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Texas Reunion Registry

Here are some people who are involved in adoption in Texas... that have
emails: & Phone #

Adoptee Reunion Specialist
Linda Srength: Bacliff, TX
Phone: 281.339.1129

American Adoption Congress
Bill Betzen: Dallas, TX
Phone: 214.337.1657

Life Matters
Carol Demuth Dallas, TX
Phone: 214.361.0055

Marywood Post Adoption Services
David Duffey Austin, TX
Phone: 512.472.9251

Research Roots and Missing Links
Glenda Allen Coppell, TX
Phone: 972.471.0744

Texas Adoption Services
Bonnie P. Solecki Ft. Worth, TX

Phone: 817.834.9713

TxCARE & Adoption Triad Forum
Alicia Lanier Richardson, TX
Phone: 972.699.8386

Peggy Dorn of Texas .... does a lot of searching... and she may be able
to help you. Her phone number is 713-723-1757. She may be able to
guide you as to Texas Law... and may have some ideas for you to learn
more. Be sure to tell her your story.... I do not have an email address for

You could request information from the State of Texas... perhaps they
can help you.... Texas has a REGISTRY... inquire about it. Contact:

DHS/Post Adoption Unit
P.O. Box 149030
Austin, TX 78714-9030
Phone: 512.450-3301

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