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 Nebraska & Other States
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Web Links  for searching in Nebraska are below

Then scroll on down page because there are many more web links  for  people

Searching in any STATE

I hope these site's will help someone searching In Nebraska,as I find more I will add them.If you where born & adopted In Nebraska you will find It Is very hard to get anyone to help you.  There is a place  called adoption search   click on the link below and I have a phone number and address  and a ladys name  for the state of adoption search. She is in with Nebraska Dept. Of Health & Human Services. I am also putting search links for Nebraska.Just  scroll down page for  these links and good luck,I am always searching for new site's so check back again & again.

Click on this link to seeAddress & Phone # For Nebraska

If You Are Searching In

I Just bought the 1998
Directory Of County
Officials For
If You Need Any Info.
For Anyone Of The 93
Countys E-Mail
Any person may petition
the courts for access to
adoption records,the request should be hand written,signed & notarizeds,also if you send any other papers or birth record you must label them EXHIBIT "A" & "B" and so on.You need to state the reason for wanting the records opened.Adoption records are indexed by the childs name or the adoptive parents name,that to should be indicated in your request.
Do this your self i was charged 300.00 by my investigator for this small task.

DNA Testing
If any one needs info. on where to get DNA testing,   here are web links below  where you can get DNA kits,you never have to leave your home.
  web site for DNA
Welcome to Identigene

Web site affiliated genetics DNA testing

Web site  beta genetics DNA testing

Web site  labcorp DNA testing


NSHS Research Services ---Nebraska State Historical Society
Welcome to Grand Island Online ---If you were born and adopted in Grand IsLand put an ad in the paper for your search.
Nebraska State Government

USGenWeb - Nebraska Archives
NEGenWeb Project---Be sure and check this web site out if you are searching in Nebraska

Nebraska Legal and Law Links. Legal Informat...

  i3govne This site has a list of all the counties In Nebraska with address & phone # If you know what county you where adopted In go here.You can write them or call
   Welcome to ClassMates! If you need to find some one from high schools this Is by state.


Bonded Private Investigator-------click here

 Black Market

 Melanie started & ran our Black Market Mailing List

She  passed away mothers day of the year


She will be missed.

Eyes Wide Open Registry

Black Market Adoption by M. Haviland

Black Market Adoptee's Registry
Black Market Adoption Search Sites - Adoption
Join the Black Market mailing list
or e-mail

  THE LIGHT FROM A SINGLE CANDLE, Everyone in the adoption triad should go and read this,it is beautiful


Genealogy Links

The USGenWeb Project - Home Page ---Volunteers in Genealogical research in every county and much more, must see.
 TREASURE MAPS - the How-to Genealogy Site - M... ----Great site must see
  Cyndi's List - U.S. - Nebraska -----------Cyndi's Has Loads Of Links and Info

Cook Cnty ILGenWeb USGenWeb - Table of Contents
Local Catholic Church History and Genealogy R...
  Best Genealogy Links on the WWW!

Subjects A to Z  US  Census Bureau

 Texas Searcher
Help For Searching In Texas I made this page for my Texas links

Home Pages / Registery’s & General Info

For World Wide Searching

ISRR - International Soundex Reunion Registry -------This Is the first thing you should do befor you start your search.

Adoption Registry Free @ the Merry Go Round      NEW WEB SITE   help in searching for free

Adoption free search
Family -- You Are Here -- site has a registery go search or post your info.
  Vital Records Information - California
Vital Records Information - California Counties

Adoption Triad Outreach Homepage ----This is a great web site you can also add your search info here.And many links for help.
HOT - Heart of Triad Mailing List --This is new and it also has a searh site and a place to post your search.
 The Seeker, Reuniting America ---Go Here And Put Your Search Info.
  Yearbook - Frames ---If you are searching for someone through schools.
Schools Online ----This is another good site for looking through schools to find someone.

Birthname Cheshire! ---Adoptee who is searching and has adoption links with help ,and his story for his search.
Missing Persons -- JANUARY 19, 1959 -- http:/... ---This is a b-mom searching for daughter.
The Home Page for Adoptees and Birth Families
Adoptees, Birth Parents and Siblings Searchab...
VSN - The Volunteer Search Network This is a group of people from all over the states,read the whole page and then go down and click on the state you where born in,They will do leg work for you in that state and maybe more.I have sent e-mail to the one in Nebraska to help me in my search for my twin
Ohio Adoption Search Information

Tina's Online Databases and Adoption Informat... ----another great page lots of link's

 More Registery’s & Search Engines


Metro Reunion Registry
Adoptee's Post & Search Page ---Add your search info and search all the entrees
Birth Family Post & Seach ---Add your search info and search all the entrees.
Twin's & Triplet's Post & Search Page ---Add your search info and search all the entrees. - Long Lost Family Bulletin Board ---Post your search info here and search the board.
Reunion Registry ---This is one of the bigest FREE registrys.

Free & Privately Maintained by Betty Heide To Obtain A Form,a SASE should be mailed to
Not Limited to Indiana

Reunion Registry of Indiana
 51537 Myrtle Ave.
South Bend,IN 46637

Reunion Registry Of Indiana

 The Info Service phnoe & mail directories

Foster Family Mystery
Geministwo's Adoption Home Page -----Gem Is A Good Friend & has great pages with lots of links & Information for Florida & More ,check It out.

Sylvia's NY Adoption Page Sylvia's main page with links & help
About Family History, Genealogy, and Roots at... -----(NEW)--This is a great free search for some one with a name,all kinds of diferen't searches.
SS index search -----(NEW ) i just found this i haven't tried it yet,if you have a SOCIAL SECURITY # CHECK THIS OUT,it is A FREE SEARCH DO it YOUR SELF.
Militarily Seeking ---If you are searching for someone who was in the Militarity check out this site. - White Pages - United States
The Ultimate Directory - DejaNews The Ultimate Directory - InfoSpace
Searching for someone
Birthday Server Home Page
Search the DMV Site
!!! Social Security Number Repor...
Welcome to Dogpile, the Friendly Multi-Engine... ---Great search engine
Ohio Adoption Search Information
 News and Newspapers Online News papers by state
The Seeker, Reuniting America!
Miscellaneous Databases & Many Search Engins

The Front Page Collection of SEARCH ENGINES
Virtual Search Engines -- Over 1,000 of the m...
200 Legal & Other Useful Links by Search & Serve


  He is a searcher but i don't know anything about him.
Ed Egan
P.O. BOX 2425
Bride View , IL 60455
Phone # 1-708-403-9133

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