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B-Family ISO Adoptee's
I'm looking for 2 sisters, Joanne and Linda. They were adopted September, 1964 and brought to Mr. and Mrs. Francis (and Nancy) Gibbons in Pompono Beach, Fla.
Joanne, was born August 17, 1952 and Linda was born July 6, 1953.Their b-father's name was Yates, Their b-mother's name at the time was Helen Connolly.Joanne, Linda, if you are out there and have thought about me too, please get in touch with me

I am searching for my son who was born March 29, 1974 at the Edna Gladney
Home in Ft. Worth, Texas.
Please contact me at

B-Sisters ISO Adoptee's
i am searching for my two sisters who were put up for adoption by the state when they were 2 and 3 years of age,there birth names are Karen Marie Sandberg-McCarthy born in FL 9/9/77 and Terri Amanda Sandberg-kemp born in Indiana on 2/23/79,,they porter county welfare of indiana handled the adoption,bmoms name Jill Doreen Fox-Sandberg-Kemp
please email me with any info,,,

B-Sister searching for 1/2 Brother
I do not know where my half brother is. I have been
searching for 6 years. I would love to find him as I have no other siblings.
Bname: William Micheal Wood
DOB: 11/18/42
Place: Salvation Home for Girls in Birmingham Alabama
bmom: Doris Land Wood
bdad: William Gross Wood
Mom was a student nurse around 25 years old at birth of son. Father was a doctor.Contact me at

Your web site is beautiful, and very friendly. I am an adoptee recently (2 weeks ago) reunited with my bsibs. Parents already passed. My sibs told me we have another brother out there somewhere, he was given up in 05-30-61.
Here is all we know: Petey Mitchell born in late 60 or early 61 to Aline (Parton) Mitchell and David Mitchell, at Enloe Memorial Hospital in Chico, CA. Petey could be first, middle or nickname. He was given to Mr. & Mrs. Jack Curl (arizona) at granpa's funeral in chico, ca on 30 May 1961. I have more info if it will help(like all us kids' bdays. Oh, Mom was born 20 Nov 1934, was married to David for 10 years before it was annulled for fraud. Hope this info is enough to work with. I dont know if we can get a birth index lookup without the amom's maiden name. We dont even know her first name. Contact me at

B-Cousin ISO Adoptee's
I am in search of two female cousins who were adopted from Upstate NY in or about 1958 or 1960. Janine was 8 or 10 at that time and her mother's name was Wanda Bowman. Janine's birthdate is 7/20/50 unless someone changed it. She has a younger sister named Barbie who was about two or three years younger. Their mother and mine were sisters. Wanda died two years ago. I have been searching for my cousins for a long time now. I am their cousin Linda, born 6/20/50, one month before Janine. We were raised like twins back then, but problems with their mother kept us separated. Please help me. They may have been adopted to a physician in Philadelphia, but I don't know if this is true. Please contact me at

B- Family searching for Adoptee
ISO Female
B-Moms Maiden Name---Kathy Roberts
I am your half sister.Mom would love to find you but she is afraid you may not know you are adopted. She was 14 at your birth and already had one child.She chose to give you life even if it coulden't be with her.Please find us me miss you.E-Mail me at

B-1/2 Sister searching for ADOPTEE
I'm looking for my birth sister, she was born in Los Angeles, CA at
St. Annes. 4/19-21/1970. Bm's name at time of birth, C.Velkov. She was
a student at time of birth at CSCLA, now called CSULA. Relinquished at
birth to St. Annes Maternity Hospital. She resided in Pasadena, CA.
Anyone with any info please email me at or snail
mail Po Box 939 Felton, Ca 95018.

