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Adoptee Male ISO B-Family


I may be a twin. It is a long story but half of my

adoption records
were missing when I showed up at the Phila

. Arch Diocese adoption
agency with my sister 11 years ago.
Too many things point to the probability that

I am a twin.
I feel it too.
born: January 20, 1947
Philadelphia, PA
Red (now lighter) curly hair, blue

(sometimes green) eyes.

Contact me at†††† edcoyle@comcast.net


Adoptee Twins Male & Female ISO B-Family


Looking for family history.†††† Born in

California in a county hospital Both

given up for adotion. Birth name Magill

I belive. Twins seperated at adoption.

I think the birth mothers name is

Carolyn or similar. Need medical history.

Contact me atannasoeiro@cybermesa.com


Adoptee Twins M/F ISO Birth Family


My name is Stacey and I am hoping that you can help me. I am trying to help my

father locate his birth mother and older siblings. This is what we know:

twins boy and girl born on 09/13/1948 in Memorial Hospital Newton New Jersey.

birth mothers name is June Dietz

My grandparents had told us that she was a teenage mother. Now that

my grandparents have recently passed we are going thru the papers and

also talking with my great aunt and she said that June Dietz had other

children prior to my dad and his sister that she also gave up for adoption

. We did find the court documents and a private adoption paper that was

filled out and signed by June Dietz. My dad and aunts biological birth names

were Arthur Francis Dietz and Arline Faith Dietz. Attorney Carroll L Rutter filled

this adoption at the Montgomery County Court House in Norristown. It looks like

they where given to my grandparents on October 9, 1948 and the adoption was

finalized by the courts on July 13 1949. We would really like to find my

grandmother/his mother and his siblings for health reasons.

my e-mail address is doallmommy4@aol.com†††





Adoptee Twin Female ISO Her Adoptee Male Twin


ISO of Twin brother, born APRIL 28, 1959, (4-28-1959),

San Antonio,Texas, delivered at a local clinic by

Dr. Stubbs. Our adoption was arranged by

atty. Matt Garcia. Our birth certificates were issued

in 1960 so we know that is not the original but issued

when we were adopted. I have my original birth number

and my twin (I believe to be a brother) will have the

number immediately before or after me. There is no

mistaking American Indian heritage, long brown hair

(that is forever growing), brown eyes, high cheekbones

and high forehead. 

Please contact me at annahawke@aol.com with any information. 





Adoptee Twins ISO B-Family


I am a twin iso birth family. I have a twin brother, which

we were adopted together. I am searching for my birth

family. We were born in either Oak Ridge or Knoxville,

Tennessee in 1963. Birththday is 4-13-63. I don't really

know much about the adoption. About all I have is a

cancelled check dad wrote to adopte us. It was finalized

in Aug 1965. I have medical problems now, 3 heart

attACKS AND Angioplasty in 98. Would like to know

what medical problems I might face down the road.

Contact me at††† slaphappystick@yahoo.com


Adoptee Twins Both Female ISO B-Family


B.D. 12/11/68 Brooklyn Girl twins, Anne Anderson

and Kim Laurie Anderson to mother born 10/29/27

although my non i.d. seems to have many errors. 

Born at Wyckoff Heights Hospital.  Other siblings (6).

We were in foster care in Staten Island until adopted. 

Contact me at††† DebSerio@aol.com





Adoptee Twin Female ISO Her B-Twin

DOB,s --------01-10-1971

Requesting this on behalf of adoptee..

Adoptee: (........) (..........) Gebhardt

Born January 10, 1971 (not the international date of 10/1/71)

at St. pancras Hospital

London, England

Birth mother: Ms. Gebhardt

Adoptee is in belief that she is a twin for whatever reason.

.. she was adopted in London, England & eventually made

her way to the United States. She would love to meet her

birth sibling....

If you are out there . Please feel free to contact me:

nativeprid@aol.com and I will let her know you are

willing to be contacted....


Adoptee Twins M/F ISO B-Family


My name is Victoria. I have a twin brother named Bryan. We were born on

November 13, 1970, in Maywood, California.(That's what my revised Birth Certificate says.)

The Hospital name was Doctors Hospital. (Los Angeles County) My twin brother and I were

taken from my Biologcal Mother @ 2 months of age, as well as my 3 older siblings.

My oldest sister apparenltly stood with my Biological Grandmother(name unknown).

