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Adoptee Female Twin’s ISO Any B-Family


Karen Lee and Kathleen Maltz were

fraternal twin girls born in Chicago 
Ill. on February 3, 1946. Birth mother

 is believed to be Violet 
Erickson. The girls were adopted

 by Milton Maltz and Georgia Louise 
Silverberg Maltz. We are searching

 for any blood relatives. We were 
told that it was an arranged adoption

by friends of the family. Said 
to be born at Swedish Covenant Hospital

 in Cook County. Please contact 
me at











Adoptee’s Set Of Twins   M/F


I am the female of a m/f set of twins, born 11/11/62

 in Southern California (perhaps Riverside or San Bernardino)

Believe biol. father to have been Firmino Borgongo,

 and the last name of the biol. mother may have been Crouch.

My brother has brown hair and brown eyes, and I have

 light brown hair and blue eyes. We are fairly tall. he is

 about 6 feet and I am 5'8".

My email address is











Birth Family’s Searching




B-Aunt ISO  Adoptee Twins Both Females


I am looking for twin girls born in Auckland, New Zealand

 in 1946.  I am their aunt and would desperately like to

 locate them.  Their mother's name of Joan Lillian Bernie

 and their biological father's name is Walter B. Goree, Jr.,

 who is my brother.  Any help would be appreciated in locating them.










B-Sibling ISO Adoptee Twin Brothers

DOB -----1967 ,1968 OR 1969 ?

I am looking for my twin brothers. I just found

 out from my step-mother that my father had a

 set of twin boys that I never knew about. From

 what I was told, the boys were born in

 1967, 1968 or 1969. Their mother is named

 Gwen, no last is known. They were born in

 Harlem, New York or Portchester, New York.

 The father is Joseph Howard Martin. He passed

away in 1977. If anyone knows about them

 please contact








B-Sister ISO Adoptee Twin Brothers

DOB---------1971  ,1972, OR 1973 not sure of the year

I am searching for my b-brothers. They were born sometime in 71-72-73.
Names at birth: Jimmy and Joey Applegarth. Their last name could have been Sater or Soter. Father could be Joe
They were adopted in MO. bmom's name is Alta Alberta Applegarth(Ochsenbein). Father is David

Contact me at







B-Sibling ISO Adoptee’s Twin Brothers

DOB,S ------Between 1987 & 1991       FOUND In 2015

I am 26 years old living in Alaska. I heard a few

 years ago that I had twin brothers born anywhere

 between 1987 and 1991. Our mother's maiden

 name was Kristen Lee Nelson. She was married

 to my birth dad Mark Beck for a while until I was born.

 She was born in Ohio and she was either 26 or 28

 when I was born. My birth dad  told me she is

 deceased and it has been a while...because I

 am adopted, I'm not sure if they were also. If

 they were, i know it wouldn't have been until after

 they were 1 or 2 years old most likely. I was also         

 told she moved to Pennsylvania sometime after

 during or after 1987. I do know Kristen has a brother

 still living in Alaska and that she attended a University

 in Pennsylvania, I believe, sometime in the late

 70s-early 80s. If you have any information, please

 let me know. or if you think you may be one of my

 family members, I would really like to hear from you.

 Thank you so much. E-mail:



ID Male Twin ISO   Adoptee Twin


Looking for: Name: unknown Born: May 1987 Race: Hispanic Sex: Male
Searching for my spouses identical twin he was adopted in Seattle, WA
about a month old, looking for his identical twin any information
helps I know its not a lot but if you might know any information
please contact me. I do have   pictures of my spouse if you think you
know who I am looking for or his where bouts please let me know at