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Found B-Family 1-24-99
Adoptee ISO B-Family
City & State---Auburn,Washington
Hospital---Auburn General
B-MOMS First name---Aleta
B-Dads first name---Dale
B-Moms age---17
B-Dads age---18
B-Mom was middle of 3 kids,worked as a car hop and never graduated.
General health history of both is good
My sister is a red head tiny frame 5'4 110lbs lots of freckles.Contact me at

Adoptee ISO B-DAD

ISO siblings. Fathers name Richard Seaburn, DOB 10-28-46. There is possible one half brother born in 1969. Richard is from Penn and Ohio. Lived in Texas in July of 1979, maybe longer. My name is Michelle I was born in 1967 in Virginia. If any of this sounds familiar please contact me at or


I am searching for my birth father. I was raised by my birth mother and my Stepdad. They have been married since I was 1. My information is as follows; DOB 4-1-67, time 4:58 am, place Langley Air Force Base, Va. Birth name Michelle Renee Seaburn, adopted in July-1979. Mothers name Mary.Contact me at

Adoptee ISO B-MOM
Kelly born 11-24-1979
Born baby Vieth
Santa Rosa memorial hospital , Santa Rosa Ca
Birth mother: Sandra Vieth
Birth Father : Patrick Curley
if this sounds familair to anyone please e-mail

Adoptee ISO B-MOM
Kelly born Feb 14th 1966
LA county hospital
born Baby Ruiz
Birthmothers name Rita Ruiz
Birth father unknown
if you know of this please e-mail

Searching For Adoptee's
Place---Oklahoma City, OK
Deaconess Home Of Redeeming Love
Looking for sister,Kim Laviola
Brothers--Terry Berry & David Jackson
Name at birth--Kelly Kay Jackson
B-MOMS Name--Joyce or Jeannie Jackson
Last known address--Duncan,OK
Contact me at

Adopted Parent searching for Adoptee's B-Family.
I have a little girl..well she's really not little anymore. She will be 18 on Nov. 21. She was born 11-21-80 in Manhatten New york. I adopted her through an agency. She was talking to me the other day about her natural parents and I thought I would try to get some info. All I know about her parents is that her father was Puerto Rican and on worker's comp for construction and her mom was about 20 and she was a heroin addict. She had already had one child before. If anyone knows little girl was born in Rossevelt Hospital.
Please email me at

Adoptee searching for B-Family
I was born in Danville, VA 4/23/55
My name given at birth was Danny Ray
I know my mother's name was Mary Jane Shields.
I believe she divorced soon after my birth.
That's all I know! Can you help?

Adoptee Searching
I am 11 years old looking for my mom she is 27 years oldshe had me on April 6th 1987 in the morning from what i know.If you have any info please contact me at

Place: Lying In Hosp. Providence, Rhode Island
Dob: 12-11-57
Adoption Agency: Childrens Friend and Service
She was 16-17 at time of my birth. I was told that she had blonde hair, blue eyes, 5' 2" tall wanted to keep me but couldn''t. I was told that I was in a foster home until placed with adoptive parents in July 1958.
Thank you for creating this page.
Ellen (adopted name)Contact me at 

Adoptee searching
I am helping my sister in law Birth name Donna Jones DOB 2-1-1950 try
to find her family. Detroit,Mich Wayne co. In search of half brother
born in 1945 or 1946 Birth name Ramond Last possably Jones.
Looking for 1 sister born in 1951-1952 Looking for 1
sister born 195- 1953 Court orderd adoption Handled
by The Childerns Aid Soceity
Contact at

Adoptee Searching for birth family
DOB - 3/27/49
B'Name - Rebecca Ann Lewis
Place of birth - Los Angeles,CA
B'Mom - born Jan.15,1921 in Maryland
B'Dad - born in 1921 - southern US
I am especially interested in making contact for medical reasons.
Please contact me at

Adoptee searching for B- parents
I was born in Atwater, California on January 23, 1976. I was given a birthname of Michael Joseph Gonzales. I was adopted by John Junior and Carol Joyce Abernathy. Adoptive fathers occupation at the time of adoption was a school teacher for an elementary school. I think they lived in merced, CA. When I was first born I suffered from jontes and had to stay in the hospital for a couple of weeks for blood tranfusions. I think that I was adopted a couple of weeks later.Please contact me at

