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I am retiring from posting any new post , I have been doing my registry’s for 17 almost 18 years now, I have enjoyed it all.

 I  will keep my registry’s out there for all of you to search for a few more years.

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Adoptee Twins Male & female ISO B-Parents & Family


I am an adopted twin female and my brother was adopted with me.

I am iso my bm/family.

My adopted birth certificate says: dob: May 11, 1953, Miami, Dade

 county, Florida. adopted mother: Marjorie Storch and adopted father

 Elmer Beever. My adopted mother told me that I was born at 12:06 AM

 weighing 4 lb 10oz.and my brother was born 12:09 AM. weighing 4 lb.

 13.5 oz. I was told that I was adopted at 6 months of age.

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Biracial Adoptee Twins M/F  ISO B-Parents


I am helping a friend search for her biological parents. They are biracial twins, M/F born in

 West Palm Beach Florida at St Mary's Hospital on 10/5/64. Their adoptive parents have

 both passed away. The adoption was handled by an attorney in Ft. Lauderdale who has

 since passed away and his wife has Alzheimer’s and is unable to help with any information.

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Adoptee Male ID Twins ISO  B-Family

DOB,S -------02-12-1966

My children's father is a identical twin all they no is there last name was

 Stacey and Tracey Tate they are Africa America there adopted parents

 changed there last name to Bounty there date of birth is 2-12-1966 they

 don't no any of there biological family and there adopted mother Margaret

 Bounty from Detroit Michigan wouldn't tell them anything she took it to he

r grave with her she never told them even when they asked he said they

 was six years old when they're mother told them and there sister she

 had to send the boys away that ways the last time they saw there mother and sister

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I am an adopted twin, I was adopted with my identical twin sister

ISO of birth mother/family

Our birth certificates say that we were born at Booth Memeorial Hospital in

Philadelphia, Pennsylvannia

Our adopted parents names were Walter and Irene Schmalz

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B-Family Searching For Adoptee Twins & Triplets

2012 & 2013 & 2014 & 2015






B-Family ISO Adoptee Twins

Adopted Between 1942 & 1950

According to the adoption papers of 2 sisters ,

 birth name Goins would like very much to located

 their twin siblings.  According to a letter sent by the

 Lutheran adoption agency of Austin to their adoptive

 father, that their sibling twins were adopted before

 they were to a family name Smith. We know nothing

 about their age, sex or anything else
This adoption would have been between 1942 and 1950,

 Bexar county, Texas The family primarily lived in

 the San Antonio area.

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Birth Twin ISO Adoptee Twin Not Sure F/M


Place of birth  Lincoln Nebraska

B-Mother Carabelle Fern Kreps

B-Father   Paul Lesley Henry

My twin may not even know they have a twin or that he/ she

Is adopted. In my long search of 40 years I believe my twin

Was black market

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B-Sibling ISO Adopted Twins, Sex  unknown

DOB---Late  40,s  Early 50,s

My mother, Nona Evelyn Koon, passed in September 2010.

 Just before she died, she started talking about twins she

 had apparently given birth to. I have talked to my aunt, and

 she says it was possible Mom had been pregnant without

 anyone in the family knowing. They would have been born

 in or around Chicago in the late forties or early fifties. My

 mom expressed surprise at two babies, and names and

 other information may have been falsified on documents

 because the father may have been her uncle,

 I don't know much more, but my mother held this until her

 dying breath.

Thanks, Loree










Reunited Adoptee seeking Adopted twin sister.


Sacramento, CA

Birth Mom: Georgia M. Hedrick

Birth Dad: Charles M. McEntee –SP RAILROAD WORKER

BM date of birth: 9-3-33

BD date of birth 5-17-27

2 birth certificates issued. One 11-17-57 female Hedrick/Hedrick.

 2nd 11-17-57 female Hedrick/McEntee. State of California stated

 that there were 2 females both relinquished and birth certificates

 amended with adoptive family surname. They declined to release

 adoptive name of sibling.

I am Peggy


Would like to share important health information and

 introduce my twin to our other bio sibs.

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B-Family ISO Twin's


I'm the sister of Micheal and Michelle born on may 16 1975 in Sheboygan

, Wisconsin.  Mother's name is Catherine Weiss.  They were 8 months when

 there where taking by social services for adoption to a couple in greenbay wis in

1976. My mother was to young to have three kids.

 If anyone knows where they are pls email me At





B-Family ISO Female Twins Adoptee’s


Female Fraternal Twins born on 12/25/1984

Names given at birth Holly and Angel

Agency Name : Catholic Charities

Roselia Home for unwed mothers

Either Allegheny County or Beaver County Pa.

Hospital : Magee Women's Hospital of UMPC

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