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Searching For Birth family








Adoptee Twin Boys ISO B-Family


We are trying to find out any info we can on our birth We are

twin boys born may 4 1957 in Allegheny PA at least thats where

the paper work is from. our adoptive parents were Sterling and

Milldred E Roberts. We know nothing more than that and would

like any help we can get thank you for your time

Contact me at†††






Adoptee Twins Both Female


My birth certificate†† has this information:

Born Jacquelyn and Judith Pabon born Lincoln Hospital

Bronx New York, July 14, 1969. Birth Mother Elena Leon

Birth Father Pastol Pabon.

 We know our birth father has passed away, we would like

to know where and we were told that our birth mother had

a mental illness.  We would like to find our brother and sister

all I remember was there names were Ada and Luisito once

we were legally adopted at the age of 9 we no longer had

visitation with them.  Our adopted parents had us since about

1 month old. My sister and I were kept together.  We just

want to find any family we need closure.

 Please contact me at


Adoptee Twins Both Male ISO B-Family


A friend of mine Paul†† (ADOPTED NAME)

 is searching for his BP's  all he knows

is he and his brother Richard are

Identical twins born March 3, 1965

in PA adopted by attorney and his wife. 

They have a sister (NOT by same BP's)

who was also adopted †††  

Contact me at†††





Adoptee TwinsM/F ISO B-Family


Iam an adopted twin from St. Louis Missouri

We are fraternal twins, M/F born January 1972. The name of the hospital  was written

in my birth certificate, so I don't know if that information is factual or not. The said hospital

l no loner exists, Firmen Desloge. We have absolutely NO information to go on. My adopted 

father gave no information, saying that he did not know where we came from. (He spent many

years in the military, and he and my adopted mother traveled) My adopted mother has no

idea that we know the truth and I have reluctant to approach her, hoping that she would

eventually tell us. I also have an older adopted brother, but I donít know if he is from the same

birth family as my twin and I. My adopted mother was unable to have children, this information

was told me by her sister. I do believe that mental illness runs in my family for my twin has

diagnosed schizophrenia and anxiety disorder. Although raised in a black community, we were

often times mistaken to be of Hispanic descent, even as adultís people say this to me, specifically

the Dominican Republic or Puerto Rico. I believe that we are mixed with Black and Hispanic. I took

Spanish all through school and the language rolls off my tongue effortlessly. I sometimes feel like

this is hopeless but I shall keep trying.Contact me at†††



Birth Familys Searching For Adoptee Twins & Triplets






Birth TripletISO†† the other 2 triplets Adoptees


My name is Kelsea. I am doing this search for my grandmother.

Her name is Marie Ferrell.

Her birth certificate says she is a triplet. However she did not

get her birth certificate until after her parents passed away.

So our only accusation is that the other two where adopted.

Her info..

Birth Name: Marie Helen Cutts

DOB: June 26, 1942 @ 6pm

Place of Birth: Lebanon Hospital, Oregon

Please if you think this†† is you,


B-Family ISO Twins Both Female

DOB---Sometime In The 1930,s

I am looking for twins, Ruth and Ruby. I am uncertain

of their birth dates; but I believe they were born sometime

in the 1930's. My grandmother lived in or near Tucker

County West Virginia at the time of their birth. I believe

at one time the twins may have lived around Wood County,

West Virginia. Although many of Ruth and Ruby's siblings

have died, they have three sisters and one brother still living

Contact me at†††





B-Family ISO Twin Males

DOB,s------Between 1950 & 1956

I am searching for male twins (possibly name Donnie & Ronnie)

born between 1950 & 1956 in NYC. Birth mother's name was

Ilene Stewart Seivers. This was probably a black market adoption

and it is unknown if the twins were adopted together.

