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 Twin Adoptee Female B-Family


I am helping my mother-in-law try to find her

birth parents.  She (and twin brother) was

born March 10, 1948 In Arizona.  Her mother

Bonnie J. D. (born in TX) was 21 at the time

of birth, Father Billy J. B. (born in OK) was

22 at the time of her birth. 

I Have more information

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 Adoptee Twin Female ISO  HER Adoptee Twins Sister

DOB,S------07- LATE 1950,s

searching for twin sister kathy miller?  we were born muskingum county,
zanesville, ohio to a family in the shawnee ohio area.  adopted as babies by
miller family?  mother worked at lancaster hospital from 1963 to 2002?  she
was located back in the radiology dept. or near to it.  she told me my name
was beth.  my adopted name is patricia ann mckinley.  recently discovered
that the birthdate i thought was mine is not.  believe my real one is july
in the late 50's.  i was adopted again by another family due to inherited
health problems.  my reason for seeking family is to gather family medical
history on parent of native american ancestry.  believe this may be our
mother.  kathy attended another fairfield county school at the same time i
attended berne union where i graduated in 1977.  a boy at canal winchester
thought i was her, said she did not play an instrument, was not in the band,
did not have an accent.  she would be about 5'2", in her 40's, brown hair
and green eyes if they are like mine.  she looks identical to myself and our
friends have come across the other of us for many years.  i was introduced
to her in 73, told of her existence by another and shown the evidence but
home life was violent and they didn't want me to ever know i'd been adopted
let alone that i had a twin.  it's very important that i locate my family
for medical information but would love to meet and get to know them now that
i'm closer to understanding all there has been to my adoption saga.  it's a
very strange story but suffice it to say i've only known for about 5 years,
for sure, that i was in fact adopted at an early age.  mom passed away last
april and dad is 79, so neither will be a problem to our meeting.  i've not
had anything to do with dad for over 10 years.  only did with mom last year
as she was dying.  prior to that i had not visited with her for abotu 10
years.  please contact if you know this person or know of her.
my contact information is






 Adoptees Both Female ISO B-Family


Searching for Birth Family  DOB 5-31-60 in Tucson,

 Arizona Adopted by family in the Air Force stationed

at Davis Mothan AFB around 15 months of age. 

Believe we were in foster care until adoption.

 Our names were Darlene and Marlene. 

 Searching for any birth family. 

 Please contact me at


 Adoptees ID Twins Female ISO B-Family


We were born in Heilbronn Germany Sept 5 – 1967. We are

 female,identical and still together.We were named Regina and

 Susanna at birth.Last name unknown,we are looking for any

of our birth family,problay still in Germany.We know we have

siblings,we were placed in orphanage and then adopted at 2 ½

 by an American man

And  his Korean wife.Claude and Hyon Nam{ Kim } Weatherford

 both are deceased now.We were renamed Sharon and Karenat adoptionWe both live in Texas now.

 Adoption took place on March 13 1970, in Heilbronn a.N., Caecilienstraasse 51.

Mothers name is Mrs. Charlotte Marianne Lang nee Boehme born on December 1 1935 in Arnsdorf District

 of Heinichen, she is a German citizen, protestant, wife of Reinhold Lang, Carpenter, residing in Heilbronn Kernerstrasse 58.

It also says that  The legal guardian of the children is the City Youth office Heilbronn. The supervision of the

 guardianship is done by the Court of Chancery Heilbronn.

Our birth names: Regina Boehme and Susanne Boehme.


Contact us at


 Adoptee  ID Twin Males ISO B-Family


My daughter and I are helping my husband and his identical twin

 search for their birth family. They were born on January 19, 1966,

 in Seattle, WA King county.

They were born at Auburn General Hospital. Attending physician was

 Dr. Micheal Mahoney. Birth mother requested for them to be adopted together.

 The adopted family was from Oregon and moved to Colorado soon after their birth.

 Thank you Lynn and Danielle

 P.S. in search of medical history also

Contact us at



 Male Triplet ISO Any B-Family

Three boys born in January 1967 at Holy Name Hospital in Teaneck, NJ. We
were told our birth mother, seventeen at the time tried to keep us with the
help of her grandmother, and later put us up for adoption. The adoption was
through Childerns Aid and Family Services. Inc. in New Jersey. The adoption
took place around November 1967. Any information please email to









Twin Girls ISO B-Father

Colleen Marie and Christine Ann were

 born on 5/18/75 in So. Lake Tahoe,CA

 at Barton Memorial hospital to Donna Harrison.