Adoptee searching
Girl ISO of BFamily
Born: 12-23-69
Detroit, Michigan
HOB: William Booth Memorial Hospital (Salvation Army, mother stayed home for unwed mothers)
Agency: Catholic Social Services
Birth Weight: 7 lbs., 9 oz.
Height: 20 1/2 "in length
Time of birth: 6:09 am
Dr. Katz: Delivering Doctor, Southfield, Michigan
***Baby Girl in foster home first 2 years of life***
Foster Parent/Social Worker for baby's first 2 years of life:
Barbara/Frances McDonald (of African-American heritage, also foster parent to atleast 8 other African-American children
**Adopted to family at 2 and a half years of age: came home w/ the Elliott family from Fenton, Michigan
Birth Father Non-Identifying Info: 5'11", 200 lbs., "medium-muscular build", age 19 at time of baby's birth, athletically-inclined, played the drums, very popular and outspoken, planned on attending Jr. College. Birth Father's Father owned his own business (grocery?) and died at age 56 of Cancer. Birth Father had older sisters and brother (unknown age order). Family of Protestant Faith. German/Polish heritage, blonde to medium brown hair and green/blue/gray eyes are distinct family characteristics.
Birth Mother Non-Identifying Information: 5'6", 130 lbs., of German, Norwegian, Russian, and Lithuanian background, age 16 at time of baby girl's birth, Bmother of Catholic faith, younger brother died in drowning accident at age 18 (had other siblings, unknown gender and ages). Fair-skin, blue/grey eyes, blonde hair are common family features. BMother's father worked as a hospital orderly, slender in build. Family may have been from Farmington Hills, Michigan.
BMother & Father were not married at the time of baby girl's birth (both in high school at the time). My adoptive mother told me that because my bmother was so young and living in a time of extremely high morals and judgement, she may have been forced to give me up at her young age, also heard bmother was in home for unwed mothers during her pregnancy (name, "Sue"?). No judgements, only gratitude! Please contact if any of this sounds familiar..
I am fully open to any connection possible.. Also searching for ANY birth relatives..
Godspeed to all of those who are still searching.. Warmest Wishes, Lauren Elliott

Adoptee Searching
City & State---Indianapolis,Indiana
Hospital---St Elizabeth's Maternity Home
Adopted at 3 months through Catholic Charities
I think i was adopted & baptized in Beech GroveA small town close to Maternity home.
I have Baptismal certificate from befor i was adopted that LIST John Jr & Frances Fiekierle as Sponsors.
B-Moms name may have been Mary
B-Mom was 18 at time of birth.
B-Mom born in Iowa
B-Mom blue eyes & brown hair good student had lots of allergies
B-Dad was older with gray hair and a horse trainer
Contact me at

Adoptee searching
I was adopted in 1952-3, in Fitchburg,Ma., and found the named father. He is dead! I have had no luck with my natural mother. Her name was Irene C. Brackett, of Fitchburg, Marriwd to , and then divorced from, Harold Bartholemew, in 1949. Can anyone help? Contact me at .

I was born on March 15 1947 and was adopted in june of that year to Maxine and John Halpin of Albany NY.I don't know if that is where I was born or not.My adoptive parents insisted that it was an Irish Catholic adoption.So I might have been in a catholic orphanige of some sort prior to the adoption.I know that my birth name was David but my adoptive mother had blacked out all the other information on the adoption papers so there really isn't alot to go on.Both my adopted parents are deceased that is when I found out that I was adopted.Contact me at.

Searching for birth mother , siblings.
DOB: 4-23-69
Dickson, Tn
Birthmother had 5-6 year old daughter at the time of giving me up that she may have kept.
Adoptive Parents: Jane and Carl Worsham , Knoxville, Tn
My first name is Shannon
I was placed into foster home in Erin , Tn before being placed with birth parents 8-8-69. Social Worker name- Jollie Holly .Contact me at


Searching for birth parents/siblings
DOB: Jan.20, 1969
Plymouth, Mass.
Birth mother age 16. She kept me for 3 months, then put me in home for adoption. Believe the place was called Home for Little Wanderers.
Adoptive parents: Charles & Lorna Ahern
My first name is Caran (don't know name given at birth)
Please e-mail me with any info.

Adoptee searching
My name is Leeann (Coulter, maiden name). I am searching for my biological parents. I believe their name is Kevin and Diane Sampson and they belong to the Church of Jesus Christ - Latter Day Saints. I am told I have two older brothers. I was born at South Coast Community Hospital in So. Laguna Beach, CA . The doctor that delivered me was Dr. White. My adopted parents went through an attorney (I think) to finalize the adoption and I was brought home at four days old. At the time of my adoption, my adopted parents lived in San Diego, CA. My adopted father was in the U. S. Navy and stationed at the naval base in San Diego. If any of these dates or names are familiar, please contact me at my e-mail.