Contact me at




Adoptee Triplet ISO Other 2


My Name is Nichole, and im 21. My mom has always

wanted to find her set of siblings.

she doesn't know much BUT i know everything she does

. Her birthday is 12/7/62 and there are two others ...

making them triplets. She knows her birth mother came

from Germany, got pregnant

from an affair and came to Long Beach California and

placed them all up for adoption.

she would love to find her birth mother as well but mostly

her siblings, not sure on the sex of

them but i know that there are three of them and their

mother is from Germany. her name is Joyce . and we

live in†† CA. so were hopeful that they are still in CA.††

Contact me at†††††


B-Family ISO Adoptee Twinís Both Female

DOB,S-------03-17-1969††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† FOUND 12-17-2009

I'm married to their cousin, who is himself an adoptee.
ISO twin girls b. 3/17/1969 in Nyack Hospital, Nyack, Rockland Co., NY
Birth names -- Kimberly Anne & Jennifer Lee Ferracane
BM -- Laura Lee (Galli) Ferracane
BF -- Tony Ferracane
Placed with/taken by Social Services 1970-71
Adopted out 1971 at age 2 1/2, possibly in the Stony Point, NY, area
BM has been searching many years with zero results.
If anyone has any leads, please contact me.  Your confidentiality will
be respected.

Contact meat†††





B-Family ISOID Twin Males


I am looking for my Identical Twin nephews

that were born on October 1972.

Their names on their original birth certificate,

would be Robert Augustine Montez, Antony Montez.

Mother name is Torres. Their mother was in an unwed

mothers home.  St. Mary's in Los Angeles California.

They were adopted out children and social services in

Los Angeles, CA

 She was only 15 years old when she gave them up for


 Their mother and father were to young to keep them.

Their father was only 17 years old at the time.

 I recently got in contact with their birth mother and we

have remained friends.  She has been

searching for them for a long time, and has asked me to


her in finding them. They also have 5 brothers.

If anybody has information please

contact me at


B-Sister ISO Adoptee TripletsMale & Female


I am the half  sister of triplets born in St. Catharineís On.

at the Hotel Dieu hospital. They where the first triplets

born there. I believe the year was 1974. Birth names,

Mary Ann, Jason, Corin Swayze. Mother moved I believe

to BC and gave them up. They where about 2 or 3.

You can contact me at,


B-Mother ISO Adoptee Twins both female


my name is ValerieI gave up twin girls
that were born on April 26 1973.  I lived at the
Elkhart YWCA from feb or march till the beginning
of May when I went back home to Michigan.
I had to go to Indiana because private adoptions
weren't legal in Michigan.  I never got to hold them
or really look at them I was in the hospital for least
5 days after they were born.  Pretty sure they
were girls the adoptive parents sent beautiful
pink clothes for them to come home in.
I did carry one out of the hospital.  It darned
near killed me to give them up,  But I had 5 other
brothers n sisters back home to help raise.
pleaseemail me ifthis looks familiarto anyone
Contact me at†††


B-Sibling ISO Adopteeís Twin Brotherís


My name is Denise. I am searching for my twin brothers who

my mother was told died in Nyssa Oregon after their birth

May 27 1970. The boys were alive and breathing and crying

well. The second one born around 11am was smaller and his

lungs were not as developed as the first one. But my mom

got to hold one and feed him. The other one was in an incubator.

She seen them both kicking and crying the second day. The

second day in evening, she was told the second born twin died.

When she insisted on seeing them, the nurse refused to let her

. She was sedated for 3days. When she awoke, it was to find out

both boys were dead and had been buried. There exist no

death/birth certificates. No gravesite at ANY cemetery in Nyssa OR

or in Parma Idaho, which is where she and my father resided.

Contact me at††††




B-Mother ISO Adoptee Twin Sonís


My name at their birth,, Deanna L Nelson,, I am Larson ,

,maiden name ,now,, Deanna Castro, so all names I

have ever used,, Deanna Larson Nelson Castro,, I am

born 4-1-55 in Bremerton Washington,, Kitsap County,

my birth parents,, Father Ernest Allen Larson and mother

Juanita Nora Mae Walker Larson,, my twins( half Mexican

half white ) were born in WallaWalla Washington at

Walla Walla Community Hospital,,, I love my boys  and I

always will,, even thou they have never been in my life flesh

wise,, they have been living in my heart/soul ,, and thought

of every day,, second,, minute,, hour,, all the time,, of my life

they have been with me,, and their other siblings,,†† I do not

want to invade their lives if they don't want me too,, as only they

can stop me,, I hopethat the love I gave them in those short

moments have been installed in them,,I know they love their

new family, and I would never try to change that,, never,,

I couldn't even if I wanted to,,


Contact me at††

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