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Books News Letters
Publications For The
Adoption Triad

A friend sent me this list
so i am sharing it
with you



Books, Newsletters, Publications

Adoptee's Searcher Handbook

Adopting from Korea: A Prospective Parent's Guide to Korean Adoption

Adoption Agency Guide

An Adoption Book Catalog - Books about Adoption for all Members of the

The Adoption Bookstore

The Adoption Catalog

Adoption Helper's Teacher's Guide to Adoption

Adoption Magazine & Newsletters

Adoption Reader: Birth Mothers, Adoptive Mothers & Adopted Daughters Tell
Their Stories

Adoption Referral Associates (Adoption Referral Associates publish an
Adoption Agency Directory that may be purchased from this website.)

Adoption Triad Forum (A publication for anyone touched by adoption, offered
TxCARE. Archives of selected articles.)

The Adoption Triad's Reading Guide

The Adoption Truthseekers Online Bookstore

AFA's Guide to Adoption

Air Force Times On Line ($3.50/month access fee)! Earth's Biggest Bookstore

American Indians: A Select Catalog of National Archives Microfilm

Ancestry's Online Store

Ancestry's World Tree (The largest, free database of family files
on the internet.)

Apraxia-Kids Home Page (Resources and books for children with
and language disorders)

Army Times On Line ($3.50/month access fee)

Articles for Parents and Teachers

Beginners Guide to Adoption (Dave Thomas)

Book List for the Adoption Triad


Celebrate the Child (Online bookstore specializing in adoption &
books, videos, & cultural items for children from China, India, Thailand, &

DATABASE Magazine (Motor Vehicle Records)

The Development of Romanian Orphanage Children Adopted to Canada (Dr.
Ames Recommendations from the Final Report)

Directory of adoption newsletters in the U.S. (Great resource)

Doug Henderson's Guide to Adoption Acronyms

FaCAB Newsletter (Families with Children Adopted from Bulgaria)

Family Ties: A Publishing and Speaking Resource for the Family

Health Guide (EXCELLENT SITE) (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder,
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, Depression and Obsessive
Compulsive Disorder, & much, much more)

Interstate Adoptions Guide
(Florida to Georgia)
(Rhode Island)
(New Jersey)

Lawyers Weekly Publications (up to date information on State Laws & more)

Magazine Weekly's Home Page

Making A Family Tree For The Adoptee

The Marine Corps edition of Navy Times on Line ($3.50/month access fee)

The Merck Manual - Merck Publications (The finest medical dictionary found
the internet--information on thousands of different conditions)!!uS8rx3_l5uS8s00poo/pubs/

The Miracle of Adoption (Cards & Announcements)

Missing Person Magazine

National Adoption Information Clearinghouse (NAIC) (Exellent Site)
(Many links to areas where you can download publications or send off for

Navy Times On Line ($3.50/month access fee)

New York State Citizen's Coalition for Children (NYSCCC) (Selected
from Parent Group Newsletters)

New York State Dept. of Social Services - Adoption Brochure

Perspectives Press: Infertility & Adoption Publisher

Positive Parenting

Publications Catalog NY State

Reference Search (Search through archives of mailing lists, newsgroups, &
forum directory)

Registry Newsletter for Each State (Roots of Life)

Reunion Magazine

Roll Call Home Page

Roots & Wings Magazine (magazine for adoptive parents)

The Seeker Magazine (online magazine for those who are seeking)

Starfish Adoption Products

Tapestry Books

Vets.Com Magazine

Virtual Reference Desk

Welcome to the Electronic Library - Newspaper, Magazine & TV

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