Searching for Adoptee
B-sister looking for sister born in Poughkippsee N.Y. ?
Elizabeth Marie Winters Born between 1963------1965.
From what I understand mother could not take care of
her. I would just like to know if life was Ok. for her.
Elizabeth If you see this or anyone who knows her sees this,
Could you tell her I exist and I wonder about her from
time to time. You/She can E-Mail me at  THANK YOU

B-Family ISO 1/2 BROTHER
B-Moms Maiden Name ---Saavedra
born in El Paso, Tx in November of 1966 at Booth Memorial date could be the 21 st but not sure. The adoption was handled by a local agency. The name chosen by the birth mother was Allen Troy or Troy Allen, the adoptive parents could have changed it. Birth mother was single and 17 or 18 years old. Any info would be helpful. Please contact me a

B-Mom searching for Son
DOB--- 9-25- 1964
B-name---Baby Boy Cunnington
City & State---Fort Wayne,Ind.
Hospital---Parkview Gen
Adopted from Childrens Woodhaven Maternity Home
Breach Birth at 8 months
Had Jaundies at birth
Placed for adoption at birth
Adopted was final at 2 years
Contact me at


B-Family Searching
I am looking for siblings that have the same father as I have. His name is Louis Gregory Mackin, born 2-23-13 in Lebanon/Bardstown, KY. There are 2, David and James that I have been unable to locate. These boys would be somewhere in their 60's. It is possible they were adopted by their step father. I have reason to believe that there are several others across the United States. Father worked all over US as a pressman and it looks like there were children left in several states. There is a possibility that there could be 4 or 5 children in either TX or TN. If any of this information sounds familiar please e-mail me at

B-Mom searching for Son
Helping sister in law search for her son . Name at birth baby boy
Vincent Mt. Clemens,Mi Macomb Co. DOB 9-23-1970 contact me at

Found Daughter
May 21, 1999

B-mom searching for B-daughter
I am a bmom, Susan Mello-Souza, ISO my bdaughter, Madlyn Jeanne, surrendered at birth through Catholic Charities. She was born on 9-17-68 at St Margaret's Hospital in Dorchester, MA. Please contact 

B-Family searching for adoptee
Looking for my son......
Born Michael Patrick Hathcock
May 12, 1974
Michael Hathcock
Contact me at

B-Family searching Adoptee
Male                               FOUND
Adoptee's name at birth--Alain
Born---Altantic City,NJ Hospital
B-Moms Name---Barbara Ann Roupp
My family is not complete with out you,contact me at

B-Father Searching for bio-son
City & State---Huntsville,Alabama
Adoption handled by Catholic Charities
Contact me at

B-Aunt Searching Adoptee's two NIECES & a NEPHEW
Oldest girls name---Marcila Lynn Eckert
Marcila got married and moved to New Mexico,she is 23 now.Marcila if you see this please contat me your Dad & i very much want to see you.
DOB---12-28-1975 OR 1976
Born in Mable Falls,Texas
Adopted out of San Angelo.Tx 1984 or 86 , 87
Also ( Wanda & Johnntha )
Last known where abouts was ( Peacos,Texas )
Contact me Aunt Carolyn

Birth Family Searching
I'm looking for my half sister who was born in Onondaga County, February 24, 1944. We your sisters and brothers have always known about you Pauline and would like to make contact. We know you have tried. Please email me

B-Sister searching
I am looking for my brother who was born June 7, 1965, in Grand Prairie, Texas. On his birth certificate he was listed as "infant of Frank E. Wheeler" -- my father. He has birth certificate #94570.
I am also looking for my sister who was born August 15, 1968, in Grand Prairie, Texas.
Both of these siblings were given up for adoption by our mother. She kept seven of us and gave two up.Contact me at.

Birth Father searching for daughter
City & State---Darby,Pa
name at birth --Nicole M Lofft
Adopte---1974 or 1975
Adopted name may be Nunez
Contact me at

B-Father ISO Daughter
DOB---END OF 1970 START 1971
City & State---Galveston IsLand,Texas
B-Moms name---Carla---Last name unknown
B-Fathers name---Byron Howard
Contact me at  

B-Sister searching B-Brother
City & State---Okla City,Ok
B-Name---James Paul Dunkin
B-Moms name---Helen Dunkin
Contact me his sister at

B- 1/2 sister searching for adoptee
Looking for my half sister
Birth name was -- Laura Michelle Spialek
DOB--- 9-12-1968
Born in Columbus,Oh
At Mt. Carmel Hospital
Adopted Agency--- Catholic Social Services
Adoptive family had previously adopted a son.
Contact me

