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Adoptee’s  Twin Males ISO B-Family


We are searching for the birthmom of my daughter's Dad and Uncle.  They are identical twins born 08-10-1948 in Everett, Wa.  The Mothers name on the birth certificate was Ellen L. Bassett and the boys names at birth were Marcus and Michael Bassett, later changed by the adoptive parents to Roy and Ray Edinger.  They were adopted by a Centralia, Wa. couple, Lawrence and Donna Edinger.  We believe the Mother would be about 76 years old and may still be living in the Lewis County, Washington area but her name is probably no longer Bassett.Contact me at


Adoptee Male Twin  ISO B-Family


I am doing this search on behalf of my father who had cancer and has

 asked me o do this for him.

cancer and has asked me to this for him.

 He is the adoptee, along with his twin sister.

 Names: Stephen Lee McClelland and Linda Lou McClelland(However a search angel tells me the records say 'Brown' for a last name.

 Adoptive mother is: Erma Lou (Brown) McClelland He was  Born in LosAngeles, California on 03-01-45.but not placed with adoptive mother til 47.there is a other full sibling (2 years older) we are ISO or any birthfamily for that matter....Contact me at


Adoptee Twin ISO Her Adopted  Female  B-Twin &Any B-Family


I was born in East Germany on Feb. 27, 1954. I know very little about my

family of origin. This is what I have heard. I was one of TEN children.

Some or all of us were smuggled over the Iron Curtain and put up for

adoption after the War. I was adopted from a Heidelberg orphanage as an

infant. I was adopted by a wonderful American family that I love very

much. But somewhere out there are some wonderful people that I want to

meet very much. I want to know what has happened to each of them, what

their lives are like, what their families are like. I want to be able to

love them like the brothers and sisters that they are

So much searching. So little progress in what I have done. But I now have

some information indicating that I may have a twin! I learn this after 48

years! If you are a German-born female adoptee with the birthday of

Feb.27, 1954, and you were born in Goeppingen, Germany please contact me;

(or if you know someone who is, please encourage them to contact me).

Your sister needs you! I believe I am coming to realize what is missing

from an empty hole in my heart. It is you!

I have heard that the last name of my birth father was Becker. I believe

that my birth city is Goeppingen. Please contact me at




Adoptee Twin female ISO My twin & any B--- Family


My name is Ellen Magod Hill. I was born in Newark, NJ on 7/28/59 & put up for adoption. I have recently been given  reason to believe that I was part of a pair of twin baby girls.It would explain alot of things that have been happening lately.  I don't know if both of us were put up for adoption or whether it was just me that was adopted out. I'm pretty sure that  I was born at  Beth Israel Hospital in Newark, NJ. The doctor who delivered me was Andrew Silverman & the lawyer who handled the private adoption was Louis N. Goldman. I've been looking for any members of my birthfamily for almost 14 years now. If anyone has any info please contact me via e-mail. Thanks.


Adoptee Twin Males ISO B-Family


Twin Boys, DOB 1-6-1955, Albany NY
Adopted together at 23 months of age
Adoption handled by the NY Department of Social Services
Not sure where we were from Birth until 23 months of age
 Mom was divorced and had another son, approximately 9 years of age when we were born.  Our 1/2 brother knew of the babies and wanted to see us but never did.  Mom was hesitant to surrender and said she'd regret it all of her life.
 Dad was not involved.  He was German, 6"1 dark hair, blue eyes. He was 30 yrs of age.
 Mom worked as a coporate employee and had 2 years college.  She was 30/31 at time we were born.Contact me at


Adoptee Male Twins ISO B-Family


Albany NY

 Adoption Agency:  NY Department of Social Services

Mom was :  31 yrs. of age

Dad was:  30 yrs of age and never involved.  Dad was of German decent

Mom was divorced and had a 9 year old son at time we were born.  He knew of us and wanted to see the babies but never did.

Mom was hesitant to surrender us and stated she'd regret it for the rest of her life.

 We were adopted together at 23 months old. 

