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Publich Records
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>Databases-Master & Online Public Records Vendors
>ABSTRAX (Real Estate and Public Records Research)
> http://www.west.net/~abstrax/services.html
>Adoption Search by DOB/State
> http://www.adopting.org/pands/search.html
>The American Information Network, Inc.
> http://www.ameri.com/
>Ameridex Information Systems ($50 sign up fee. Database for people tracing
>the internet; over 200 million names, 170 million with date of birth;
>birthparents and adoptees searches; DOB verification; SSDI; databases of
>5 million active duty, reserve, & retired military personnel.)
> http://kadima.com
>Email: info@ameridex.com
>CDB Infotek (Current Database & Price list: 1-800-427-3747) (Public
>Online, over 1,600 databases & more than 3 billion records collected from
>local, county, state governments, all across the US, as well as the federal
>government & various businesses)
> http://www.cdb.com/
> http://www.cdb.com/public/
>CDB Infotek's Info:PROBE Searches (locate people using only a name)
> http://www.cdb.com/
>CIS's (Corporate Investigative Services) 250+ Searchable Databases
>(STATUES: One of the most complete all-in-one sites with access to several
>dozen state constitutions, statues, codes, legislation, etc. NASIRE STATE
>SEARCH: StateSearch is a service of the National Association of State
>Information Resource Executives and is designed to serve as a topical
>clearinghouse to state government information on the Internet.)
> http://www.hsv.tis.net/~pvteye/search.html
>(MedAccess Searchable database including the physician locator, the
>locator, the nursing home and long-term care facility locator, the HMO
>locator, the PPO Locator, etc. MILITARY LOCATOR: This site contains a
>searchable active duty personnel database, overseas personnel database,
>losses database, two reserves databases and a military base locator
> http://www.hsv.tis.net/~pvteye/search.html/
>CSRA Online (Nationwide Death Index, Military Search, Supplimentary Death
>Index, Missing Persons Trace, Birth Index - Search by 1st name, and/or last
>name, and/or date of birth - very inexpensive $3 or less)
> http://kadima.com/
>Current First Name & DOB Search (FEE involved) (Genealogy,
>Sibling/Parent/Adoption Searches/DeadBeat Parent Searches - current &
>address, relatives & associates, neighbors & address profiles, D.O.B., S.S.
>#s, D.L. data, etc.)
> http://www.cris.com/~seisman1/dbp.html
> http://www.cris.com/~seisman1/search.html
>CyberPages International - Lost & Missing Relatives
> http://www.cyberpages.com/lostprsn.htm
> http://www.cyberpages.com/PERSONS.HTM
>The Daily Watch - St. Louis, MO -- Online Public Record Search of Greater
>Louis, MO area
> http://www.dailywatch.com/StLouis/
>Data Searches
> http://omni.nvi.net/search/omnihome.html
>Data Searches & Other Utilities
> http://www.dhc.net/~design/search.htm
>Directory of Database Services (links to useful investigative type
>many on the net)
> http://www.facsnet.org/report_tools/CAR/cardirec.htm
>Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) (Credit Reports, Driver Records,
> http://www.vii.com/%7Esolgroup/credit/
>Find A Friend
> http://www.ais.net/findafriend/
> http://www.mscd.edu/~oline/cmr/cmr.html
>Find People Fast
> http://www.fpf.com/
>Free Database Searches
> http://www.pimall/com/nais/s-menu.html
>Free Searches on the Internet (NOT ALL OF THESE ARE FREE: People Finder
>Searches, Government Investigative Databases, Search Engines, Other PI
>Information, Accident Investigation Related Links, Adoptee/Reunion Links,
>Phonebooks on the Net, Privacy Subjects, Just for Fun, Other Investigative
>Databases, State Agency Database Searches, Business Intelligence Gathering,
>Newsgroups & Mailing List Searches, National Investigative Associations,
>Private Investigative Associations, Missing/Wanted Persons Links, New
>& Marketing Links, Free Software, Locate a Private Investigator)
> http://pimall.com/nais/links.html
>FYI Public Records Research
> http://www.colapublib.org/fyi/catalog/govt/public.html
>Global Electronic Marketing (GEM), Inc. (Public records searches)
> http://www.geminc.com/bbs/index.html
>Independent Search Consultants
> http://home.rmci.net/isc/
>Infinity Information Network Homepage
> http://synergy.smartpages.com/infinityinfo/
>Information America's Wizard (Locate people using only a name)
> http://www.infoam.com/welcome.html
>Information Resource Service Company (I.R.S.C.) - one-stop source for
>public records (concentration in California records)
> http://www.irsc.com/
>Information Search Inc. (Public records)
> http://www.information-search.com/
>Instant Technologies, Ltd. - Missing Persons
> http://missing.inthe.net/
>Email: missing@instantech.com
>Internet Dept. of Motor Vehicles
