but I know she longed for the son she had given up.

Adoption is close to my heart, our son is adopted and we totally understand

the need some adopted folks have to know their birth family &

heritage.  If there is someone out there looking for us, I want to be found.

I want to tell them everything I can about my Aunt Eileen and the circumstances

that caused her to look beyond herself and do what was best for them.

Contact me at


 B-Sibling ISO Adoptee Brother






Contact me at


 B-Mother ISO Adoptee Son


I am a bm iso bs 3/29/69

 Flo. Crit. Hosp. Det. Mi.

Contact me at



 B-Sibling ISO Adoptee Female


Searching for my sister born March 8,1960 at Roselia Foundling Maternity

 Home in Pittsburgh Pa. Birth name was Mary Patricia O’Lear. Birth

 mother was Patrcia Marie O’Lear.Placed for adoption thru Catholic

Social Services of Pittsburgh.All Adoption records are still at

 Catholic Charities in Pittsburgh Pa. She was baptized Catholic

 on March 17,1960 at the Roselia Chapel. She was possibly placed

 with a Croatian Family in 1960. Waivers are in place at Orphans

 Court of Pittsburgh. She has to be the one to petition the court.

 If anyone out there has any information

please e-mail me at


 B-Mother ISO Adoptee Son


He was born I believe in Virgina Mason hosp in Seattle Washington it could also have been

Saint Francis Ca. hospital.

Think it went through catholic services Dec.18 (the 18 may not be correct)1967

Contact me at


 B-Sibling ISO Adoptee Brother

DOB-----1968 OR 1969

I am looking for my older brother born in Louisville,KY

 in 1968 or69 and adopted. I know very little but

 I do have the birth mothers maiden name.


If   anyone has info or possible matches

 please let me know thanks.

Contact me at



B-Family ISO Adoptee Female

DOB------1963 In London











 B-Brother ISO Adoptee Brother


My name is Bobbie. I'm trying to help a

co-worker and friend to find his brother,

cause he does not have the means to do it himself.
I''ve been searching but with no luck.
 adoptee- John Wesley Charles--  dob--7-12-61
 adoptee born at Grady Hospital, Buttler Street Atlanta Ga.
Adoption was through Family and Children Services.
Mother-- Eva Ruby Charles,  Father-- John Kenneth Charles
My email address  is
Jimmy Charles is my friend looking for his brother.



 Birth Sibling ISO Adoptee Siblings

DOB,s  ------1960,s   &   1970,s

My name is Helen (Eagle)  I was born to Norma Jean (Blosser). Feb. 27 1966

I know she had 2 other children a boy and a girl by Rick Davis.

 I know they were with each other in 60 or 61 when her sister Dorthy Martin

 was shot in Akron Ohio.

 I know that the names of the children are William Carl Davis and Ivy Louise Davis.

I also know that Ivy tried to contact my mom a few years ago, she talked with my

 Uncle Jarrett Blosser(Harriet) and that she was looking due to her son having

 a heart problem. My brother Rick has 2 children with the same heart problems.

 I dont feel it was fair that all of us kids werent allowed to meet and/or talk/correspond.

I also know that Ivy told Uncle Jarret that the boy William was in prison. in Oklahoma.

He was born about 5/1960 and she had to have been born after that but before 1966.

 I was born 2/27/66 and there was Stephen Eagle 3/1/68  and Rick7/26/69

 and then Brenda5/21/71 and an infant girl Kimberly Eagle Deceased 9/72 and

 Timothy Rogers4/1/79 and Rebecca Rogers 2/11/82. Norma was born

 Norma Jean Blosser 8/5/42 to Carl and Goldie Blosser.