Adoptee ISO B-Mom
City & State---Los Angeles,Ca.
Hospital---Queen of Angeles
Birth name---Carolyn Lee Schneider
B-Moms name---Mary Lou Elias
B-Mom age 16 at time of birth
B-Mom worked in her fathers tabacco store in Los Angeles ,Ca.
B-Dads name ---Unknown
I was told my birth father never kenw of me,but it seems i was named after him.Contact me at

Adoptee searching for birth family
I am searching for my birth parents. I was born 2-2-70 in Austin, Texas. I was born at Seaton Hospital. The adoption agency that adopted me out was Marywood adoption agency. I don't really have any more information other than that. I think they were in school at the time I was born.
Contact me at(

Adoptee searching for birth family
I am helping a friend find his family
Adopted at age 2 1/2 years old
Adoptee's name is ( Paul John Sherman )
B-Mom 18 or 19 at time of birth
B-Mom may have been a store clerk
B-Mom has siezure disorders
Adoptive parents lost custody due to abuse.If any info e-mail me at

Adoptee ISO b-Family
My name is Sandra Jane Edwards (Craig). I was born in Louisville, KY on August 4, 1958. Dr. Johnny Reynolds delivered me, he is now deceased. My adopted parents were from Belleville, IL and are now both deceased. Their names are Robert James Craig (10-20-22) and Dorothy Louise Hartman (12-10-11). This is all the information that I have. I have an envelope with my birth certificate with lawyers names on it from E. St. Louis, IL so I don't know if the adoption was finalized in IL or KY? So I don't know where to go from here. Contact

Adoptee searching for B-Mom
DOB: 09/28/45
PLACE OF BIRTH: Indianapolis, Indiana
HOSPITAL: St. Vincents Hospital
Both my adopted parents passed away in 1979.
Contact me

Adoptee searching for B-sister
I am looking for my adopted brothers birth sister. He is wanting to find her and meet her.He was 4 months old and she was 3 years old when they were taken away and split up. Here is the information I have:
birth name; Brenda Sue Schumacher
birthdate; 11-30-68 in Tulsa, Oklahoma
birth parents; James and Joyce Schumacher (we found them)
I would love to be able to find her for him. It's so hard to not knowing if her name is the same or what her last name is.Contact me

Adoptee ISO B-Mom & B-Family
My name is Cynthia Mills. My maiden name is Cynthia Nickols. I was adopted and raised by my biological grandparents on my fathers side of the family. My birth mothers name was Angela Sue Gregory. I was born on 4-13-72 in Phoenix, Arizona. My birth father was Wynn "Gene" Nickols. Angela went by "Susie". I understand she had two other children a boy and a girl. I would despretaly like to be reunited with any of them.Contact me

Adoptee ISO B-Mom & B-Family
City & State---Falls Church, Va
Hospital---Fairfax (time of birth 4:37 pm )
Dr. Name---James E. Anderson
BC # --- 760
State Birth # --- 145-74-009276
I would love any help or info on searching,contact me at

Adoptee ISO B-Parents & Siblings
Born in--- Hastings Ne. ( Admas County )
Hospital---Mary Lanning
Time of birth---1:20 PM
Dr.----CR Weber
B-moms age at time of birth---19
B-dads age at time of birth---23
B-Mom was born in ---Meigs,GA
B-Dad was in the Army & stationed at an ammunition deport in
Hastings, NE
No records for marriage or death on B-Parents.
There was a nurse who found my adopted parents for me,her name was
Lydia Sneller.My adopted parents tried later to adopt a little boy named Bobby,and he was with us for awhile and then he was taken away,i also would like to know where he is .Bobbys DOB 1943 or 1944 he had blond curley hair and blues eyes.
Both of my adopted parents are passed away.Contact me at

Adoptee searching for family
My name is Elyn Dubowsky and I am searching for any member of my family. I was born on 9-23-71 in Phx, Az. at around 2:40am. The doctor that delivered me was named Dr. Ben Celniker. I believe I was born in Good Samaritan Hospital in Maricopa Co. I was adopted out when I was one day old. At least this is what my a/father told me. He picked me up from the hosp on 9-24-71. My adoption was finalized in New Bruswick, New Jersey. This is all the info that I have.Contact me at BORDNZBABE@AOL.COM

