I am retiring from posting any new post ,

 I have been doing my registry’s for 17 almost 18 years now and I have enjoyed it all.

 I  will keep my registry’s out there for all of you to search for a few more years. I wish all of you good luck In your searches.   

 Birth Family’s  Main Registry

Up & Running Sense 1999

Owned  & Run By Cee Cee

 Go To Registry  2002 BirthFamilys2002

Go To  Registry   2003 Birth Familys Registry 2003

Go To  Registry 2004  Birth Familys Registry 2004

Go To Registry 2005  BirthFamilysRegistry2005

Go To Registry 2006    BirthFamilysRegistry2006.html

Go To Registry 2007    BirthFamilysRegistry2007

Go To Registry 2008  BirthFamilysRegistry2008

Go To Registry   2009   BirthFamilysRegistry2009

Go To Registry 2010    Birth Family Registry 2010

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