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Adoptee Twins Both Female ISO B-Family


twins borne in old general hospital in knox county

knoxville,tn on 10/30/1949we were

told that B-mother was A-motherís sister Flossie

mae hunley,  The adoption papers say that our

names was changed.  I don't know my birth name

or that of my sister, we donít even know if Flossie

was our real mother.  If anyone know anything

about her or us please contact me. 










Adoptee Twin Females ISO B-Family


Twin girls born Feb. 26.1963 in Philadelphia pa.

we were told we were born at Einstein Hosp. On

Broad St. we are adopted together. we also found

out that our birth mom had a son who was 8 years

old at the time of our birth. Which means we also

have a brother out there. He would be 53 now.

Not sure if he even knows about us. I have a name

of our birth mom  and also a street that she could

have lived on but NOT sure if it correct.

Her name could be Anna or Ann Good or Goode,

Street name could be Wakling or Wakfield

Street in Philadelphia Pa.

Contact us atLOVE10ss@aol.com


Adoptee,s ID Twin Girls ISO B-Family

DOB,s†† ---------12-04-1963

My identical twin sister and I are searching

for birth mother, father, siblings.  We were

born December 4, 1963 in Washington D.C.

  We were in a Florence Crittenden Home for

unwed mothers.  We were fostered in Chevy

Chase Maryland where the foster mother named

us Karen and Carlotta.  I believe the adoption

was finalized in Virginia.  We were 2 months

old when adopted.  I believe my motherís maiden

name was McCrae. 

My email address is kjstew@embarqmail.com


Adoptee Twins Male ISO B-Mother


Identical Twin Boys born 1/7/1964 @ St. Claires Hospital,

Manhattan, New York

The boys were adopted at approximately one year old. 

Birth Mothers name at the time was Alice Marie Fitzgerald and

the birth fathers last name was Joseph Hurney.  The twins are now

44 years old, both are married with wives and children.  One

twins name is Joseph Mark and the other is Thomas Christopher.

  If anyone has information, please contact me at. cathybutler615@gmail.com

I am Mark's wife and I am  helping him search.  His adoptive

parents have passed away a couple of  years ago and he would

love to find more family as he is so family oriented.




Adoptee Twin Males ISO B-Parents & Family


Searching for birth parents.  My husband has

a twin brother and they were born 01/15/1971

in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina.  They

were adopted together at birth.  Named Roy &

William Whitaker. 

Please contact njabat@bellsouth.net




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B-Family ISO Adoptee Twins M/F

DOB-----1938 or 1939

My name is Jody Malone and I am searching

for adopted twins that are my aunt and uncle.

  They were adopted out at the age of 3 or 4. 

Their birth names were Jane and James Malone. 

They are my fathers younger siblings.  The twins

were born in Los Angeles, California in 1938 or 1939.

  They would have been adopted out around 1941

or so.   Birth mother is Etta Mae Turner (maiden name)

birth father is Paul Malone. 

e-mail me†† mssjody_48@hotmail.com





B-Twin ISO Adoptee Twin


ISO twin sister separated at birth. We were born

April 19, 1945 at Los Angeles County General

Hospital in Los Angeles, California.  I was born at

2:22 am. I am the first twin.  My name is Norida

Louise (Chickee), and my twin was Norma Lucille. 

When she was born the doctors told my mother that

she died, and they would handle everything.  She

was not given to my parent's to have a funeral or burial.

  They never saw her after that. On my birth certificate

it has a question that says "how many children born alive

but then died" the answer has 0.  We cannot locate a

death certificate, and actually believe she was probably

given away and her name changed then. My birth

certificate number should be close to hers I am African

American decent, light skinned, with blue eyes. 

I assume if she doesn't look exactly like me,

she looks similar. Shemost likely doesnít even

know she is adopted .

Contact me at††† niqnaq23@yahoo.com





Female Twin looking for long lost Twin Brother

I believe his name might have been Gary at birth? im

not sure it may have been changed. I was told he was

sold on the black market to someone who my mother

knew. May have been a relative or friend. I believe he

was relocated in the south, but not for sure. . My DOB

is June 12th 1957 (there was a mistake on my birth

certificate saying im a male) I was born in herman keifer

hospital Detroit Michigan. Janet Slayton is my mothers

maiden name, She passed away as Janet martinez. A

description of myself; Black hair, dark brown eyes,

around 5'5, 120 pounds, my mother had moles on her

face, and so do i  ... Twin brother may have them also?