Contact me at



 Birth Mother ISO Adoptee Son


Birth Mothers name....Teresa Giles

Birth Fathers name....Robert Murphy

Child born...12/01/1962

Name given at birth...Aaron Paul Giles

Born in Pittsburgh PA , Allegheny County  at St Frances Hospital 

Adopted out thru Catholic Charties

I do not know if this is true or not, but we were told that

Catholic Charties often changed the names using the birth

 mothers maiden name (DUDLEY) AND/OR

Grandmothers maiden name (MARASCO) 

Contact me at






 B-Mom ISO Adoptee Son


B-Mom in search of my birth son

Born 6-13-1977

Edina Minnesota

The Doctor's name was Dr. Lee at the

 Fairview Southdale Hospital, you were

 8 lbs 8 ounces and 21 inches long at

 the time of your birth. I have been

searching for you for a long time now

and have not had any luck, just alot of

 brick walls. You have a 1/2  brother

 and sister that know about you. If

 anyone has any information they can

 share with me or where else I can go

 for my search

 please email me. or


 B-Mom ISO Adoptee Female

DOB-----01-25-1973        FOUND               




Contat me at    


 B-Sibling ISO Adoptee Sister


 My name is Stacy I am 32 years old. My mother gave a baby up for
adoption before me.
She would be 36. We also have an older sister Susan 38. And all
of us have different dads.
 We would really like to find our sister.  Female born 3/21/70 in
Columbus, OH at Mt. Carmel Hosp.
 closed adoption,  given up at birth. Births mom name Patricia Ann
Chance madien name Ryan.
her   dob 11/15/50

Contact me at


 B-Mother ISO Adoptee Daughter


I am searching for my daughter Dawn Marie .

 I lost her 28 years ago due to my alcoholism

and drug addiction. I miss her very, very much.

 My life changed 20 years ago when I, through

 the grace of GOD was able to get clean and

 sober and maintain that life style.I would like

one chance to talk with her and tell her how

much I love her.Not a day goes by that she

is not there with me. For now, all I can do is

 keep praying and have faith that one day that

 will transpire. Any help that you can give will

 be extremely appreciated. 

Contact me at


 B-Mother ISO Adoptee Daughter


I'm a birth mother in search of her
daughter. She was born Tiffany Chantele Blythe
Robertson onDec.18,1975, at 8:18 am in the
Booth Memorial Hospital., in Omaha, NE.
She was a very beautiful little girl that I ache for
sometime everyday.But I was just akid myself
back then, & I wasn't even capable of taking

 care of myself.. I don't want
to intrude in her life, but I do hope
she reads these adoption sights, so if she would like to
contact me, she can.
My health has not been well the last three years,
I've had three small strokes, I've got empasema
and I'ld just like  her to know I've loved her every

day of her life. And
she has three half sisters,two brother in laws
one niece,two nephews &two more on the way.
Any time you feel ready to get in touch,

 just e-mail me at

my husband has known of you since the day
we met, and so does the rest fo the family.
Your Respectfully, til I hear from you ,
I'm not asking for some great mother/daughter
thing,but I hope we can get to know each other
and maybe be are in my thoughts

 and heart always,
With my deepest regards,I hope to hear

 from you soon.


 B-Mother ISO Adoptee Male

DOB------12-05-1970 OR 71

I am looking for a friends son she placed for adoption.  The following is the information we have.

Baby boy born to Shirley Diane Satterfield and Clarence Collins from Fairmont WV. 

 Mother is white, father is black.  Baby boy born 12/5/1970 or 71.  Name given at birth

 by adoptive family was Samuel Matthew.  Adoption took place out of Wheeling WV. 

 Your birth mom wanted to name you Jason Michael or Michael Allen Satterfield. 

 If this is you or someone you know.. please email me at


 B-Mother ISO Adoptee Daughter

DOB-----06-18-1972                 FOUND 06-2006

My name is Debra  Ann Chilcoat     

 My last was Steele Before I got married. in 1972

 I had a baby and gave her up for adoption.

 She was born in Columbus,Ohio  June 18 1972.

 I name her Kelly Ann . Auglaize county handle

 the adoption. as far i know her name is Pamela Sue Griffith. she is 33 now.