Adoptee searching
My date of birth 8-13-56. Born in Phelps County,MO and adopted at the age of 6months to TX. Private adoption. Bparents may have been farm workers and moved around alot. Possibly had at least 2 other siblings, a boy of about 10 and a girl around 7. If this sounds familiar to anyone, please e-mail me at

ISO B-parents
My DOB 10-28-63
Was born in Pensacola, Florida and given to the Childrens Home Society.
They placed me with a couple from Graceville, FL when I was 28
days old. I weighed 4lbs and 5oz.
If you have any info. or have similar info. e-mail me Kay

Adoptee born 11/08/57 Chicago, IL ISO birthmom Fay(e) Phillips. Birth name:Bonita Louise Phillips. Adopted name: Susan Karen Stein. Fay was either divorced or widowed. She may have lived in the Chicago area in the 1950s. Private adoption.
Susan Lovell

Adoptee Searching
M/DOB 08/25 or 26/1937 ISO Birth family members.
Born as Willaim Dean Eldridge at Salvation Army Women's and Children's Home in Denver, CO. Mother's maiden name Beverly Eldridge, DOB 11-13-1917, brown hair, blue eyes, 135lbs, 9th grade education, worked as a housekeeper then and was of the Methodist faith. Grandmother, Stella nurse in Denver, grandfather Daniel worked as county abstractor. Bmother had a brother named Hubert who worked as the Superintendent of Schools in Greeley, CO. Would like to find any family members, not looking to disrupt anyone's life just trying to find out medical information and what may have happened to my birth mother.
Anyone having any information, please e-mail at

Male adoptee, d/b 01-03-56, Brady Hospital -Albany, NY..baptised Jan. St. Catherines foundling home until placement 06-22-56..
mother Irish, Italian , 22yrs old..waitress...has one sister and 2
brothers..brothers in Marines in1956....father, married 3 children and
was in trucking business...I would love to meet any family members...I
need to tell you I am fine...but would like to find out med history and


Adoptee ISO 1/2 Siblings
Hi! My name is Kelly, I am a 35 year old adoptee in search of my 1/2 siblings. I have successfully found 2 brothers and 1 sister, and our birth mother. But never met bmom. B-Moms name was Phyllis June Hatcher, she had brown hair brown eyes and was 16 at time of birth,She is deceased. Have been reunited with brothers and sister. Now in search for my other sibs--born in St. Josephs Hospital Scranton, PA in the years 1951 & 1952. Both were adopted to seperate families, and adopted out at the age of 3 months old. Back them some adoptees were not even told they were adopted. All they have to do is write to St. Josephs--and bingo--there will be a letter awaiting them, explaining to them I am their sister, Medical information ect. Let me know if you can help me.Contact me at

Adoptive Parent's ISO B-family
adoptive parents looking for the birth mother of our adopted son. His name at Birth was John Anthony Reed born 08-12-79 in Portland Oregon, at University Hospital North. His birth mothers name is Teresa Reed, she is 5"7in. tall, stocky build, dishwater blonde hair, and hazel eyes. Her last known address was 933 SE 31 St. Portland Oregon, and was last known to live there in January 1980. We were his foster parents before adopting him, but don't have a birthdate other than sometime in 1959 between August, and January 1 1960. Any help would be greatly appreciated.Contact me at

Adoptee ISO B-Family
D.O.B 10/14/63 born
in torrance Ca. I was born with a heart mumor but it had closed up on
it's own. I had blonde hair brown eye's at the time. I think I was put
into foster care right after my birth.I was adopted out of San
Bernardino Ca. from Social Servies in the spring of 1965. As far as I
know I have 2 other sibling's. I need medical info. very much as you see
my daughter is recovering from cancer. I would like to have contact with
my birthfamily if they would like it also. I think my birthname was
Lorretta M. Fair. Please if any of this look's familur to you please
e-mail me at:

Adoptee ISO B-Family
Male DOB 9-15-46, Longview, Gregg Co, TX born to local girl, Gregg Memorial Hospital, RN arranged the private adoption to now
deceased parents who raised me in the Hallsville Tx area. After relinquishment at
one day old, I was picked up at the hospital by adoptive mother and
adoption finalized six months later. Searching for over twenty years,
wish to talk with any members of birth family, to know background,
health history. Steve at

Adoptee ISO B-Family
Female adoptee born 3/13(?)/1972 in Newburg,OR. I am searching for any birth family member for information exchange or contact.Please e-mail me at