 I would like to find my biological mom (now age 78) and 1/2 brother, now approx age 57

 replies to email:



Adoptee Female Twin ISO Her Adopted Twin Sister


I was born in Cleveland, OH 08/27/55, 8:38 p.m., to Marilyn King and Douglas Burgett, unmarried.  Marilyn stayed at Loretta Hall Maternity Home the last few weeks of her pregnancy.  I was placed in DePaul Infant home after birth.   I was with a foster family by the name of Hignett.     She was still in high school and he was in the service.  I contacted my BM in 1982, wrote a few letters and talked to her only once.  I met my BF in 1985 when he was living in Angola, Indiana with his third wife.   He told me that I have an identical twin sister, Mary Ann Swogger (Swagger, not sure of spelling), this would be her married name.   My BF told me that the twin visited my BM when she was living in Connecticut.  When I asked her if I have a twin, she was evasive, stating only that she never lived in Connecticut.  She went to Ohio University, became a doctor and married a doctor.   Her adoptive parents he said were killed in a car accident.  His family believes he so desperately regretted not being able to ever see me that he made up a story about meeting his daughter (in early '80s), that when I came into the picture, he told me that I had a twin to 'save face' with his family.   Two different times people were sure they had seen me before when they hadn't, said they had seen someone who looked 'just like me'.   I have not been able to confirm any of this information.   I was adopted at 2 1/2 months through St. Ann's Foundation.  I was born with congenital heart defect, a blue baby at birth  Contact me at


Twin Sister ISO Her Twin Female


ISO twin sister, born in Maine, my DOB is July 31, 1956, born 4 minutes before midnight (so she may be August 1st, 1956).  I saw her a couple of times in the early 70's, then I moved away til the 90s.  When I returned she was still living there, because people kept mistaking me for her; however, I never managed to make contact with her.  I have moved away since, but want to find her.




Twins Adoptees Females ISO B-Parents & Family


March 27, 1953, girl twins born in New York City named Christine and Michelle Cahill at birth

 given up for adoption the same year.  I am looking for birth parents. 

Contact me at

E-mail address:







 Twins  both males Adoptees ISO B-Family


 I would like to post for two friends of mine who were adopted in Youngstown Ohio in the mid 1960s. Their names are now Mike and Dennis Brubaker. They were born September 1962. They were with their biological parents until about the age of 3 or 4. They aren't sure if their first names were always Mike and Dennis or if the adopted parents changed their names. They were once told that their biological name was Bespreati or Bespriadi?? Not sure of the spelling. Their adopted parents passed away in the 1980s and they now have no one to get further information from.Contact me at


Adoptee Male May be a Twin ISO B-Family


I've been trying to help my boyfriend find his birthmother and possible identical twin brother.  Brian was born on 1/30/67 in Indianapolis IN.  He was adopted by the Sue Emma Coleman Agentcy.  His adoptive parents received him when he was five days old, and very sick.  Adoptive mother took him to her doctor where she was told that he was approx. six wks. premature.  One year later, they went in front of the judge to have the adoption finalized.  To my understanding of all this, there was a whole group of people having their adoptions finalized on the same day.  After they left the courthouse, everyone attended a luncheon where baby pictures were passed around.  A picture was passed to Brian's adoptive mother, and I guess she had said something along the lines of "I don't remember ever putting those clothes on Brian."  I guess the whole table got very quiet, and the luncheon was abruptly ended.  The Agentcy denies ever seperating twins and got down right rude about this when Brian questioned them.  It is to our understanding that the other set of parents lived in Vinncenes, IN. We desperately need to know the truth behind this mystery.  The only description of the birth mother that we have is that she had red hair and was approx. 13-maybe 15 yrs. old.    Contact me at


Adoptees Twin Girls ISO B-Family


twin girl born in alaska may 1967.searching for any family.anchorage community hospital, have alot of info.

Contact me at



Adoptee Male Twin ISO His Adopted Twin


I am looking for my birth sibling, twin brothers born around 1965.  Birth place in Northern California around Marin area.  Birthmothers name is Ann (Anne) Tenbrock and Birthfathers name is Harold Murray, Jr.  B-Mother is white and B-Father is black Contact me at


Adopted Twin Girls ISO B-Family

DOB----05-31-1960  ?







Adoptee Male Twin ISO B-Mother

DOB---07-25-  1965

My name is Danny. That is my adopted. Iam the younger of a set of twins born in July ,25, 1965 in Houston, Texas at St. Joseph's Hospital. We are fraternal and were adopted through the Catholic Charities. Iam not sure if the date is changed in Texas on the birth certificate. Mine says the 25th. Our birthmother delivered us at 7:10 am and 7:40am. We were 30 minutes apart   . We were born at 7:10 and 7:40am at St. Joseph's Hospital in Houston, Tx. We were born 30 minutes apart, my brother being born first and the smaller of the two of us. We are Polish and Swedish and both blonde. He has hazel/green eyes and I have dark blue..Contact me at


Adoptees Male Twins ISO B-Family


Male twins, born 2-12-68, in Victory Memorial Hospital, Brooklyn, NY.  Named David and Raymond to birth mother named Pfrangle.  First name not listed; father not listed.  Mother was said to be 23 yo at the time and on her own due to her mother dying and father remarried to another woman she did not get along with.  Adoption was handled by Nassau County Department of Social Services in May of 1969.  Seeking medical info and possible relationship with birth mother/family.   Email at:


