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Adoptee Twin ISO B-Sister possible Twin


I am searching for my sister, possible twin (I am also female).  I have found out bits and pieces of information over the years but from a government source found that my birthplace is listed as the Bronx, New York and that my birthdate was listed as June 12, 1947, though I have been going by the dob of 6-12-46.  I have the time of birth on my amended BC as 1:23 a.m.  My weight was told to me as having been 2 lbs and 3 oz.  My primary email addy is

 and alternate email is




Twins Adoptees Both Female ISO B-Family


My twin sister and I (both female) were born on 3/21/56 in Detroit,

Michigan.  All we have is registration certificates that are dated

7/19/57.  We are guessing that is the date we were adopted.  We are

seeking our birth family.  We can be contacted at




Adoptee Twin ISO  There Twin


the only information I have is that I was adopted on a black market adoption in Pa  I was born on Aug 8, 1961 in Lewisburg, PA and I weighed 3lbs. and 5 ozs.  I was told that I was born a month premature.  I have reason to believe that my real family is from either N.Y., N.J., or Pa, and that I have a twin.  If you could help, I really would appreciate it.  I am five feet six inches tall, have red hair and blue eyes.  I am of muscular stature Contact me at


Adoptee Twin ISO his Male  Adoptee Twin


In the last 10 or so years I have become aware of someone who apparently is a dead ringer for me and apparently even has the same speech patterns. I have had numerous friends and even strangers tell me they saw me doing something or being somewhere when I hadn't. In one case I was actually ten feet away when he showed up at my workplace but Iwasn't told till later.

Now He's apparently moved to Phoenix as well where I was born because now it's started again.  It's becoming apparent that he maybe my twin but he may not have been told because in another near encounter at work he arrived with his mother and she had an averse reaction when a coworker of mine asked him if he was adopted and they never came back.

I was born April 17, 1965 at St. Josephs Hospital in Phoenix AZ. I was adopted ten days later. Also I think we have an older sister named Sharon who's out there as well. She looks a lot like me and people have mistaken us for brother and sister. (I actually knew her but never made the connection until someone pointed this out later.) Contact me at


Twin ISO   her Adoptee Twin Female


I am looking for my twin sister. I was the first twin born We were separated at birth to three months.

I was Born in Baltimore Maryland, Mercy hospital. 7-12-68, I have a birth certificate with some info

 Please email me at


Twins ISO B-Parents        FOUND Family 7-16-2003


I'm searching for my birth parents. My twin sister and I were born July 13, 1967 at Bethesda Hospital in Saint Paul, Minnesota. We were adopted and raised together. Our birth mother was a 20-year-old college student. Our birth father was a 19-year-old college student. Our birth mother's father was a pastor at a Lutheran congregation. Our birth mother had three brothers (Air Force, pastor, scientist) and one sister (housewife). Our birth father had a 14-year-old sister at the time and other siblings. Please contact me at




Twins Adoptees Both Female ISO B-Family


We are twin girls born in Hialeah, Florida on July 14 , 1967. We both have brown hair and blue eyes.Our adoptive parents names were William and Constance Campbell. We were never given any information about our Birth parents Contact us at  sonceraye@excite


Adopted Twin Boys ISO B-Mother


Twin boys born 4/7/68 looking for birth mother Janet Louise Siemens. Twins were born at Mercy hospital in Roseburg, Oregon. Janet was from British Columbia, Canada at the time the twins were born and believed to have gone back to Canada. She was 15 at the time she gave birth     E-mail me at




Twin  Adoptees Both Male ISO B-Family


My husband is a male twin He was put up for adoption at birth but was not adopted until 1977 with his twin brother. He was adopted in North Caroline to a female pediatrician and the father was a engineer of some sort.The couple also had a adopted daughter about 6 years older than him. That is all he knows Contact me at


Twin Adoptees  Males ISO B-Mother


I am a twin boy looking for my birth mother.  My brother and I were born at ST. Vincent's Hospital in Portland Oregon on May 27, 1974.  We were born a couple of months premature and spent 46 days in the hospital before we went to our adoptive home.  Our mother was eighteen at the time of our births.  I would just like to thank my birth mother for making such a great sacrifice for my brother and I and find out any relevant medical information that may be available.   