She was about 11 or 12 at the time.(?)My older brother and older sister were put up

for adoption as well, through the same adoption agency. They were about 2-3 years

older than my twin brother and I. My twin brother and I were placed in a foster home

in Los Angeles and we were seperated from our other siblings through this process.

My foster parents wanted to adopt us, but they were too old and we ended up in a

disfuctional home, and adopted at the age of 2 1/2, together. My adopted mother told

my twin brother and I that our Biological Mother was not able to take care of her children

due to drug use. I have no way of finding out any other information due to my adopted

mother's stubborness, and will not allow me to see my adoption records. My twin brother

and I are lost. For some reason the name Trinidad Vega keeps coming up in my adoped

mother's conversations with my twin brother. The foster parents that took care of my twin

brother and I used the names of.. Heather and Heath, for us. I have no idea if those were

our real names or not. I have no idea what our families names are, nor my parents names.

I was told that our parents were not married. There isn't a day that goes by that I wonder

if my parents and siblings think of my twin brother and I . We are 36 years old and my twin

brother has curly brown hair with bright blue eyes. He's about 5' 7", as for myself, I am 5'0"

I'm about 100 lbs.,straight blondish brown hair and I have big brown eyes. I'm assuming I look

like my Biological Mother. I do have health issues such as Graves Disease, History of Cevical

Cancer and Asthma. My twin brother was born first, by a couple of minutes.He was born at

3 or 4 pounds and I was born at 2 -3 pounds.We were apparently born as drug ingested babies.

 The Adoption agency told my adoptive sister that my twin and I have Irish, Cherokee Indian,

German and some strong Italian background in our bloodline. I currently have children and

I have no information to give them regarding they're family tree. I'd like to get some information

from anyone that knows anything about my life. I'm not happy and there is a void in my life.

I never met my family and yet I miss them sooo much. I'm not angry at anyone, but I would

love to meet my siblings and parents if they would allow that. My adopted Father passed away

2 years ago and my adoped mother is very uncooperative. Please help us find our family. It would

make our lives complete.Thank you. Any information please e-mail me at: stormy@rap.midco.net 


Adoptee Twins M/F ISO B-Family

Male and Female Bi-Racial twins.  Born June 10, 1972

in Detroit, Michigan.  Birth Mother is Polish/German decent.

Birth Father is African American.  We were adopted together.  

Please contact me at aud_nichols@yahoo.com



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B-Family ISO Adoptee Twinís both female

DOB-----EARLY 1930,S

Parents namesCarl Hodge & Mary Brown

Also could be Bill & Irma Hodge

Parents are fromDetroit Mich.

Contact me at†† linda_davis_29461@yahoo.com







B-Sibling ISO Adoptee Twin Brother


Looking for brother born Jan 16 1944

Pecks memorial Hospital Brooklyn

New York. Mothers name Ethel Holly and
fathers name James Joseph Holly. Nurse

told my Mom, oh
you are the one that had the twins. They

told her baby was dead when born but she

held and saw both babies. Nurse told my

Mom she name the baby John and baptized

it. She never got a death certificate. She

always believe the baby was sold or given

away. That the nurse figured she was at least

going home with one baby. The other baby

was also a boy, my dear brother Michael. We

would love to find John or whatever his name

now is. Please help us.
Thank you and God Bless you.    


Contact me at††† Walshdidi@aol.com


B-Family ISO Adoptee Male Twin


When my sister was born May 6th of 1948 my dad and

my mom was both told that they had a son. Then a few

hours later my dad was told no he had a girl, the boy

had died. He argued with the nurse but wasn't able to

see this "dead son". My mother said after she was told

that she was given more medication and was knocked

out. My sister's birth certificate stated single birth. The

nurse that attended to my mom, told her and a roommate

that she had had enough of what was going on at†† the

Hospital and she quit that day!  If anyone has information,

please email me at pho_57@yahoo.com





B-Twin Sister ISO Her Adoptee Twin Sister


Ann Arbor, Michingan.  I am searching for my twin sister.  We

were born December 6, 1953 at 5:00 PM at St. Joseph's Hospital

in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  Dr. Gotz delivered us.  Our birth mother's

name was Mirriam Lorraine Bye.  Our birth father's name is stated as

Edwin Thomas Bye (that's questionable).  My birth name was Donna

Jean Bye.  I don't know what my sister's birth name was.    We have

one older sister who passed away and two living older brothers; Chuck,

who lives in Michigan (66) and Phillip (64) who lives in Pennsylvania.