 Fathers name is Pete Fowler. He was

 married at the time and should be around

 60 years old now. Any info on him,

please email me.


Adoptee Twin ISO B-Family


Surviving twin, iso bfamily, born June 9th 1972,

 at St. Anns hospital, Watertown South Dakota.

Birth mother Shelley Ann Gollnick, 20 years of

age at time of birth. Was 2lbs 4oz at birth.

 Birth father found 7months later to sign off on

 adoption in Colorado Springs Colorado.

 Was already married.

 Any info?







                                                                     B-Familys Searching


                                                           Adoptee Twins







 B-Twin ISO Adoptee.s Twins








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 B-Twin ISO Her Adoptee Twin


 I recently, this past two years, found out I was a twin at birth and the

 people who raised me as my parents were actually my grandparents.

 My mother, who I was raised to belive to be my sister, is 11 1/2 years

 older that I am. Apparently at birth they seperated my twin, who I believe

to be a boy from a picture I found, I was raised by my parents (grandparents)

 and did not know the truth until the death bed confession of the woman

 who raised me.

My birth mother is still alive, she was told my twin died at birth by these

'grandparents' but they also put their names on the birth certificate for me

as my parents. There were 'other births' by my birth mother which these

 grandparents either gave away or sold throughout the years. So in

 otherwords they lied alot.

I believe in my heart of hearts that my birth twin is out there probably sent

 to live in Indiana perhaps with 'friends of the family' who also perpetuated the secrets.

I supposedly was born in Lynwood California at St. Francis Hospital on

 March 13, 1947. My birth mother was Maudlyn Rahe   my real father was

 Marion Waldo   , The grandparents who raised me were Virginia Grace

 and Francis Carl Reynolds. They were from Indiana around the Indianapolis area.

 Any help you can give in letting anyone know looking for thier twin or

family that might be related is appreciated.    Penny 

Contact me at








 B-Family ISO Adoptee Triplets All Male,s


Searching for male triplets, birth names Jose A. Ramos

(middle name stands for different names), born on

 June 10, 1956 in New Haven, CT to Ofrecina Malave

 (birth mother) and Maximo Ramos Rivera (birth father). 

 Puerto Rican descent. Father presently lives in Naranjito,

 PR and is searching.

 I can be contacted at


  B-Sister ISO Adoptee,s Twin Brother,s

DOB-----1958 Or  1959

My name is Camille and l looking for my twin brothers.They were born /1958 or1959

,l don't know for sure what year it was.I heard that the birth mom went in under the

 adoptee mother name ,when she had these twin boys.l know for sure the twin were

 born at Brookdale Hospital,1 Brookdale plaza,Bklyn New York 11212-3198.I was told

 a lady name Connie Sovey help make the adoption happen,she also  had a sister

 name Nancy.l heard she knew the adoptee parents and l heard they could not 

 have any children and were very wealth . Your birth parent live right near Connie .

Your birth parents live on Voorhies Ave ,near Ave Z ,Bklyn New York.11235.l heard

in time your adoptee parents move to FL. Your birth mother name is Dorothy and your

 birth father name is Hank.Your birth mom is still living ,dad die 5 years ago with cancel.

We were told all our ,life that our twin brothers die ,you see you have 5 sister ,

which two of them are twin girls....My heart is so broken,l pray all the time

that our Lord put us all together ..amen









B-Sibling ISO 1 Adoptee Brother & Adoptee Twins M & F

Adoptee Male  DOB------06-02-1967

Twin Female  DOB-------04-11-1969

Twin Male DOB-----------04-12-1969  he was born right after midnight

my name is Jenny and i'v been trying to help my mother find her brothers and sister who were adopted.

She has a brother named Paul Daniel Garcia Born 06/02/1967 in Ventura County Hospital in Ventura

,California and Twins brother/sister names at birth were Joseph L.Garcia and Patricia A.Garcia.Patricia

 was born on04/11/1969 and Joseph was born 04/12/1969 right at midnight they were both born in

Ventura County Hospital Ventura,California.Birthmother Lupe Carmona Garcia\Birthfather was Tony

Garcia.My mother remembers hearing that the twins were adopted together by a couple that lived in

Camarillo or Moorpark California.Lupe was not around to sign adoption court papers for the twins so

 Lupe's sister Vivian  signed the adoption papers for the twins to be adopted.