 I was born in Lake Charles, La 1954. I lived in St.Marys,Ohio

 I have three Kids by my husband that past away in 95.

The last i knew she lived in Luverne ,Al 

Contact me at



 B-Mom ISO Adoptee Son


my name is donna lee hart . maiden name is ward

my son birth name was john charles ward. born on april 19 1972.

born in gloversville ,new york. at nathan littauer hospital

doctor wasDr. john fernandez.adoption was done

thru DSS. department in johnstown,fulton county,new york . 

Contact me at



 B-Mom ISO Adoptee Daughter


looking for my adoptee daughter.kelly ann was her bname i gave her .

 i lived in st.marys,oh i went unwed mothers home in columbus. auglaize co

 handled the adoption. i know this much her adoption name was griffith.pamela sue.

my maiden name was steele,debra ann. i was born 11-28-54 lake charles,la

and she lived in luverne,al last i heard

Contact me at



B-Mother ISO Adoptee Daughter

DOB 02-02-1970, Portland Oregon

We are searching for Baby girl Marnie P. or may be Baby Girl Parker.

You were born at The Salvation Army Whiteshield Center in Portland,

 and adopted through Waverly Children's Home in 1970. I was forced

 to give you up for adoption at the age of 17, and have been searching

 for you your whole life! You can contact me directly, or if you feel

 more comfortable contacting someone else, I will also leave my friend

 who has been helping me in my search, her number and information as well.

 I have registered with ISRR and Waverly, they will release all my information to you!

My e-mail

Nicole's e-mail



 B-Mom ISO Adoptee Son

DOB----07-20 th to 22 th ---1972   FOUND  5-04-2006

I am a birthmom in search of her son born between 7/20/1972 and 7/22/1972

in Niles (Berrien County) Michigan at Lakeland Medical Center. 

 The adoption papers were signed in Cass County.  I am not sure

 what his adopted name is or where he is now.  At the time of his

 birth, my last name was Ibbotson and I lived in Dowagiac Michigan. 

 I was twenty years old at the time.

Contact me at


 B-Mother ISO Adoptee Son

DOB-----04-08-1972 OR 73

birthmother, Patricia Carroll in search of son, who

 was adopted in Tn. Birthmother, Patricia Runions

(at the time) gave birth to boy at Florence Crittenton

 Home in Chattanooga, Tn. Apr. 8, 1972 or73.

He was put up for adoption and she named him Geofrey.

Contact me at


B-Sibling ISO Adoptee Sister


my name is Dianna. I am searching for my  adoptee sister.Here is the info I have about her...

.. Her birth name is Tina Louise Scott she was born on 11/16/1970 in Denver Colorado

 she was born weighing 5lbs. 2/3oz. 18in long and born at 11:15  The adoption

was through Colorado State Welfare and the county that relinquished the adoption

 was Arapahoe county Her birth moms name is

Rebecca Louise Scott and her dob is 06/01/55 and she was 15 at the time of birth.

Contact me at






 B-Sibling ISO 2 Adoptee,s Both Female



 my name is sharena and im looking for my sisters there names at birth where

 Shawana Soncera Zeller born November 17,1981 in Fort Smith Ark,at Sparks

 regional medical center and Stephenie Lorene Zeller born October 31,1982 in

Oklahoma City,OK at the University hospital to Mairyln Zeller or our moms last

 name was McCoy our fathers name is Steve Zeller im looking for the girls cause

our mom doesnt have much longer to live and she wants to have all of her kids

 together for the first time and im trying to make that happen for her

. u can  e-mail me at   OR


 B-Family ISO Adoptee Female


I am looking for a baby girl born July 21st 1982 at

 St. marys  in West Palm Beach Florida. Mothers

 name Tina Cann/fathers name Larry Bateman

 not married at that time.Her given name was

 Tarah Cann. She was adopted out of

 Maurawood Adoption agancy.