  We are the youngest of our mother's children (5).  Four of us were given

up for adoption due to our mother's inability to raise us (clinical depression).

    Chuck was raised by our mother's oldest sister.  I am now living in

Lincoln, Nebraska.  My name is Kristy . 

Please contact me via this E-Mail with any information.



B-Twin Female ISO Adoptee Twin Female


I am looking for my twin sister . We were born 12-05-1959 in Redmond Oregon. we were

separated at birth. I believe I have her baby records, Dew to the fact these records do not

fit me, because of  some of the medical problems I had at birth,  The baby on the records

did not have. We have a lot of Info: to much to go into. She may not know she is adopted

nor may she know she is a twin. It is looking more and more like a Black Market Adoption.

So their for her birth date could be different then mine. we both had low birth weight in the

4 lb range we are Irish, Dutch, Norwegian, Indian etc, descent. I am 4' and 4" tall small boned,

red hair gets browner as I get older. I take after my mother, she could do the same or she could

take after dad, who had dark brown hair. Their are 9 of us kids and we all look different

but the same. I really need to find her, my life is lost with out her, and my heart will never

mend tell I find her. Any leads of any kind would be grateful.

Please contact me @ littlrbit4702@peoplepc,com  Baby Girl Haughton.


B-Twin ISO Her Adoptee Twin Female


DOB is 8/12/55.  My mother told me she gave up

the wrong baby.  Almost my entire life I've been

told that I have a twin out in the world.  We both

worked at different Flower Shops in the 70's. 

Danced at the same club called Cassidy's in Hessville.

  Drove the same kind of car.  Later in my 40's I found

out that we both rode a Harley.  Seems that she and I

both had a flat tire on our bike at the same time. 

Once down in Nashville, IN I was at a biker bash

called Bean Blossom and I went by this leather booth

.  The lady at the both asked me If I forgot something.

  Seems as though my twin was at the booth just 5

minutes before I appeared.  I've never felt complete.

  So I look and wait.  We were born at St. Margaret's

Hospital in Hammond, IN.

Contact me at†† cbbhome@peoplepc.com




B-Mom ISO Twin Son's
City & State---Syracuse,NY
Contact me at††



B-Mother ISO Adoptee Twins M/F


They were born 1-5-76 and adopted around

Christmas of 1976. Atlanta, Georgia Is where the

adoption took place.  The grandmother gave

them up privately without the mother's knowledge.

  They were male-female twins and may not have

been actually adopted until early 1977. 

The mother still has the original birth certificates. 

Contact me at††† beckyrudisill1@bellsouth.net




B-Family ISO Set Of Twins M/F ?

DOB,s------Early 1970,s

ISO twins born in Fort Wayne, Indiana at Parkview

Memorial Hospital by Dr. Sidel in the early 1970ís.

I was told that your names were Michael & Michelle

and were adopted to a couple in Michigan that

could not have children. Could be boy/boy.

email: arlene@baxleystudios.com


B-Sister ISO1 Adoptee Brother & Twinís Both Male

DOB---- for twins ---02-15-1975


  Birth Mother is Marta basulto she was born in cuba.

   Their birthdates are: THERE IS NO FATHER NAME LISTED.

 2-15-1975 .. Names at adoption are Patrick and Raphael Basulto

6-23-1979       Juan Basulto They were given birth at St. Elizabeth Hospital, Elizabeth

New Jersey.40 North Avenue , Elizabeth, New Jersey 07208.

Contact me at††† guchuchi@yahoo.com






Birth Sibling ISO Twin Boy,s

DOB-----Between 1980 & 1983

I am a b-sibling searching for twin boys born in

Newport News, Virginia at Riverside Regional

Medical Center.  I believe they were born

sometime between 1980 and 1983 and were

adopted at birth.  At birth they were both given

the middle name Aaron and their b-mother's

last name was either Houston or Hooks at the

time.  I have heard that they were adopted

together into the Richmond or Charlottesville

area but all of these details are cloudy as

I am going off of information I am remembering

from childhood.  Please contact me with any

information or if you believe

you may be my brothers - awyatt2@ec.rr.com