Adoptee searching for b-family
Born in Douglas County Nebraska, January, 15th 1968. White male - all other info is unknown at this time. Adoptive parents first names (if the other party may have) is Judy and Marvin from Audobon Iowa (at that time) State file # is not on birth certificate, and it was signed August 11th, 1968, and issued August 12th 1969. that's all we have...My husband's name Is Scott Lund. No birthname info.Contact me at

Searching for siblings
Looking for Joy Diane Gonzales DOB--10-31-1951
Looking for Robert Gonzales DOB---8-1-1953
Don't know where they were born,they were living with our b-mom at 4753 Lake Park,Chicago,IL IN 12-22-1954 Her name was Virginia Enlowaine Nace/Leake,Mclntosh/Barbara Linda/Barbara Darlene/Barbara Van Ness.She shows up Miami,FL in 1956 with out eather of these children.They may have been abandoned in Chicago,but i don't know this for a fact.Any assistance would be appreciated,i have located six other siblings,but these two have eluded me so far.Please contact me at

My B-Name was---Debra Ann McFadden
My A-Name was---Deanna Lyn Morley
City & State---Chatham,Ontario
Hospital---Piblic General
Adopted age 1 month out of the St Thomas CAS to Fred & Allie Morley.
Adoption Finalized on 11-14-1962
Please contact me at

Hospital---Holy Cross
City & State---Silver Spring,Maryland
Adoptee's Name---Evelyn Marie Byrne( Maiden Name Molands )
B-Mom's Name---Margie Heinbach--Not sure of spelling.
Adopted by Ruth & Sigbjorn Moland.I found another adoptee who is my brother,his parents said our b-mom married a Russell Fields and then moved to eather WV or TN ,if anyone has any info on this please contact me at

City & State---Evergreen Park,Illinois,(Chicago)
I was born at little company of Mary hospital in Evergreen Park at 8:03 PM,and given to my adopted parents on November 30
B-Moms Name---Betty J. Jaske
B-Dads Name---Richard D. Jaske
I have found out that i was the 7 th child born to Betty,my adopted parents were told they only had 4.I would like to find my b-parents and siblings.I don't want to intrude on there lives.If they don't want a relationship,then i will settle for medical history on the family to pass on to my children and grandchildren.Contact me at

Found B-Parents
City & State---Duluth,MN
Hospital---St Mary's
Agency---Lutheran Social Services
B-Mom---Possibly named Diane and from Southern Minnesota.She was 17 at the time of my birth.If you have any information on this please contact me

Adoptee searching for B-family
(Found B-F)
Name at birth---Susan Lorraine Grubbs
City & State---Charlotte, North Carolina
B-Mom---Carol Grubbs,Southern Bell employee in Wilmington,NC, 19 at the time of my birth.
Florence Crittendon Home
Adoption through state of NC
Contact me at

City & State---Jersey City,NJ
Hospital---Margaret Hague
B-Mom---A ballerina-under 20 years of age
B-Dad---Medical School at time of conception
he was not married at the time to my b-mom.
Catholic Community Services handled adoption in E. Orange or Newark,NJ Known as Catholic Charities in 1961.
B-Mom is believed to be Mary Bullock of Dickerson High School,Jersey City.Please contact me at

Adoptee searching for b-family
Adoptee's Maiden name- Helen M. Mandell
A-Parents name---Lewis & Vivian Mandell
City & State---Yonkers, NY
B-mom---The relinquishment papers state her name as Edyth Baker but not sure of that.She may have been a teacher,no other info. at this time.WE ARE NOT LOOKING FOR PROFESSIONAL SEARCHERS AT THIS TIME.
If you have any info. contact me at

Adoptee searching for b-family
City & State---San Francisco,Ca.
Hospital---St Francis
B-Name---Walter G. Kordesh
Olive Complexion/brown hair
Amended----Walter Gorden Howell
Heritage---Father: Eastern European/Mother: German/Swiss..English ??
A-Mother---Katherin E. Howell/now late 70's
Maiden name---Bueri
A-Father---Gordon Lanson Howell/80 years old
Contact me at

Adoptee Searching For Any B-Family
City & State---South Charleston,WV
Adopted through Child Services
Sick at birth and placed in foster home until well enough to go home with a-parents.
Formula records show adoptee's name was Sharon.A-Parents were told there were no diseases in B-Family. I need to find B-family for two reasons i would like to know them & i need to know about medical history.I have a 6 year old daughter who has severe Asthma & immune disease common amoung child-onset asthmatics-called dermatitis it is severe She has several birth marks ,had one removed because it was growing,and these are not from her fathers side of the family.My A-father past on a few months ago,now i am afraid my B-parents may be gone me Lynda Suzanne Fetterman ( Maiden name-- Loges )