I really hope to find you if your out there,

Please contact me for questions, or if you'd like a picture.

Contact me at†† jessicas_hardxcore@yahoo.com




B-Family ISO Adoptee Twinís Both Males

DOB,S----07-22-1958†† FOUND†††††† 01-26-2010

My twin brothers were born July 22,1958 at Brookdale Hospital.Linden Boulevard at

Brookdale Bklyn N,Y 11212.Your Birth MOM went  under the name of adoptee mother

(Caputo) which I believe her first name is (Elizabeth)Caputo.I heard (Caputo) was Adoptee

Mother  maiden name, another sister who took your twin brother ,her name I believe is

Rosie ,I heard that her last name has change ,due to  Rosie getting marry.I was told that

there was about 8/9 sister in Caputo family .You have a lot of aunt with this name (Caputo).

You boys were spilt up among two of the (Caputo)sisters.There was  two lady who help with 

the adoption ,their name was Nancy and Connie,they live in Bklyn N,Y. I heard the adoptee

parent had a lawyer . I heard  at the time of the birth adoptee parent came to the hospital and

took you boys home to live at (Grant and Pacific street South Bolin).Then I heard you all move

to Florida.Your Birth Dad has die 9 years ago with cancer,your Birth mom is still living ,she is

81.All her life she never said anything ,she held this pain in her heart last 50 year of her life,until

now.Mom is not doing well and all she want  to see you both before she die.Mom name is

Dorothy and your Dad name is Hank.You have 5 sisters ,which two of us is twins girls.Please 

get in touch with me ... I love you guys with my whole heart ,all of your sisters can't wait till we

can hold each other in the biggest circle of love. There is not a day that goes by when I don't think

about you both ..Mom has been longing her whole life to see you both.I pray that God heard all o

f our pray.we love you both so very much .Love your sister Camille  e-mail is







B-Family ISO The Third Triplet

Maybe Female


  my mom is an identical twin, we believe there is a

possible 3rd female, making them triplets. Not sure

if the baby was adopted out or sold on the black

market unknown to my grandparents.  they were

born 5/18/62 in Michigan, i believe traverse city,

it could possibly be in Columbus, Ohio.  about 8 years

ago, a man came into my aunts work and could not

believe how much she looked like his ADOPTED niece

who happened to have the same DOB as her, only a year

later, and born in the same town, we thought this was

very odd, but as we mentioned it to my grandparents when

they were alive, my grandpa became very distraught so we

never pushed the issue, hoping we can now find this other

possible triplet if there is one.  We currently live in Ocala,

Florida, so any ties to Michigan, Ohio or Florida with that

DOB please contact me.†† bbuckley1106@hotmail.com


B-Family ISO Twin Adopteeís M/F

DOB-----05-10-1964††† FOUND2009†† Twins Found B-MotherFrom This Post

looking for adoped twins male and

female born 5/10/ 64 at frankford Hosp. Phila pa

to aka anita overman, phila pa.

lawyer used Ira Pecther,deceased,

possible adoption finished in narbeth Pa.   

or Phila pa  courts 1801 Vine Street.

birth Mothers, real name Anne

(Oshaughnessy) DeNofa

Contact me at


B-Sister ISO Adoptee TwinísBoth Female


I am 65 and when my father died, I learned

from my sister that I have 1/2 twin sisters born

in the 60s from an affair my father had.  I don't

have much info, but one of the young women

emailed my sister who didn't keep the email. 

Here's what I know.  Their mother's name was

Norma (deceased) and their father ( and my father)

was Victor Bland from Hutchinson and El Dorado

Kansas.  Their names are Vera and Valerie and,

at least, one of them may live in Texas..

