Cee Cee's Reunion's

John Ruth Cee Cee & Tom
Picture taken on 11-1999

My mother passed away just befor Thanksgiving last year 1999,mom keep 2 of us kids myself and little brother John.I live in Northern Ca and John lives in Michigan.This picture was taken at moms funeral in Lincoln Nebraska.I have put the names of us above in order so you will know who we are.The older women Ruth is my brother Toms adopted mom,my mom gave Tom up for adoption in 1947 at his birth ,i was 3 years old.She was devoriced at the time and in those days you diden't shame the family.I found out about Tom when i was 52 years old.4 years after i found out about Tom the state of Nebraska found him for me ,they got intouch with him and gave him my phone # ,because it was up to him if he wanted contact,and if he diden't want contact i would never have known.I waited 3 months for him to call and when he did it was wonderful .Tom said he would never have searched for b-family because he had great adopted parents,but he said he sure was glad i looked for him.I am so happy that Toms adopted mom came to mom funeral that was the first time me and John had met her she is the sweetest preson.But the best thing was that my brother John had never met his brother Tom till this day.I had Tom out to Ca. twice and we have keep intouch by phone every sence i found him in 1996.It was so wonderful to see my two brothers meet for the very first time,Moms children were togeather again,all except my twin,and some day i pray i will find him/her.

Brother Tom Passed Away 08-22-08

Cee Cee & Kathi
Picture taken on 10-1999

This picture was taken last October 1999.Kathi is my fathers child,I found out about her years ago and never said anything to the rest of the siblings.I wanted to find her first and it took me 8 years of searching on my own .I found her in 1994.She lives in Chicago,i called her on the phone and told her i was her sister.The strange things was she had just found out 30 days befor that my father was her father,she had always thought her step dad was her real dad.We have keep intouch by our computers & phone for years but until this last year we had never met.It was a great visit she flew out here to Ca and stayed with me for a week.

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