Adoptees Faternal Twins ISO B-Family


We were born 12/24/1968 at Holyname hospital teaneck nj.  Our birthmothers name is Elizabeth. She was 28 then and had 5 children who were aware of us.  We were adopted through the Sister mary eugene foundation. Elizabeth was not married to our birth father. HIs name is Vincent. Contact us at




Adoptee Twin Male ISO B-Family


My name is Jonathan, and I am an adopted twin. My identical twin brother and I were born on November 7, 1978 at Tuomey Hospital in Sumter, South Carolina. We stayed in the hospital for several weeks due to premature birth, and were then entered into the foster care system where we stayed until June 6, 1979.I know that some of my birth family is from Turkey What is listed above is all that I know of my birth. As I grow older, and begin to make life choices, a part of me NEEDS to know where I came from. I love my adopted family VERY much- but there is still something missing Contact me at


Adoptees Twin Sisters ISO B-Mother


My twin sister and I are looking for our birth mother.  We were born in Akron, Ohio on January 16th, 1971 at 5:13 & 5:17 a.m..  We were born at Akron General and were adopted 3 weeks later through the county Family Services.  Our birth names were Karen & Kathy and we don't know what the last name was.  We know we are of Scandinavian descent.  If anyone knows of any information please email me at


Twin Girls ISO B-Mother


I am helping two young women search for someone special.

These twin girls were born in Trenton, N. J. on Dec. 9, 1977.

Their Mom was 15 at the time.

The girls were adopted through the Bergen County Court. I estimate that the Magnuson I am searching for was born in 1961 or 1962. She certainly was brave to go through a pregnancy at such a young age, and to even deliver two babies at that. I am looking for anyone who can help me reunite her with the girls. She may have been living in the home for unwed mothers in Trenton at time of delivery.  She may have been one half Swedish, and one half Norwegian.

Please feel free to forward this message to anyone who may know of her. Contact me at


Twin Boys ISO B-Mother




I D Twin Male ISO B-Family


We just found some information about my husband's birthmom and we desperately need his medical history.  My husband is an identical twin and he was born in Phoenix AZ on 6-30-70.  They were born at Phoenix Baptist and we know his biological last name was Thompson.  The adoption was complete sometime in 72 but this is all the information we were provided.  We suspect she was L.D.S. because we think she requested a mormon family adopt the boys.  Please contact us.  Our email address is




Adoptee’s Twin Girls ISO B-Family


Twin girls born 11-27-80 in Houston, Texas.  We were adopted through Edna Gladney.  Twin A was 6lbs, Twin B was4lbs 5oz.  Non ID says our mother was 17, in high school, and may have wanted to be a teacher.  Father was 19, a contstruction worker, liked reading.  We are desperatly trying to find our family.  We both have sons now, and have both had cancer scares, we want to makes sure our sons will be okay.Contact us at


Adoptees Twins ISO B-Family


My name is Abigail Grace Snyder. My original middle name I think was Ann. I also have a twin sister ( Angela) who was adopted with me. I believe I have a brother who was adopted. I think I also have another sister/brother who was not given up for adoption. I live near Harrisburg PA (i think i was born around Mechanisburg PA )

If anyone has any information please contact me at




                              Searching for Twins &Triplets



B-Twin ISO Her Adopted Twin


Born In Lincoln . Nebraska

Hospital Born    Bryan Memorial

Dr. Robert E Mooris

B-Moms Name---- Carabelle Fern Kreps

B-Father Name ---Paul Lesley Henry

Parents were married and keep me and gave my twin up

My twin could have been black market

Contact me at





B-Sibling ISO Twins One Female & One Male

DOB----1959  OR  1960

I am searching for my twin brother and sister, africian american decent.  They were born in Brockton, MA at Brockton Hospital.  The year we think is 59 or 60's.  My mother's name was Irma Houston.  There are no birth nor death records of this.  My father says that the doctor  told he and my mother they had died.  And that the hospital would take care of everything.  My grandmother is still living and also verifies that they were born, but doesn't know what could have happened to them.  Also, my mom saw them briefly alive, but they told my dad  he could not see them.