If you have any information you can  contact  me at



Twins Adoptees Both Female ISO B-Family


9/28/1975  Born 4:50 and 4:52pm at Auburn Memorial Hospital, Auburn, NY.

Manchester was our foster name.   B-Mom  was in her early

twenties and we have 3 half siblings.  BF was in his late 30's. Our

names at time of birth were Lisa Ann & Laura Marie Shelly & Sheree.

St.Lawerence County Department of Social Services handled the adoption.

Any information would be appreciated. Contact me at




Birth Familys Searching For Twins & Triplets






My mother had twin sisters that we have only their names, birth date and baptism date.

Edith Mary Borelli and Ethel Angelina Borelli, born in or near Long Island City, NY, on 6/1/1917 and baptized 6/22/1917.

That's it!

I found father, mother and my mother in the 1920 census records living together in  Astoria, NY, but no indication as to where the then 2+ yr old twins were.

I'm wondering whether the "Orphan Trains" may be involved, but there's no family alive that may know.  Contact me at




Birth Twin Female ISO Her Adoptee Twin


Place of birth-----Lincoln , Nebraska

Hospital  -----Bryan Memoral

Delivering Doctor -----Robert E Morris

Mothers Maiden name  ----Kreps

Fathers Last name ----Henry

Here is my web site with my search story   Cee Cees Search For Twin

Contact me at


B-Twin ISO    Her Adoptee Male Twin


I am searching for twin brother .  We were born 6-9-1944 in Queens, NY at 62-61 60 St.  Parents Anna and John Heeg; twin might be named John after father who died. Ethel Heeg-Allman contact me at




B-Familys ISO Adopted Twins Both Females

DOB---11-?-1958 OR 1959

ISO birth siblings, two girls, born in Nov. of 1958 or 1959.  Birthmother's name is Mary Helen Gearlds-Bailey, age 23, Birthfather name is Charles Wesley Bailey, age 22.  Mother was originally from Indiana but was staying with an aunt in Miami Florida until the babies were born.  She asked what they were and the Doctor told her twin girls.  Whether this is true or not we do not know.  They were born in Miami near the beach.  This was a private adoption handled by an attorney that I don't know the name of, he is deceased now.  They were adopted by a Physician and his wife immediately.  I have been searching for them since 1994.  I am desperate to find them.  I have cardiomyopathy and lupus and don't know just how long I have left on this earth and my one wish is to find them before my Mother who is 68 or myself pass on without any closure.  My father passed away in Dec. 12, 2001.  This has increased my need for this search to be over.  They probably have light brown or blonde hair, blue eyes and pretty short in stature.  They should be approx 46 years old.  I want them to know that their are 3 more brothers ages 29, 32, me=36, 51 and 52.  Please if this may be you please email me


B-Twin Male ISO Adoptee Twin Male


My husband does not use the computer and I told him I would search for his

twin brother.  Unusual story but hopefully you can help.  I run into dead

ends in my search because they were born in West Berlin, Germany and the

computer searches seem to be focused on the United States.

Born Evert Eugene Blaser on August 24, 1950 in West Berlin, Germany. 

Mother, Charlotte E. Blaser (now deceased), told Evert (last name now

"Dusek" adopted by step-father), he had a twin that died at birth.  We

believe the twin did not die and is alive and was adopted out at birth. 

Charlotte was not married and had already given birth to Fritz Blaser the

year before with the same father.  The man did not want children.  His name

was Bill Hoff and was a service man.  We believe he lives in Illinois now. 

Charlotte married a service man after the boys were born and moved to the

Chicago area were she passed away November 12, 2001.  Throughout Evert's

life she would comment that she "got rid of the good one".  We do not know

if the twin would still be in the West Berlin area or not.  Any help or

advice would be greatly appreciated.




B-Father ISO Adoptees Twin Boys


I am helping my father search for Twin Boys born approx Jan 1962 in Germany (Meinz?) Their mothers name is Monica & her parents owned a pub in Meinz. My father was in the Vietnam war stationed in Germany, his name is Johnny Ray Albin. He last saw the babies when approx 4-5 months old in May 1962. Their names at the time (hopefully not changed later) were Tommy and Johnny. They were unable to get married because of something to do with the Army??? My father was from Texas at the time, now a long time Missouri resident. Don't know if b-mother kept babies or later maybe gave them up. If anything sound familiar or anyone knows how I can search in Germany, please email me at - My father has been searching for years & now has 4 daughters age 18 to 36, has always missed his sons Contact me at