Contact me at


 B-Mother ISO Adoptee Female


Looking for CERESA LAMPLEY (Name given at birth),

Now I am told her name is Heidi Spurlin

I  gave up my baby when I was 17 years old.

born in Fresno, California on July 31st, 1984. Adopting parents

were named , Cheryl and Michael  to the best of

my knowledge. If you have any information please contact me

anytime @


B-Mother ISO 2 Adoptee Son’s



David Christopher McCaslin

Age: 20--born 5/5/86

Born at Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis Indiana

Birth Mother: Jeri Lee Kitch

Birth Father: Stephen Neal Kitch

Has a very small scar above his right eye

Stephen Kyle Kitch

Age: 18--born 2/8/88

Born at Methodist Hospital Indianapolis Indiana

Birth Mother: Jeri Lee Kitch

Birth Father: STephen Neal Kitch

Both of my children were taken. It is a very long story.

 At any rate it has become a situation where they

 were illegally taken. I have been searching for them

 for a very long time. They were adopted into a family

 or families unknown.    . I am dying inside and need

help! This abduction has been made to look like a

 normal adoption. Can you help us? They have eight

 brothers and sisters who deserve to know them!

Contact me at



 B-Mother ISO Adoptee Son

DOB----11-05-1980        FOUND 03-31-2008

On November 5, 1980 I had given birth to a baby boy at Strong Memorial

Hospital in Rochester, NY.  The Family Catholic Center was the agency

 that I had went through that did the placement.  On the birth certificate

 the birth name that I had given to him was Louis Simonetti.  He had

 brown curly dark brown hair.  Supposely the family that had adopted

 him had given him the name "Louis" as his middle name.   It was the

 grandfathers name. I think they gave him David as his first name, but

 Im not sure.  I had requested that he was placed with a family in the

 Rochester area and supposely he was after the last contact with the

 counslor from Family Catholic Center. If anyone has any information

 please contact me at   

 My name is Janine and I am  a  birth mother in search of there biological child.


 B-Dad & B-Mom ISO Adoptee Son


My son's birth date was August 3, 1988..He was born at Albany

 medical Ctr in Albany NY, was 7 lbs, 2 oz and 20 inches long...

I am actually a birth father seeking information about my first son.

  He will be 18 this August 3rd and I promised his birth mother

 (who has been my wife for the last 14 years) that I'd try to find

 out some info about him (we really don't want to interfere in his

 life...but we'd like to know he's okay)---the problems are these:

It was a closed adoption and the agency that handled it closed

 up shop in early 1992 (Community Maternity Services of Albany, NY

 which was run by the Archdioscece of Albany)--we've had no

contact/pictures since late 1990, so we have no idea where he lives,

 what his name is now (or even if he is still with us or has gone to be with God).

..But we've never stopped thinking about him (he also actually has two

 natural siblings, so his adoptive family might like to know about this, for medical reasons)

Contact me at


 B-Mom ISO Adoptee Son

I'm a birthmom looking for my son,born

 8-19-82 at 9:44pm. at Henry Ford Hospita

l in Detroit,Michigan. name at birth was

 Anthony Michael Dean. Catholic Social Services

 did the adoption, he was adopted around the

 age of 4 years old. which i had nothing to

 do with the adoption. i have birth record

 and ss#. i was told his adopted parents

 lived in warren, michigan. if information

 sounds familiar

 i do have more information. a day doesn't go

 by we don't think about him.and love him.

Please contact me at



 B-Mom ISO Adoptee Female


i am searching for my daughter. I put her up for adotion.

 Her date of birth is may 29 1987. I think her name is molly

. her adoptive parents name s are terry and Neil.

She also has a a sister named leah. If you have any info

 please email me. At


 B-Aunt ISO Adoptee Female


I am searching for my niece. She was born 1/16/1984 in

 Providence, RI. Her mothers name is Christine and her

fathers name is Robert. She ws adopted around the

 age of 3 years old. I have been searching for her but

 havent had any luck. I do believe that she possibly

grew up in Rhode Island.