I tried Brockton's city hall and they did look very strangely at me after they searched the records.  They just said we wish we could help, but we can't.  I know my brother and sister are out there somewhere.Contact me at


B-Sister ISO Adoptee Twin  Boys


I am searching for my moms twin brothers who were adopted out. They were born in Salem New Jersey on November 20, 1954 there names at birth were Gary and Gregory Kirby. They were adopted out in Philadelphia PA in 1956 when they were 16 months old. Birth mothers name was Margaret Gallagher and Birth Fathers name was Leonard Kirby.

my e-mail address


B-Sister ISO Adoptees Twins  one female one male


Born prior to 1957; thought it was Denver, found out it was Altoona, PA; fathers name Paul Daughenbaugh, mothers (maiden ?) name Betty Guido (spelling?); adopted by a preacher possibly; I would be their sister.Contact me at


B-Brother ISO Twins Adoptees Both Male

DOB----First  half of April 1956 ?

The twins were born to Mary Margaret Price on 4/14/1956 in Moore Co., North Carolina.  Their birth names were Francis and Joseph Price and their place of birth was listed as McNeil Twsp. which is near Southern Pines, North Carolina.

   Family rumor says they were adopted by a Doctor, but of course, that may have been made up.  My mother-in-law, the birthmother, is deceased, but we would welcome them into the family.  Their father was a soldier at Ft. Bragg.  Contact me at






B-Sibling ISO Adoptee’s Twin Brothers

DOB----Around 1965

Birth place in Northern California around Marin area.

Birth mothers name is Ann ( Anne )  Tenbrock and Birth Fathers name is

Harold Murray JR ,Birth mother is white and birth father is black

Contact me at



B-Sister ISO Twin Siblings Boy & Girl

I am in search of my siblings, twins, one boy & one girl.  They were born in 1964 premature but were not adopted until before their second birthday.
Our mother was an unwed teenager and was forced to give them up, since they were already raising me.  I would love to find them.  I've always felt a void in my heart knowing they're out there somewhere.  I have further information I can share if we find the right match.Contact me at


B-Mom ISO Adoptee’s Twin Girls

DOB----05-30-1967                          FOUND
twin girls DOB is May 30, 1967. They were born in Long Island NY. Named Sonia Denise and Tonya Denise at birth.    Contact me at   e-mail address is         



B-Sibling ISO Adoptee’s Twins Girls

DOB,S-------05-06-1964                           FOUND  2004

Twin girls born 5/6/64 in Lakawana, NY at the OLV/Father Bakers home.  Discharged 5/18/64, but not sure to where.

Birth middle names for both twins was Anne and last name at birth was Flanegan.  The birth mothers first name was Gail.

I was told that they were either not adopted until 7 weeks or 7 months  I need to find them, for me!!  Kind of a selfish reason but I need to think of myself for a change.

If you need any other information please contact me at



B-Twin ISO Adoptee Twin




B-Father ISO Triplets


Father in Brooklyn looking for triplets. Born Brooklyn, N.Y. 7/23/66.  Daysi, Denise & Edwin Rivera were in foster care and later adopted by Maria & Alcide Cruz  around age 5.  Moved to Chicago, Ill. and then either to Fla. or P.R.  Adoptive parents believed deceased Contact me at


B-Father ISO---Adoptee Twins Both Male  ( Fraternal Twins )

DOB----05-27-1967                                       FOUND TWINS

I am a biological father searching for fraternal twin boys born May 27, l967 in a suburb of Philadelphia.  The hospital may have been Rolling Hills...but I'm not certain.  Their birth mother's name was Geralyn Valentine Williams Velutini.  She had two daughters by previous marriages...Robin Williams and Lisa Velutini.  These boys were put up for adoption through a husband and wife attorney.  Supposedly, the boys were kept together.  That's not known for certain either.  I don't know what their names would be, nor do I know the name of the adopting family. Contact me at


B-Family ISO Set Of Twins African American  Male & Female

DOB----Latter Part Of 1967

My name is Prudence  searching for a set of of african american m/f twins born in rochester, ny the latter part of 1967.  Dr. Floyd Bratt at Highland Hospital delivered them.Contact me at



B-Aunt ISO Set Of Twins Both Female


I am looking for my twin nieces.They were adopted in 1966,I think.Mothers name Penny Peck.Twins names at birth,Ronda May,Amanda Kay.Brown hair and Eyes.One of them was born with a hurnia.Should be slender framed.Been looking for those sweeties all these years.Born in Lansing,Michigan.Don't remember what hospital.She was on welfare at that time.Kept the babies for 6 weeks.  Aunt Evie Contact me at


B-Mother & Family ISO  Twins 


 I'm searching for my twin cousin's they we're born on 9/24/69 at grady memorial hospital in Atlanta,GA. Their  mother asked me to search for them. Her name is Peggy Ann Williams. They also have a youger brother. His name is Timothy Eugene Williams. The twins birth names we're michael and mitchell. I know that she was made to give them up. I'm not sure of the details. But she can tell you more when we find you two. You both are loved and missed!!  We would all really love to meet you both. My name is Jennifer Williams. We think a caseworker by the name of mrs.whittaker came and picked you both up and brought you back to stephens county,toccoa,georgia. Your fathers last name was Sellars.