B-Family ISO Adoptees Twin + 1 or Triplet Brothers

DOB----1969 & 1970

MIAMI FL - ISO Twin +1 or Triplet Brothers:  5 birth brothers put up for adoption around 1979.  Oldest 2 kept together & adopted by Sherwood Lee Leshaw (Anthony Terry born approx 1969 (name changed to Scott Leshaw) & Roy Terry born approx 1970 (name changed to Seth Leshaw)).  3 younger brothers adopted together (they were around 3 or 4 yrs old at the time).  Do not know for sure is they were triplets or twins & 1 brother about a year different in age.  They were born: Michael, Roger, & Joseph Terry.  They may have been adopted by Davenport.

Please contact PJ at   with ANY information


B-Family ISO Adoptee Twin


Im looking for a twin seperated from birth on june 6th 1960.My sister has a brother or sister born at baltimore maryland hospital.This was during the "black market".My parents never recieved a hospital bill and never saw the second child after sister has brown hair and green eyes and is about 5 ft. 3 " tall.Her name is Deborah.Her maiden name is Burchett .She is one of 9 children.    If you have any information that may help in my search please e-mail me at

Our mother is now 71 and lives in northern ohio with the rest of our family


B-Sibling ISO Twins Adoptee’s Both Male

DOB-----Between 1961 & 1963

I am searching for twin red headed boys born between the year 1961-63 in the panhandle of Florida or possibly Texas to a woman named Willie Hazel Whitmore or maybe using her maiden name of Thweatt.  My mother passed away 3 years ago and it was a family secret my uncle told me about the twins.Contact me at


B-Sibling ISO Twins,Adoptees Both Male


My name is Daniel I am looking for my twin brothers they were put up for adoption.  Birthnames were Larry and Gerry Spencer, born in Nyssa, Oregon on October 2, 1966 at 6:00 (approximatley) in the morning.  I am thier oldest brother and remember the last day I saw them, I was only five  years of age, the images have haunted me, my entire life.  If anyone knows anything please, e-mail me for contact information.  E-Mail:


Twin ISO   her Adoptee Twin Female


I am looking for my twin sister. I was the first twin born We were separated at birth to three months.

I was Born in Baltimore Maryland, Mercy hospital. 7-12-68, I have a birth certificate with some info

 Please email me at


B-Siblings ISO Adopted Set of African American Twins

DOB----Around 09-1967

We are the birth siblings seaching for a set of AFRICAN AMERICAN twins born in ROCHESTER, NEW YORK around 9/1967.  We know for sure one twin is a girl.  We are not sure of the other.  The twins were surrendered in 12/1967.  The adoption was handled by Monroe County Dept. of Social Services.  The birth siblings are registered with the NYS Dept. of Health Adoption & Medical Information Registry.  Your last names at birth was FULTON.  If anyone has any information abourt these twins please email me at

.God Bless.


B-Family ISO Adoptees Twins Male & Female        Found


We are searching for Todd Scott and Lauri Ann CUTLER(birthnames) They were born October 9,1967. In Middletown New York, to Donald and Kay Cutler. Kay passed away in 1970, of cancer. The twins have four other siblings. The oldest two were placed with family members, and other four were adopted.Todd and Lauri due to their young age were placed in foster care, and later adopted,Probably in late 1970 or early 71.The oldest four siblings are happily united. The babies Todd and Lauri are still missing. This search has carried on 20+ years, started and lead by the only other sister, Lanore.We have pictures of the twins up till about age 3, and also a few of them with foster family, after that we can find nothing. The grand parents were promised that Todd and Lauri would remain together, through searching it seems very possible that was a falsehood. The adoption was handled by Child Services of Goshen New York, Orange County. Atty, Norman Shapiro was lawyer for the grand parents(unclear what if any roll he played in adoption). The twins are much loved(now by an entire world wide web), and sorely missed. The oldest sister Lanore helped care for her younger siblings during mom's illness, and felt like a piece of her was taken, she lost not only her mom, but her bro's and sister.Please contact


B-Sibling ISO Adoptees Twin Boys


im a sibling searching for twins boys born in knobnoster mo at whitemans airforce base , born on 2-4-61 taken in pueblo colorado in  1962 while i was being born  they lived in the coronado hotel ,they also have  2 other brothers taken at the same time  looking for   JERRY LEE AND TERRY DEAN STIMEL  OR  IT HAS BEEN SPELLED AS STEIMEL ON WELFARE PAPERS   , dependency hearing on april 7 1964  , i believe they were in foster care or  some other service  til than Contact me at



Twin ISO her Adopted Twin


I am looking for my twin sister. I was the first twin born We were separated at birth to three months.

