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B-Sister ISO Adoptee Female

DOB----either 1937 or 1938

I am actively searching for a birth sister who was born in the summer of either 1937 or 1938

at the Catherine Booth hospital in Montreal.  Although I knew about this birth for many

years, my late mother declined to confirm it until shortly before her death. 

My mother, and I are from Prince Edward Island.  This girl is a full sister of mine.

My mother was an orphan and this is where it gets tough.......she was never legally

 adopted.  I am not sure what surname she used for the baby.  It could have been Steele

which was the name by which she was raised.  It could have been MacDonald.  The girls

 father was John William MacDonald.   Since my grandmother wasn't married when she had

Mom she could have used either Perry or Handrahan.   I do know that the baby was baptised

Roman Catholic and given the name Mary Catherine.

I spoke to the woman, who is also passed on, who took the baby from the hospital to the

 orphanage.  She couldn't remember the name of the orphanage except that it was run by

 a convent of nuns on the outskirts of Montreal.  During her pregnancy, my mother worked

 for a Mr. and Mrs. Turcott. I'm 68 years of age and would love to meet her

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B-Sister ISO 2 Adoptee ,s

Adoptee Female DOB---11-1951

Adoptee Male  DOB---08-1953

SEARCHING FOR sibs Joy Diane GONZALES, b. November 1951 and Robert(o)

 GONZALES, b. August 1953 (no idea where they were born).  Their birth mother

 was VIRGINIA ENLOWAINE NACE, b. 1923, Moultrie, GA, d. October, 1960,

 Opa-Locka, FL.  She was married (1) William Arthur LEAKE and had two children: 

 William Arthur LEAKE and Barbara Enlowaine LEAKE, (2) Charles Floyd McINTOSH,

 and had one child, myself, Lynda Darlene McINTOSH, (3)? GONZALES and had the

 two children mentioned above, (4) ? and had a son, Daniel, b. May 1958, and (5)

 Emmanuel THOMPSON and had a daughter, Theresa Maria THOMPSON, b.

April 29, 1960..  I believe at one time Virginia was living in Chicago with a Joe SCHULTZ

 with the two GONZALES children.  I was adopted at the age of four in Chicago.  I have

 located all sibs except for the two GONZALES ones.  I do not know if the two

GONZALES children were adopted out or raised by their father.  Billy LEAKE and

Theresa Maria THOMPSON DRAGULA have both passed away.

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B-Sibling ISO Adoptee Male

DOB------12-?- 1963

B-Mother Age 15 at time of birth

It was between the 12th and 27th of December 1963.

 My mom was form Schulter OK and went to either

Tulsa or Oklahoma City to a home for unwed mothers

 ran by Salvation Army. She said she was given a fake

 name to use, and even in court was called by this, so

 I assuming she was not on birth certificate. It was a boy

. She did not name him so I have no name. I do not

 know but I hope he is in OK still. This is it. Her maiden

 name was Mayes. The fathers first name Michael.

 Sorry it is all I know.  

Contact me at


B-Family ISO  Adoptee Female


 Born In Corpus Christi, TX.

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B-Aunt ISO 2 Adoptee’s  Male & Female

DOB---- Female-----1969  or  1970

DOB---Male-----1 year later

Aunt looking for her niece and nephew. They were both born in an Unwed
Mother's home in Oakland, CA. i think the girl was born in 1969 or 1970 and
the boy was born the following year.
The mom (my sister) is named Kimberly Shaff, she was between 16 and 18.
If this sounds like you, please contact me at:




B-Sibling ISO Adoptee Brother


My father just passed away and it has come to light that

some where i have a half brother.  His mother was young

 and her family put her in some catholic home for unwed

mothers in Houston Texas. That is where he was given up for adoption.

His Birth mother and father are from Galveston County Texas

Mother   Teresa Kay

Dad        George Sanford Jr

He was known as the Sanford baby on the adoptee paper

 work and was born in Sept of 1973

 My contact  The Bud Miester


 B-Mother ISO Adoptee Female


Birth Mother In search Of Birth Daughter

Born Nov 1978

Place of Birth - Salt Lake City Utah - I had her at

 st Marks I think and she was transferred to the

 U of U hospital so the adopted family and me did

 not intertwine was what was told to me? I was 16 then ,

Private adoption -  with a  Lawyer

I have been searching for you for years and years

and years,i have contacted  the lawyer  and he will

 not help. if you read this please contact me,,,,

 you have always been loved

Contact me at


B-Mom ISO  Adoptee Son

DOB-----June of  1972

My name is Doris .  I gave up my son for adoption in

June of 1972.  My last name was Gibson.  I was at

 Florence Crittenden home for unwed mothers, and

 I know  I had the baby at Erlanger Hospital in

Chattanooga Tenn.  I want to find him as soon as I can.

Contact me at





B-Mother ISO Adoptee Daughter


BDaughters Dob-4/27/1983
hospital-Manatee Memorial
Doctor-Anthony Cuva
Agency-Catholic Charities
Maternity home-SOLVE
maiden name-Luna
My age at time-13
Birth name- April(baby girl)Luna
B-Mothers  DOB-11/02/1970
?adoption finalized in St Petersburg ,Florida(Pinellas county)?
Hair -dark brown
time of birth-9:37pm

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B-Father ISO  Adoptee Son

DOB----11-18-1982            Found


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