City & State---Sherveport,Louisiana
Adopted through---Volunteers Of America of North Louisiana
Adopted Name---Lisa Deneyne Landrum
A-Mom saw the name Jennifer on paper work
Agency called adoptee baby Jennifer,but that could have been the B-Moms name.
Adoptee weighed 6 lbs. 4oz,had black hair blue eyes dimple in right cheek.B-Mom was 18 Swedish / Hungarian/German descent.she was 5'1" & weighed 140 lbs.
B-Dad-- was 20 Italian descent,6'1" & 175lbs.I am seeking any members of my B-Family. Contact me (

City & State---Little Rock, Arkansas
Born At 4:45 am at St Vincents Infirmary
Birth Name---Jamie Carlene Simmons
Adopted Name---Sondra Kay Bradley Miller
B-Moms name---Doris Sue Simmons
B-Mom when through Florence Crittenton Home
B-Mom was 21 and divorced at my birth
I also have a B-Brother i don't know his name but his DOB 12-23-1956
Must locate a member of my B-Family due to a serious kidney me at

City & State---Miami,Florida
Hospital---Baptist Hospital of South Miami
Adoption Handled by Private Attorney Named Burton LeveyAdoptive parents Robert & Sheila Drucker and they are Jewish.If you have any info or think you might know this person please contact me at,

City & State---Mountain Home ,Idaho
Hospital---Mountain Home
B-Moms Name---Mary Alice Thomas
Adoption Was Handled By A Judge
Adoptee was told B-Mom was just passing through Town,the nurse who assisted B-Mom at the hospital adopted the baby,B-Mom said she coulden't aford another child,she already had 5-6 other children,B-Mom said if the nurse would buy her a winter coat she could adopt the baby.Her name on the birth certificate is Susan Alice McMinn and there is no listing for the b-father on the judgement handed down from the judge.Any info. would be greatly appreciated.Contact me at

Hospital---St Johns Hospital
City & State---Detroit,MI
B-Name---Leanne Loraine ( not sure of spelling )
B-Parents unmarried
B-Mom was 21
B-Dad was 23
Adopted through Protestant Youth Organiztion In Detroit,now known as Christian Family Services.
B-Dads father was a police officer
My fathers wife & child where killed in a car reck.I want to meet my B-family to thank them for giving me life,and doing what they thought was best for me at the time.I have 2 boys and i know my B-Mom must think of me on occasion. Contact me at

City & State---Buffalo,NY
Name---Jeffrey Smith
In search of B-mom & / or B-Family
Contact me at

Name---Melody Chester
City & State---Fort Worth,TX
Adopted through Homestead Adoption Agency
B-Mom was admitted to hospital under an alias of Patricia Adams.Her real name is Priscilla Ann Avery.She was 17 at the time of my birth.Please contact me at

Name---Trica Katz
Hospital---North Shore,Dade County,
City & State---Miami,Florida
Adoption processed in NY State
B-Moms last name---Crouse
Please contact me at

City & State---St. Helens,Or.
Birth Sir Name---Montag
In search of any birth family.Not known if birth parents where married,may have been migrant farm workers.Contact me at.

Adoptee----Searching For B- Family
Adopted Name---Sharon
Adopted out of ----Childrens Home Society
City & State--- Seattle,Washington
B-Mom age 19
B-Mom had crippled hands
If Any Of This Looks familiar to you please contact me at

Adoptee----Searching For Any Birth Family
Hospital---Alhambra Community
City & State---Alhambra Ca.
Adoptee's Name---Dayle Altman
Adoptee's Maiden--Evelyn Dayle Harrison
Birth Moms Info.
Name---Eleanor Buswunk
Maiden---Eleanor Way
SS #---563-50-6977
Please contact me at

Adoptee---White Female
City & State---Ft. Wroth Tx
B-Mom ---was English & Catholic
B- Dad-- was Sweedish
My B-mother was in the homestead home for unwed mothers.My b-parents where not married.I don't know if my B- father new she was pregnant sence he was in the army.Her last name given to me was ( Lay ) You can contact me at

Adopted Name ( Bonnie Thompson )
City & State----Elizabeth, N.J.
If this info. looks familer to anyone please contact : Janet Gabor

B-Name----Kathleen Kelly ( or Kelley )
Place Of Birth---Fairmont Maternity Home
City & State---Kansas City, MO
B-Mom---23, Practical nurse,Kansas City area
Has old fashioned first name,but do not know initial or name.
B-Dad---25-in Army. Also had one brother who was in the Army.He knew B-Mom for a long time.Was neighbors to her grandparents.He might have been killed in the bombing of Pearl Harbor.Contact me at

White Male---William Clark
Hospital-----Cape Fear Valley Memorial
City & State----Fayetteville,NC
There is a chance i was adopted from the Greensboro,NC Dept.of social services.I have some non-id for my b-parents.Need medical history. My prayers are for peace to everyone involved.Hope to see you soon. Contact me at.