I was Born in Baltimore Maryland, Mercy hospital. 7-12-68, I have a birth certificate with some info

 Please email me at


B-Twin ISO  His Adopted Twin

DOB----07-02-1962-& 07-02-1963

This young man is searching for his male twin
They were separated at birth.He has 2 birth certificates DOB
7-2-1963 7-2-1962
They were born in Tulare county in CA.
Contact me at


B-Mother ISO African American twin daughters.


My name is Betty Owens.  I was born in Troy, Alabama and raised in Belle Glade, Florida.  I am searching for twin daughters born on Saturday 5/27/67 in New York City General Hospital.  I was told by the social worker they were adopted by a family who lived in Long Island or Jamaica, New York.  They were named Sonya and Tonya Denise Owens.Contact me at



B-Family ISO Adoptees Twin + 1 or Twin Brothers

DOB-----1970  & 1969

MIAMI FL - ISO Twin +1 or Triplet Brothers:  5 birth brothers put up for adoption around 1979.  Oldest 2 kept together & adopted by Sherwood Lee Leshaw (Anthony Terry born approx 1969 (name changed to Scott Leshaw) & Roy Terry born approx 1970 (name changed to Seth Leshaw)).  3 younger brothers adopted together (they were around 3 or 4 yrs old at the time).  Do not know for sure is they were triplets or twins & 1 brother about a year different in age.  They were born: Michael, Roger, & Joseph Terry.  They may have been adopted by Davenport.

Please contact PJ at


B-Father ISO Twins Adoptees Both Female


I am a birth father who just recently found out about twin girls that were

mine and put up for adoption shortly after birth. Their birth mother (who is

a wonderful person) kept this from me for all these years and by an

incredible coincidence revealed it to me a week ago. I am desperate to find

these girls so I can know that they are okay. Any help you can offer would

be greatly appreciated     Contact me at


B-Sibling ISO   Adopted Twins both Male

DOB----1971 – 72  OR 73

I am searching for my bbrothers.  They were born sometime in 71-72-73.  Names at birth:  Jimmy and Joey Applegarth.

their last name could have been  Sater or Soter.  Father could be Joe Sater-Soter

  They were adopted in MO.  bmom's name is Alta Alberta Applegarth (Ochsenbein).  Father is David Emmett Applegarth.  They were a ward of Shannon county.  Probley adopted thought Dent County Division of Family Services in Salem, MO.Contact me at


Male Adoptee ISO Adoptees Twins Male & Female

DOB----Between 1974 & 1975

Searching for twins born Conard and Coleta Lewis to a Susan Lewis. Born between 1974 and 1975. You had 4 older siblings, and one younger. In order, Angela, Carolyn, Coveta, (myself, Clyde) Conard, Coleta, and Creston.We were all taken away from our mom around 1977 or 78, in Arkansas. I was told you were adopted together. If this sounds familiar, please contact me


Twin ISO her Adopted Twin


I am a twin in search of my twin who was given up for adoption at birth...

DOB 9/2/76

Lincoln, Illinois


Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital

Skelton is the birth last name

im not sure if my twin was a boy or a girl.

Contact me at


B-Mom ISO Twin Boys               FOUND 03-13-2002


Twin boys born 6/23/74  Wayne General Hospital, Wayne NJ. Birth mom Karen

Foster.Hospital records indicate identical twins. Boys names are Scott & Mattheu

 Adoption thru Catholic Charities in Newark NJ.

Contact me at




B-Sibling  ISO  Adopted Twins  Both Males


my name is seth jennings and i am looking for my

brothers. They are identical twins. They were born in

pueblo, colorado on july 10,1980. They were put up for

adoption sometime in 1984. There names were Justin and

Will Jennings. They both have Type 1 Diabetes. They

were adopted by a Type 1 diabetes specialist by the

name of john, he was maried at the time. They lived in

Idaho for a few years. Then moved out east, I think.

My email adress is