Contact me at††† vsteinba@hotmail.com


B-Sibling ISO A Set Of Adoptee Twins M/F


looking for a set of twins that was adopted

out in gastonia nc in 1968 their birth names

was john david and judy denise everett born

in madisonville tn in march 7 1961 they where

adopted out to a morgan family or Phillips

family the adoption was finalized in 1969 i am

their brother's wife and we all are desperately

looking for these two have been for years would

love for any info on these 2 thanks minnie

Contact me at†† south2bell@yahoo.com


B-Sibling ISO AdopteeTwins Male & Female

DOB,S--------Late 1968


I am adopted and recently learned from the State of Wisconsin that I have 6
brother and sisters!  All born in Wisconsin, same birth mother and birth
father ALL ADOPTED! 
Searching for sibling TWINS, Male & Female born late 1968 and placed
Please contact me!  I have more information!  msharbuno@wi.rr.com



B-Siblings ISO Adoptee Twins M/F


B-Siblings ISO Adoptee Twins M/F African American

DOB-----12-1967 We are the birth siblings seaching for a set of male/female


 The twins were surrendered for adoption in 12/1967.The adoption was handled by Monroe

County Dept. of Social Services.The birth siblings are registered with the NYS Dept. of Health

Adoption & Medical Information Registry.Your last names at birth was FULTON.

If anyone has any information about these twins

please email me at pemartin@comcast.net or pm_ott@ameritech.net or isotwins1967@yahoo.com


B-Family ISO Adoptee Twin Girls


ISO Twin girls born in California in 1969

or 1970, probably around the Pasadena/Altadena

Area.  B-Father's name is John†† and B- mother

Worked at a restaurant in Altadena.  (? Possible

First names could be Bonnie and/or Connie?

Contact me at






B-Family ISO TwinsM/F


Family ISO Twins Male / Female
Twins, male and female,  born on 03-03-1972

  in Hialeah, Dade County, Miami, Fl. The twins

were named Diana and Jorge Rivera.  My

motherís maiden name is Marta Coca and the

father is Jorge Rivera, both from Bolivia.  The

twins were left in the care of a family that spoke

spanish and the last time she saw them was when

they were around 5 years old and we have a picture

that reunion. A letter from the person that was

caring for the twins that signed as " Amka"
The birth certificate's were issued form the Department

of Public Health in Dade County, 1350 N.W. Fourteenth st.

Contact me†† gladisse2000@yahoo.com


B-Family ISO Triplets 1 male & 2 female


My name is Kimberly Linzy (brown). Me and

my sister recently learned that we could have

a set of triplet siblings. 1 boy and 2 girls. We

have a little info on the triplets. There names

may have been Delano, Christy and Hope.

The mother of the triplets was Norma woods.

The triplets were conceived in Michigan in approx.

1972. the birth mother of the triplets supposedly

went to Florida and then back to Austin Texas where

she was from. we have heard that the girls attended

a high school in Austin and were on the softball team.

Norma woods could have possibly married a deputy

sheriff in Austin Texas, and let him adopt the kids.

we are desperately searching for these triplets. if they

do exist and anyone has any info on them

please email me rottieraven03@aol.com

we are not looking to disrupt lives we would just like

some info and would love to let our children meet there

aunts and uncle. The boy is possibly my fathers only son.

my father is not in good health he has cancer and it is

some health issues they should know about.


B-Family ISO Adoptee Twinís Male& Female


Twins, male and female,born on 03-03-1972

in Miami, Florida. They

were left in the care of a couple who already

had a child. Thetwins

were initially named, Diana and Jorge Rivera.

My motherís name is Marta

Coca and she is from Bolivia. The twins were

born at the airport after a long flight from Bolivia.

There is no record of them in any hospital but they did have a birth

certificate issued from Dade County, florida.

Contact me at††† radicw@yahoo.com



B-Sister ISO Adopteeís Twin Brotherís
DOB-----1971-72-OR 1973
I am searching for my b-brothers.  They were born sometime in 71-72-73.
Names at birth:  Jimmy and Joey Applegarth.
Their last name could have been Sater or Soter.  Father could be Joe Sater or Soter and or David Applegarth.
They were adopted in MO?  bmom's name is Alta Alberta Applegarth
(Ochsenbein).  They were a ward of
Shannon county, MO.  Probably adopted through Dent County Division of Family
Services in Salem, MO.Contact me at:  byfieldr@mst.edu



Birth Triplet ISO The Other 2 Siblings, They Were Adopted Out


DOB 9/3/83