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Adoptee ,s Twin Males ISO B-Family


My twin brother and I were born August 8th, 1967.  My parents who adopted

us told us they think we were born in Atlanta, Ga. But we were adopted in

Asheville, North Carolina.  I don't know much about my birth mother but my

adoptive mother told me she thinks she was in college and could not keep

us.  I know nothing about my birth father at all.  We moved to Ohio when we

were very young and were raised in the east suburbs of Cleveland.  We have

had a very good life but I would really like to find my birth mother and connect

with her if she is interested. 









B-FamilysPost ISO

AdopteeTwins & Triplets

1930,s &1940,s



B-Twin ISO Her Adoptee Female Twin


  Iím a twin in search of her twin and from Nebraska born 12-23- 1939 in Lincoln.

 My mother named my twin Janette Lorene at her birth

I have been having a lot of

 Questions and finding only brick walls,  I  think

 My twin was also placed on the black market 

 Not sure of all the history. We were born in

St Elisabeth Hospital in Lincoln. I had dark brown hair

Blue eyes when I was young and now I am 5 foot 9 inches tall.


 B-Twin ISO Adoptee Twin Not Sure If††† M/f



State & City  where twins were born---Seattle Wa.

Mothers Name-------Caroline D. Winder Heath

Mothers Maiden Name--- Belcher, Winder, McMillan

Delivering Doctor On Birth Certificate----- cant read

The adopted twin we are searching for may not even know

He or she isadopted or even a twin.

Contact me at††††††












B-Aunt ISO AdopteeTwins Both Male

DOB,S----- May-Late 60,s

I am 53 years old and my sisteris the birth mother of thetwins

They were born in Mayin the late 1960,s

I want them to know their family

genetics.  My son passed away after a sudden

death with ARVD and I feel it is necessary to

save some lives if possible. 

Contact me at†††††



B-Twin ISOHer Adoptee Twin Female


im writing, because through my life, V*strange happenings

, many people, mistaken me for Mary, but then was told 3

diff times, by 3 diff people, that ?they mustíve changed my

name, Birth Certificate was altered, Xx Single, ive raised in

family,Mom/Dad/3older sis,3older bro* but No baby pics of

me, told all just mine was lost or burned there is only 1pic

age 3,nun of mom preg with me, I memo Long ride, man by

fireplace bargaining money, so believe i might been sold BM/

twin named Mary if anyone knows anything

Please contact me, email

PatriciaDOB 09/28/1963 Lincoln, Nebraska    or

CeeCee God Bless! Thank you!



B-Sibling ISO Adoptee Twins Both Male

DOB-----Summer Of 1964
Their first names may begin with "S" and "K"
Their approximate age in 2010 is 45-46
They may still live in the St Louis area The twins last name BEFORE

their adoption was McMillin. Their last name was changed at adoption and is

a fairly common name. I do not know their adopted last name.The twins and I

have the same mother and father. I was born 2 years after the twins and I was

given up for adoption at birth in 1966. They probably have no idea they have

a sister. Our birthmother knew the family that adoptedthe twins and kept in touch

with them for at least a short time.
Info I have about the couple that adopted my twin brothers

in 1965:
The wife was a daycare worker or babysitter in St Louis in

1964-65 The husband may have been handicapped or

disabled The couple had 4 children of their own before

adopting the twinsThe couple lived in the St Louis area 

in 1964-65The adoptive family has a "fairly common" last name 

e-mail me at††††





B-Family ISO Adoptee Twin Maleís

DOB,S------Late 70,s Or Early 80,s

Searching for twin boys Ryan and Bryan born in late 70s or early 80s.

Probably born in Orange, Virginia. You had more siblings all put into

foster care except for a sister Nikki Ryder. Birth moms name is Brenda Ryder

Any information please contact me!!




Birth Twin ISO Her Adopted Twin Brother

DOB,S†††† 06-21-1970

I am searching for†† my twin after my mother told me about him yesterday.  My name is Jeanette

†† I am 40 years old born on June 21, 1970 at Porter County Hospital in Valperaiso Indiana.  My

mother told me that my twin is a boy and he was given to a well to do family in Kokomo Indiana by

a doctor.  Apparentlythe Dr. took the baby and gave him to a black market baby dealer.

  The last place she knew him to be living was in Kokomo in 1984. All my life I felt that a

piece of me was missing and I just found out about him yesterday.  My mother wants me to

leave it alone, but I need to know that he is at least ok. I just need to know that he is doing

fine and if he even knows that I exist

Contact me at†††



B-Mom ISOFraternal Triplets


I am looking for the fraternal triplets (2 girls, 1 boy), who I gave
up for adoption soon after their birth  - they were born 7/24/78 in
Passaic County.  To my understanding, they were adopted by a family in
Passaic, NJ.  The names I gave them were never recorded but for at
least the first year of their lives their last name was "Jackson" .

Contact me at†††



B-Aunt ISO Adoptee TwinsF/M


Twins born 12/09/1978 to Connie and James.

  One boy one girl.  Born in Franklin, Tennessee at Williamson

County Hospital.  Given up for adoption due to difficult family

circumstances at about 18 months of age.  Twins were named

Jason and Jana.  They would have had an older brother named Joey.

  The mother also used the name Connie London.

Contact me at††††


B-Twin ISO Her Adoptee Twin Female


My name is Stephanie.  I was born on December 26, 1974.  I was 
born at camp peninten marine base in Oceanside California.  I believe 
that my mother may have also given birth to another girl, my twin.  A 
few things have made me think this.  When my mom gave birth she 
delivered me and then she remembers the doctor and nurses saying 
something was going on.  The next thing she remembers is waking up and 
the doctors said she hemorrhaged.  A few months later she took me to a 
local photo studio to have some pictures made.  When she went to pick 
them up the clerk said there had been a problem.  Another lady came in 
to ask about prices to have her daughters pictures made and was upset 
when she saw my pictures on the counter.  She wanted to know how they 
had gotten pictures of her daughter.  Later when I was in my twenties 
I was on vacation and a couple came up to me and wanted to know what I 
was doing at this restaurant so far from California.  I moved back to 
Oklahoma when I was 3 months old.  That said that there was a woman to 
could be my twin in Oceanside, California.  Also the hospital where I 
was born lost all records of my birth.  When I was around twelve we 
went to get a social security card and I had to go to the social 
security office to prove that I wasn't Vietnamese.  They thought my 
parents had taken an immigrant child as their own since there was no 
records of my birth.  If this all sounds like nothing ok but if there 
is a chance that I do have a twin i would love to know and get to know 
her.  If you have any information about any black market adoptions 
around that time in California I would really appreciate it.  My 
sister if there is one still has a large  family.  Both parents are 
still alive.  I have two other sisters and one brother.       My email