Contact me at


 B-Grandfother ISO Adoptee Grandaughter

DOB-----02-28-1985 Or 1986

i am looking for my granddaughter, her birth name is

Sarah Christine Jones, her birthdate is feburary 28 1985 or 86

 i rember it was leap year ,she was born at 11 58 o'clock,

 mercy hospital ,buffalo n.y. i would love to contact her

Contact me at


 B-Mom ISO Adoptee Son


my name is lisa  I'm lookin for my son

.I named him Nathan Paul he was born at

 Baptist Hospital in Tennessee on

August 20 1982.I went through

Christian Counseling Services in Nashville Tennessee.

Contact me at


 B-Mother ISO 3 Adoptee,s

Jessica - DOB----04-11-1983 Still searching for Jessica

Georgiann- DOB-----03-28-1984  Georgiann Has Been FOUND

Christopher - DOB----08-12-1985 Still searching for Christopher

  my name is:peggy  can you help me locate my babies?

1.jessica lynn kasper was born on april 11,1983 

 2.georgiann maria kasper was born on march 28,1984

 3.christopher ferrlando louis kasper was born on august 12,1985.

 all of this took place in erie,pa  ps i have been looking for them

 since they were taken from me,then i stared looking for them

 since they all became above age Contact me at




 B-Aunt ISO Adoptee Nephew

DOB-----1980.s           FOUND

 I am an aunt looking for my nephew. I believe he was born in the
1980's, and i think his name was Thomas.  HE would have born in Lowell Ma,
Father name Louis Dally Jr and Mothers Name Kathleen Dally (Montminy).  If
anyone knows where i can find him please contact me. at  


 B-Mom ISO Adoptee Son


Birth-mom Looking for bio-son

My Name is Diane Ball, I was 17 when I gave up my son ,

 Michael Justin Hurd  was born on Aug 16,1986,at St Francis hosp,

 Olean, NY. He was 8 m0 old when I gave up for adoption through

 the Cattaraugus County Social services on April 27,1987.

 My name at that time was Diane hurd, Bio- Father I do have

 His name, but do not know where he is living. I have

been searching sense Michael turned 18,I really would like

to find him and fill this whole I have in my heart,

Michael, I love you and I miss you and think about you everyday.

Please anyone with information, contact me at


 B-Mother ISO Her Adoptee Children

DOB-----Female  04-29-1984

DOB------- Female 12-30-1986

  name is Tamara M. Kuhn. I am looking for my   children there names are

 Missy Ann Dix DOB April 29,1984. Christina Ellen Dix DOB Dec.30,1986.

  They was talking away from me about 16 or 17 yrs. Ago. I have try to write

 a letter to the people that took  them away for me. I am a concern mother for

 there children and I need to let them know that I love my children and care

 for them a lot too. I just would like to know of there are doing fine. And let

 them know about there Grandpa Kuhn die 3 yrs ago. And he loves them a lot too

. That they are in my heart and mine always. I was hoping you could help me

 look for them. If you can fine them I hope we can be friends and maybe be a

 family again. I have a lot to tell them and I am sorry for everything that they

 are going though all there lives and I missed out on it. Maybe we can go

 out and do something all   of us! I love them with all my heart and always will.

 I would love to be in my   children lives again. All I need to know of they are

 doing fine and in good health and God loves all   of them.   I prayer for my 

 children every night. Again I would like to tell my children that I am sorry!

 There are so much I need to tell them!  . It would make me so happy  to find them   

 My e-mail address is


 B-Mother  ISO Adoptee Daughter


I want to help my sister-in-law find a daughter that she put up for adoption. 

 All I know is she was born on 08/10/1987 at Holy Cross Hospital

in Salt Lake City UT.  The adoption went through the 3rd circut court. 

 I think her parents lived in North Salt Lake City at the time.

  Her birth Mother's name is Jennifer Ann  , it use to be Jennifer Ann Burt .

  I hope we can find her, we would all love to meet her and see how she's doing. 


E-mail with any info.