Contact me at


 B-Sister ISO Adoptee Twins Both Female


I’m looking for my half-sisters. Twin Girls Born 09-12-1966  to 19 year

 old Female last name ASHTON  in Clark or Washoe county Nevada

(it was a C-Section birth). Was told they had strawberry blonde hair and

 blue eyes at birth. Names given to them by birth mother were Michelle

 and Melissa, don’t know if adoptive family kept names.  We both

 adopted out to same family( living in ELKO, NV at the time of adoption),

 with stipulation that they be told that they were adopted.  

I wondered about them my entire life so far.  Our mother was again a

 single parent when she had me…..and began the paperwork to adopt me out as well…

.  But my birth fell on a anniversary of sorts and our mother couldn’t go through with it

Contact me at



 B-Mom ISO Adoptee Twins Both Female


my name is mary, i'm helping my aunt try to find her
twin daughters who were born dec.28 1964  name on
birth certificate was mattie (shelton) brummett
husband name was william brummett. the girls were put
up by husband and my mother. her mother.she was in a
car wreck and wasn't suppose to live so they put them
up for adoption they were born at cincinnati general aunt was told they died but she has never
found a death certificate only a birth one.she lived
in the milford area when they were born. she never got
a chance to hold them or name them

Contact me at


 B-Family ISO Adoptee Twin Male


Female ISO male twin born 6-21-63 in Salem, Oh. May go by

 first name of John.I suspect there was some sort of heart condition

 and twin was placed in long Term facility.  Last name of Nowicki.

 In my search of birth records appears asThough mine may have been altered. 

An ad was placed in the Salem News of A man searching for family

which fit the description of ours. At the time I was Afraid to respond

. My friend who kept the ad has been ill and since misplaced the Ad from fall of 1995 I think.

Contact me at




 B-Twin ISO My ID Twin Sister


I am an identical twin searching for my identical twin sister.  My name is
Lori Jean Wyman.  We were born on December 18, 1960, at Abbott
Northwestern Hospital in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  My deceased mother's
 name was Heloise Moore Wyman.  She gave my sister up for adoption.  The
 father's name is Ronald  .  Her husband, now deceased, was named
 Sumner (Sam) H. Wyman.  A stepfather was also involved named Russell 
  My twin sister has had a lot of health problems.  She may have thyroid,
 sinus, hearing or brain disorders.  She may like to roller skate, sing,
 music or travel.  She may have chosen the medical, food, sales or
 secretarial professions.   I do have some pictures of her.
 If this sounds familiar to you or if you look like any of these pictures,
 please email me at






 B-Sibling ISO Adoptee Twin’s Both Male


Kyle Blake Lacey and Craig Blake Lacey were born on sept. 20th 1792 to

 Peggy Lou Gibson Lacey was married to my father Harold W Lacey the

 twins were not his children he was divorcing her at the time so he and

 Peggy signed then over to state of Louisiana Layeffette was were they

were hand over. Their real fathers name may be Robert  or Darrell no last

 name as we have just discovered that my older sister was adopted by

 my father 3 months after I was born My father is currently very ill and is

 trying to let us know some things but his speech and mind is not right

 we have found some papers to know that these are the facts and the

 only facts we have.

Contact me at


 B-Sibling ISO Adoptee Twins Both Male

DOB,s--------Late 1971  or 1972

IM looking for my twin brothers they were born either
late 1971 or in 1972, i was very young. some where on
the west coast area, oregon colorado california idaho
or montana...birth parents melissa  and robert
.very vague memory but i beleive mom went in a
building and came out alone i do not recall what kind
of building.....thank you dotty

Contact me at


 B-Mother ISO Adoptee Twin Girls

DOB----08-5 th or 6 th---1972





Contact me at


 B-Sister ISO Adoptee,s Twin Brother,s

DOB-------1971-72- or 73

B-Sibling ISO   Adopted Twins both Male
DOB----1971- 72 OR 73
I am searching for my b-brothers.  They were born

 sometime in 71-72-73.
Names at birth:  Jimmy and Joey Applegarth.
Their last name could have been  Sater or Soter. 

 Father could be Joe
 They were adopted in MO.  bmom's name is

Alta Alberta Applegarth
(Ochsenbein).  Father is David  .  They were

 a ward of
Shannon county.  Probley adopted thought

Dent County Division of Family
Services in Salem, MO

.Contact me at