B-Mom ISO Daughter
City & State---Columbia,Missouri
Boone County
Contact me at
You can go to her web site
Linda Tremaine Shipley, Human Subjects Committee Clerk
Psychology Dept., Rm. 103 Psych Bldg., 200 S. 7th St., UMC
Visit my Web Page 884-6224 to reserve Psychology Bldg rooms 313, 315, 319 & 320

BMom ISO Daughter born 7/10/64, at Good Samaritan Hospital, in Puyallup, WA. The delivering doctor was named Johnson. You were born breech, weighed 6# 13 oz. The adoption was handled through a private attorney and he said you had lots of dark brown hair. Your name would have been Baby Clifford.If this sounds familiar....please contact me at

Birth Mother searching for daughter
The delivering doctor was Dr. William T. Griffin, M.D. at University Hospital
and Clinics, University of Missouri Health Sciences Center on One Hospital
Drive, Columbia, MO 65212.
Birth name: Rachel Louise Tremaine, on February 9, 1965, Boone County,
Columbia, Missouri.Contact me at

Birth Sis looking for POSSIBLE adoptee
Born as Katherine D. Ruddick
DOB----8-23 ? ---1969
To Elbert & Helen
Parker County,TX Was taken to OK at the age of 5 when parents split.Have more info.Please contact me as you have 3 sisters wanting to see you and be with you.Tons of nieces & 1 nephew.We do know that she was placed out of Christian Girls Home,could be OK City or Tulsa.Contact me at

Baunt & Bfather
ISO Edith Jane McSwain (Swain)
Bname: Jonny Lou Howard
Born: Little Rock, AR
Bdate: Spring 1958
Bdad: Louis Howard
Bmom deserted family.....her bdad tried to raise her but was
overwhelmed....relinquished her at 10 months of age.....aparents were to
keep in touch but disappeared shortly after the adoption.
Please contact:

Bsisters & Bmom
ISO Baby Boy Jacobs
Born: Columbia Hospital Wilkinsburg, PA
Bdate: Dec 15-20 1949
Bparents: Charles E. & Alice P. Jacobs
My brother & I were both adopted privately (I was reunited Oct 1996).
He may have ben premature as we were born exactly 9 months apart. He
may have a heart problem as our mother & 3 sibs have the same problem.
His aparents may have been from Squirell Hill area of Pittsburgh. We
were given up to keep us from starving....our parents loved us very
Bmom isn't well & we would like to set her mind at rest PLEASE contact
me with ANY info.

B-Mom & Sister searching
DOB---Pre-Thanksgiving 1967
City & State---West Palm Beach,Florida
We would love to know if you are ok,please e-mail me at

B-Mom searching for b-daughter
City & State---Evansville,Indiana
Hospital---St Mary's
Hoping to hear from you soon.Your grandmother is in bad health.I have been searching in Kentucky for you ,but now i have been told to search in Indiana.Hope all is well and we hear from you soon.You can visit my home page at

Birth Sibling searching
for 3 adoptee's
2 brothers & a sister
They all have the same
Name---Howard Edwin Reynolds
DOB--- 5-16-1946
Name---Thomas Danial Reynolds
Name---Gail Patricia Reynolds
B-Mom---Maiden Name (Helen Elizabeth Levering )
All three given up for adoption in the summer of 1957,in the state of New Jersey.Were sapost to be keep togeather.Thought to have been adopted into the state of New Jersey.If you are out there please know that i love you,contact me at

B-Mom Searching For Adoptee
Name at birth---Lori Lynn Lisenko
City & State---Indianapolis,Indiana
Caseworker---Mary Jo Anastaio
Believe was adopted into the South Ben area.
She has a natural brother & sister searching for her also.Contact me Janice Barnes at

Searching for Adoptee
Born Charity Ann Lankford
DOB---8-13-1975 Time of birth between 11:10-11:15 p.m.
City & State---Austin,TX
B-certificate file #---132240
B-mom---Joy Lee Lankford
B-Dad---James Karl Turk
An extensive genealogy of birth fathers family is available for her asking. Contact me at