Hospital---St Joseph's At 6:12 AM
City & State----South Bend,IN
B- Mom Was 16 Years Old
B-Mom---Hungarian American
B-Dad Was 17 or 18 years old
B-Dad----African American
I am searching for info. about my birth parent's.
contact me at


Searching for my biological father and/or his family:
My birth name: Cynthia Marie Martain, b. 4/6/1953, Queen of Angeles Hospital, Los Angeles, CA.
Biological mother's name: Jorene Mary Schuckman, born 6/6/1938 (she was 14 years old at my birth)
Biological father's name: Frank Martain, was 26 at the time (born @1927), Los Angeles, CA.
Adopted at age 2 by Jesse Lyndon Drayer and Aline Helen ("Causkey") Harrington.
Oral history states that Frank was in the Army, stationed in Albequrque, New Mexico, when he became an MIA. This was between the months of June 6, 1952 (when he married my mother in Tiajuana, Mexico at the courthouse) and August 31, 1952 (well before my birth). There was a "military" funeral with a triangular flag which was given to my grandmother, Mary Schuckman. Frank was a "truck driver" according to my mother, and a "welder" according to my original birth certificate. Searches with the military, birth records in California, and death records in New Mexico have all been negative, no information on Frank Martain. The marriage record in Tiajuana has also been "Obliterated". I believe Frank became a "non-person" in the military and that all of his records have been purged. Help!!!I am also looking for my biological grandmother, Miriam Minor. My biological mother, Jorene Minor, was born 6/6/1938, Good Sam. Hospital, Cincinatti, Ohio. She was not "legally" adopted, but was taken home by the attending nurse, Mary Schuckman, who raised her as her own with her husband, Frances Schuckman, in Cincinatti, Ohio. Her biological parents on her original birth ceriticate is Roy Carl Siefert and Miriam Minor. I have located Roy Carl Siefert's family, and have reunited with my 6 half uncles and aunts. However, Miriam is still elusive. Information on Miriam is as follows:
Miriam (or Mairiam) Jefferies Minor, b. 10/7/1914, Vicksburg, Warren Co., Mississippi, daughter of Albert Rosh Minor (b. 1885, LA) who married Kathleen ("Wallen") Harwood 5/18/1911, Warren Co., Miss. (Kathleen Harwood b. 5/1890, Vicksburg, Warren Co., MIss.)
Miriam worked as a housekeeper for Roy Siefert after the death of his first wife, and before he married his 2nd wife. This is the time period that my biological mother, Jorene Minor, was born (6/6/1938). She also worked in a children's home, in Dayton, Ohio, possibly in Indiana, and was last heard from in 1956 at Lake Elsinor, California. I believe that Miriam may have had another child, who lives in California, possiblly Pacific Grove. HELP!!!I am also trying to locate the birth parents for my husband, Richard Jahu Proppe.
Richard was born 4/11/1961, Portland, Oregon.
He was adopted at age 10 months through Waverly Children's Home in Portland, Oregon.
His biological mother was said to be 15 years old at the time (b. @1946), from Medford, Oregon.
He was adopted by Wesley and Elizabeth (Grover) Proppe, in Portland, Oregon.
Please contact


Adoptee born 9/6/57 in Cisco TX. at the Graham Hosp. E.H. Ballew DR.
Earl Conner attorney (now deceased) private adoption.
B/fathers name Troy P. Carter DOB 5/26/1910 (now deceased)
B/moms name Virginia June (Temple) Carter DOB??1930 in Atlanta GA
Father had daughter by another marriage....Gladys Elizabeth..DOB 11/2/28
B/mom and B/father had a daughter.....PATSY JO CARTER..DOB 7/26/50
I am desperately looking for Patsy Jo and Virginia June.....
They may have moved from TX to OK....
Any information will be greatly appreciated.
Debbie Passion Standard Poodles
litter arrived 6/4/98In Search of:
Gladys Elizabeth Carter FOUND!!!!!!! 6/6/98 REUNITED BY PHONE
Patsy Jo Carter??? 7/26/50 Texas.
Virginia June Temple Carter.????1930??
Everyone deserves to know the truth about their lives, no truth is too
terrible to know.