My email is





B-Family ISO Adoptees Fraternal Twins Both Female

DOB----12- ?- 1965

I am looking for my sisters.  They were fraternal twins born in OR in December 1965.  The adoption was done through Children's Home Society.  My mom's last name is Davis and she wont tell me anything about the father.  I have a hole in my heart that I would love to fill.  I grew up with a very unloving brother and always wished I had a sister.  I know I do, I have 2!  I would love to find them, not to disrupt their lives just to know who they are and that they are OK and let them know that they have several nieces and nephews  Contact me at





B-Mom ISO Adoptees Twins Faternal Male & Female


Birth Mom Searching For Faternal Male & Female Twin:       FOUND TWINS

DOB: July 30, 1978

Time of Birth: (male) 6:21 pm & (female) 6:12 pm

Given Birth Names: Jason Lee & Heidi Lynn

Birth Weights: (male) 5lbs 9oz's & (female) 4lbs 81/2oz's

Born at: West Allis Memorial Hospital, West Allis, Wisconsin 53227

Contact me at:


B-Family ISO  Adoptee  Twin Boys


I am looking for my deceased sister's twin boys born 5-14-76 at Cedars of Lebanon Health Center in Miami, Florida.  Mothers maiden name Edra Goldberg.Contact me at


B-Family ISO Adoptee Twin Girls

DOB------06-28-1970          FOUND  02-22-06

I have twim aunts that were born June 28, 1970 at Tyler Memorial Hospital in Tunkhannock, Pa. Their birth names were Karen Ann  and Kathy Jo Myers. Their birthmothers name was Joyce Myers, and the Birthfathers name was George Baird. We dont know if the birthnames of the girls were kept or not. The adoption was through The Friendship House in Scranton, Pa. The caseworkers name was Miss Warburton. My grandmother has been trying to locate the girls for years, with no success. So I am going to give it a try. Any Information please email me at or


B-Sibling ISO Adoptee Twins One Female & One  Male

DOB-----Between 1961 & 1966

I am looking for my half siblings, a boy and girl, born between the years of
1961-1966, my dad had an affair with our baby sitter, and I understand she
had the twins.  My dad is gone now, but my brothers, sister and I would sure
love to find them.  We have a loving family and would like to share that
with our siblings.  They lived in Snohomish, Washington State at the time, I
think in a town called Cathcart.  My dads name was Robert, hope this
information helps.  If you have any information, email me at


B-Sibling ISO Adoptee Male Twin


name is anita gomez. i am searching for my brother he was born March 10, 1979 at jackson Memorial Hospitol in Miami Florida. My mother gave birth to him and his twin sister and they were both alive and then they told her 5 hours later that he had passed away but she believes that he is alive. a couple that also gave birth to a son in the roon next to her had a steile born baby boy and he was pronounced dead and when they left the hospitol they had a baby with them. She never seen him after she gave birth to him.Never recieved a birth/death certificate..We have been searching for 24 years and still have no info. she believes that he is still alive..My email address is


B-Twin ISO Adoptee Twin


My mom is positive that she gave birth to twins on Dec 11, 1977 at Fort Hood, Texas.  None of the doctors or nurses will give her any further information.  She had an ultrasound at 8 months that showed a boy and a girl.  She was knocked out after that and then the next day was just bought me, Richard Lee Wallace.  They told her that I somehow absorbed the other twin in the eighth month.  We don't believe that though.  Please send any information that you can get.  My e-mail address is


B-Siblings ISO  a Set of Twins One Female & One Male


birth sibling in search of twin boy and girl . birthday is 08/29/72. they were born in paragould arkansaw and it was a private me at


B-Family ISO Adoptees Twin Brothers


My Name: is Colleen

ISO twin brothers born on 8/11/1970 who were born in Florida and placed up for adoption through Catholic Social Services in Wayne County, Michigan.  Their adoptive parents also adopted a girl in 1968.  Their adoptive parents birthdates are1934 (father) and 1937 (mother)   Their biological mother's name is Kathleen T. (1941) and the father's first name is Richard ..??  Just want them to know that they have a half brother and sister (and biological mother) who would love to meet them!Contact me at




B-Mother ISO Adoptees Twin Boys


Twin boys born in Moncton, New Brunswick in 1982.  Adopted by couple who moved to St. John.  Birth mother searching.  Birth surname:  Horsman or Chamberlain,Contact me at