B-Aunt searching for niece (Adoptee )
City & State---Washington, DC
I am searching for my B-Niece,the only child of my deceased brother,a young West Pointer who was killed in action in Vietnam.The B-Mother was his longtime girlfriend from the same neighborhood in North Arlington,Virginia.B-Mom was in Crittenden Home in DC.Baby was in the care of a foster mother named Mrs Green in MD until the baby was adopted.A-Parents had one adopted son already.All inquiries will be answered.Contact me at

B-Sister's Searching For Female Adoptee
Adoptees name---Amanda Jeannette Owens
She is our 1/2 sister
City & State---Bad Cannstatt,Germany
Our father was in the Army at the time.She was adopted by her mothers 3rd husband when she was about 7.He was Stationed at Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio,He stransferred to Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma City,Oklahoma shortly afterwords.Her mothers name is Teresa Dianne Farris & husbands name was Charlie Dunbarr.My name is Jamey Owens please contact me at --

B-Family Searching Male Adoptee
My brothers name was Arthur Loran Wright Jr.His Dob 1-1953 not sure of the day.He has a twin born the same year but different month,He was born on Biggs Air Force Base in El Paso, Texas.B-Moms name is Shirley Alleana Day B- Dads name is Arthur Loran Wright.We want to know if he is safe & happy,and that he has always been loved & thought of every second of every minute & every hour of every day.I can be reached after June 1st at the following address & phone # 66 Perley Street,Apt.#3, Concord,New Hampshire 03301
Phone #--- 603-228-3248


B-Mom searching for adopted Son
City & State---Marion,Indiana
Hospital---Marion General
Adoptee was born at 6:37 am & weighed 6lbs. & 9oz & 9-1/2 in length
Adopted through Grant County Welfare Dept.
My search is urgent i have 4 diferen't lung diseases,i want him to have his medical info.I want to know if he is still alive and well.I love you and always have contact me at

B-Father searching for adopted daughter
City & State---Los Angeles County,Ca.
B-Name---Christine Marie Podesto
Adopted Name---Carrie A. Johnson
B-Mom---Anne Ellen Carroll
B-Dad---Martin William Podesta his DOB-4-6-47
B-Dads Parents (Robert Edwards Podesta / Marcella ) Maiden Name ( Aurrecoehea )
A-Moms maiden name--Moore
B-Dad was stationed in Vietnam when born,but was asked to name his daughter.B-Mom was in an unwed home for mothers prior to giving birth.May have been called St Elizabeth's
Heritage ( Italian/Irish.B-parents were Catholic & 20 at time of birth.It is important adoptee knows her medical history & heritage.Contact me at

Birth Family searching for Adoptee--Male
Weighed over 10 lbs
Hospital---Wilmington General
B-Moms name at birth (Gladys Peters )
B-Mom was young
Myself,my twin sister and our brother long to find our other brother.
Contact me at

B- Mom searching for adopted daughter
Adoptee---is musically talented.
Born at Edna Gladney
City & State---Ft Worth,TX
B-Mom--French/Irish descent
A-Dad--was 32 years old ( Mechanic )
A-Dad---Spanish descent
A-Mom was 30 years old at adoption
A-Mom---German /French &Irish
Adopted Parents were Baptists
B-Mom has registered at Gladney
Contact me at

Birth sister searching for adopted sister
Hospital---Duke Uninersity Hospital
City & State---Durham NC
Adopted through--Durham County Welfare Dept.
B-Moms name was--Mary Grace Phillips
There are hereditary diseases in our family history.
I would like my sister to know i just found out about her and i want her to know i love her.
Contact me at

B-MOM Searching for daughter
B-Name---(Marti)Martha Blanche Underwood
Hospital---Huston Medical Center Underwood
Doctor----Dr. J.R. Manning
City & State---Warner Robins,Georgia ( Believed to be in Eastman,GA
Note to my daughter ( I do not wish to interfer in your life in any way,i would love to meet you,but contact of any ,will be your wishes.Please know that you where and still are deeply loved.) Contact me at

Searching For Adoptee 1/2 Sister
Birth Name---June Marie Dietrich
City & State---Harrisburg,PA
B-Moms Name---Della Dietrich
B-Dad---Nickname Corkey
My 1/2 Sister was given up for adoption at birth,i long to find her. Please contact me at