> http://www.ameri.com/dmv/plform.htm
>Internet Sleuth (1800 searchable databases)
> http://www.isleuth.com
> http://www.intbc.com/sleuth/
>Investigation Online (Searchable Databases)
> http://www.lainet.com/factfind/database.htm
>Investigative Resource, Inc. (Public records searches)
> http://www.rsabbs.com/iri/main.html
>Investigative Resources International (Investigation & Public Records)
> http://www.factfind.com/records.htm
>Kale Investigation Agency - Worldwide Private Investigator Database
> http://www.kaleinvestigation.com/
>LEXIS-NEXIS' P-TRAK - also electronic white pages (gives name, current &
>previous address, DOB, phone number, maiden name)
> http://www.lexis-nexis.com
> http://www.lexis-nexis.com/lncc/p-trak/index.html
> http://qsilver.queensu.ca/law/lexbak96.htm
>(Background info)
> http://www.lexis-nexis.com/lncc/about/background.html
>(Background info)
> http://www.lexis-nexis.com/election96/public.html
>(Public Records)
> http://www.lexis-nexis.com/lncc/sources/libcont/allrec.html
>(Directory, State Public Records Library)
>LocateMe (Search driver's license database by first name &/or date of
> http://www.locateme.com
>National Credit Information Network (Fee based searches for: death
>national change of addresses, social security number, telephone number,
>registration records, date of birth, vehicles owned by, real estate
>criminal history)
> http://www.wdia.com/ncihome.htm
>National Document Retrieval (NDR), Inc. (Public records research)
> http://www.pihome.com/ndr/pubrec.html
>National People Finders
> http://www.webspawner.com/users/xpertpeoplefinders/
> http://netlink.wlu.edu:1020/9702/da%20%20-ln4023-9039
>Non-Published Telephone Number (provide Name & City - $175 fee)
> http://www-acc-u-data.com/form31.htm#top
>Online Databases (Great for any Searcher)
> http://www.geocities.com/CapitolHill/9606/databases.html
>Professional Searches for: Insurance Agents, Real Estate Brokers,
> http://www.vii.com/%7Esolgroup/pro/
>Public Data Corportation (PDC) (New York City Public Records)
> http://www.pdcny.com
>Redi-Info Information Service - online public records service
> http://cust.iamerica.net/rediinfo/
>RMI Online Information Services
> http://www.tecs.com/rmi
>Scout: Public Records
> http://www.scoutserv.com/info/pr.html
>SearchAmerica, Inc. (FEE-based: search Surnames, Addresses, Telphone
>Numbers, & Directory Assistance)
> http://www.searchamerica.com/
>Searches (200 Different-good for all types)
> http://www.hsv.tis.net/~pvteye/search.html
> http://members.aol.com/SEARCH4EM/index.html
>Site Search Databases
> http://www.lib.lehigh.edu/guides/sitesrch.guide.html
>SIEC Database Search
> http://www.igw.ca/sie/search.html
>SPsearches (FREE searches: Provides lead lists using CSRA databases(email
>request-allow 2 wks.+); SC (95 Edition) & TX (97 Edition) Driver License
>Databases; Ohio Voter Registration (97 Edition); Tri-State (NY, NJ, & CT)
>People Finders; coming soon: NY Birth & Death records 1800s-1985.
>searches 50 states & DC.
> http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Prairie/6649/
>Email: SPsearches@aol.com
>The Stalker's Home Page (Tons of info here: Search engines, search sites,
>telephone directories, databases.)
> http://www.glr.com/stalk.html
>State Agency Database Search (NAIS)
> http://www.pimall.com/nais/linksi.html
>State Public Records Databases
> http://www.pimall.com/nais/linkst.html
>Top Ten Best Computer Searchers for Locating Missing Persons
>(1-Social Security Trace; 2-Voter Registration Search; 3-Uniform Commercial
>Codes (UCCs); 4-National Identifier; 5-Forward Addresses; 6-Driver License
>Information; 7-Alpha Vehicle Registration; 8-Online Criss-Cross Directories
>(includes Surname search); 9-Traffic Tickets, The Hidden Gold Mine!;
>10-Marriage Records, Another Hidden Goldmine!)
> http://www.pimall.com/nais/n.ten.ss.html
>Unlisted - Unpublished Telephone Numbers & Other Secrets (Find out
>Numbers, Addresses, Employers, Bank Accounts, & Other Secrets. Nationwide
>service. Fee-based. (Expensive))
> http://www.4private-investigator.com/phones1.htm
>Webgator (links virtual gumshoes to info on accessing vital, vehicle, &
>records; searching adoption databases; linking to telephone & e-mail
> http://query.webcrawler.com:80/select/resdir.16.html
> http://www.webcrawler.com:80/select/resdir.16.html
> http://wc1.webcrawler.com:80/select/resdir.16.html
>WESTLAW (most comprehensive collection of online public records in the
> http://www.westlaw.com/WLAWInfo/frontpg.htm
> http://www.westlaw.com/WLAWInfo/pubinfo.htm (public information)
> http://www.westlaw.com/WLAWInfo/pubrec.htm (public records)
> http://www.westlaw.com/WLAWInfo/wlawdoc/WLRes/public.htm
> http://www.westpub.com/
> http://www.wdia.com/web-nm.htm

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