Adoptee----Heather Ann Helferty
B-Name---Lesile Jo T
POB---Pittisburgh,PA (Allegheny County)
B-Parents---Young unmarried couple
Agency---Catholic Charities of Pittsburgh
Adopted---1968- after foster homes
Finalized---Orphan's Court ( of common Pleas) #147 of 1968
A-Parents---James Helferty & Lois Likavec Helferty
Searching for Medical,then B-Parents names & other relatives
Contact me at


Adoptee Looking For B-Family
Place of birth----San Deigo,Ca.
Place of adoption--San Deigo,Ca.
Mother's maiden name--Hooten (I think)
Birth name---Baby Girl Bolton
Adopted name--Pamela J. Sautter
Given up for adoption--7-29-1957
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Born---whittier ,Ca.
Hospital---Murphys Memorial At 2:34PM
Dr.---Roy Gilbert Is on Birth Certificate
B-Mom--Carolyn Kingsley
B-Dad---(Bill )--Most likely Kingsley to
I have brothers & sisters or at least 1/2 siblings,that is what i think haunts me the mostStory has it that B-Moms husband was in prison,she had an afair with his brother Bill and got pregnant w/me and gave me up.B-Mom called my A-mom a year later wanting money,noughting sence I would like to see siblings at least if not ,at least family history etc...please e-mail me at Thanks Tracy

Hosipital---Saint Elizabeth's
A-Name--- Stephen Joseph Brownlee
B-Name---Phillip ( Possibly )
Adopted By Jesse Brownlee & Alice Nardon Brownlee
Searching for birth parents & siblings.
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Adoptee--ISO B-Mother
Hospital---Marion Co.
Attending Dr. ---Dr. Gilespy
Born---- Indianapolis,In
Birth Mother was resident at Coleman home for unwed mothers.
If you have any info. please contact me at


Hospital---ST. Anthony's
Adopted Name---Alfred Lee Fowler
Adopted Parent's--John & Bonnie Fowler
Probably---Catholic adoption
Would like any info. about birth family


Hospital---Bannock County Hospital
Name on Birth Certificate--(Kim Leslie Davidson) this is my adopted last name.My name now is ( Kim Nagle ) I was told my mom was an unmarried teen.My adoptive parents ( the Davidson's ) heard of the situation through a pharmacist and where able to adopt me and take me home 3 days after my birth.Please contact Kim at


DOB---7/18/47 Indiana
Adoptee searching for BM or sibling.No BC ,hospital records no longer exist(Riverview Hospital,Indiana ). BM's name Ruth M. Garrett ( possibly not correct last name ).Hoping to find an Angel In the Noblesville area who would go to court house and do some research. I have BF's name also. E-MAIL me at



DOB---6/4/60 ------ FT. LAUDERDALE, FL
MALE ------ ( ISO BIRTH MOM ) ( B-Mom Has Been Found )
Adoption through Children's Home Society.For Info.visit my web site( Contact me--(


DOB---11/44-----NEBRASKA   Found  B-Family In 1999
FEMALE-----adoptee born in Milford,NE. ISO birth family.Contact (( ) for further Info.


DOB---6/5/53-----TULSA , OKLAHOMA
MALE-----ADOPTEE---- FOUND B-Family   1998


DOB 7-10-43 ------Syracuse,Ny
MALE--------Adoptee----Adopted name Roswell Frank
Born at St. Mary;s Maternity Hospital,
B-mothers Last Name Forysth
B-father name Willis Clark---Any Info. on this contact



DOB 4-19-1969-----Spokane,Washington
Birth cerificate # 21116
Delivery Dr. Glenn W. Bell
Any info. would be very helpful,if any of this looks familiar please send e-mail to

Male Adoptee Searching For B-Mom
Hosp.---Memorial Hospital
Time Of Birth---9:05 pm
Doctor---P.J. Madden
B- Moms Name---Mary Beck
Please E-Mail Thomas Kolterman If Anyone Has Any Info. BK1679@AOL.COM


DOB---3-7-1961 -----Detroit,Michigan
Hospital---Henry Ford Hospital
Believe my B- Mom was told i died at birth,and i was given to the couple that raised me.All paper work looks like i am theirs,but blood DNA says otherwise.I may be of Indian decent,Mom if you are out there please write me i need your love,Your Daughter. Contact me at


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