Searching Adoptee
City & State----Chicago,lllinois
Hospital---Mercy ( born at 5:19 AM )
I am searching for my sister who was given up for adoption.She was adopted through Luthern Child Welfare. I was born after her,she dosen't know about me,i'm her only real sibling.Please contact me

B-Mom searching
Female ---- Born 12-29-1967
City & State----Mobile, Alabama       FOUND Daughter
Adopted through Catholic Social Services
Contact me at


Searching For Daughter
Hospital---Roper Hospital
Dr. ----Attending Physician--Dr. Pruitt
She was given up for adoption at birth in Charleston,S.C. Charleston County.Please contact me

B-Sister searching for adopted brother
Birth place---Lansing,MI
Contact me at


Birth Sister In search of adoptee
City & State---Waltham,MA
B-Name---Denise Lee Zanco
B-Moms Name was--Mary Zanco
Listed but not actual father (Steven Zanco)
She was given up to Catholic Charitable Beauro at Boston,Ma at birth,put in foster care for 6 months and then was adopted.
contact me at


Searching For Our Adopted Half Siblings
DOB---3-19-1961---Female Infant Cummins,
City & State---Terre Haute,IN
B-Mom was at the Flo/Critt Home
DOB---4-1-1962---Male Infant Cummins
City & State---Fort Wayne,IN
Hospital---Parkview Memorial
Both Sibs were adopted out of Crawfordsville,IN
I am one of 3 sisters searching. Both siblings were adopted to parents born in Indiana & are white.If any of this looks right to you please contact me at.


Looking for cousin
DOB---1-18-1964---could be a few days off
Male---Born Robert Clark
City & State---Cambridge,Mass
Hospital---Cambridge City
B-Moms maiden name---Rita Scott
B-Dad---Richard Palmer
Not sure if this is all on record,
both b-parents where married to someone else at the time.Robert has 3 sisters ,Darlene, Rhonda, & Sherri.Sherri is his full blood sister.We would all love to see youIf you are out there or think this may be you,Please e-mail me at,i have your mother & sister here.They miss & love you.


DOB---2-14-1974 OR 1975
Little Rock,Arkansas
Hospital---St Vincent Infirmary
Mother was at Florence Crttendon Home for unweb mothers.At time of birth he was named ( Joshua Lee Hinds ) by B-mom He was born in AM.Contact me at


Birth Family Searching ( ADOPTEE MYRNA HAS BEEN FOUND )
DOB---1938 Or 1940
B-MOM---Rose Solheim
B-Dad---Magnus Solheim
Uncle Frank Marion & Wife (Name unknown,second wife ) adopted Myrna at the age of 7 or 8,moved to Brentwood,Long Island,NY. Myrna has two half sisters,Dorothy & Helen. & nbsp, Helen says that time she heard from uncle Frank they where moving to Ca.Frank has 2 brothers James & Nelson.If this is familiar to anyone please contact   & nbsp; & nbsp; Thank you.

2-24-44 Lincoln Nebraska
searching for adoptee
Not sure if Male or Femail
Born Henry Baby.


B-Mom Searching For Daughter
City & State---Orlando,FL
Hospital---Orange Memorial
Daughter weighed 6 lb, 13 ozs
Adopted through the Orlando office of the Children's Home Society of Florida
Contact me at


Birth Family Searching
For Male Adoptee
Ft Lauderdale /Miami FL
Birthmark on cheek
B-Parents surnames--Adkins & Perry
Married at the time but separated
A-Parents may have been,Mother Italian & father part Dutch and he may have worked for the railroad.If any of this looks familiar,please contact


Birth Mom Searching For Son,My Maiden Name was (Judith A. Voelkel ) My DOB is
Male Adoptee
Dr. OB/GYN---Dr. Sheldon Barnes /Fernandez
Pediatrician was --Dr. Mazursky
Hospital---Hialeah ( Born At 9:22 PM ) Weight at birth was 8/lbs & 3 1/2 ozs & 22 inches long
State & City---Hialeah Florida ( Dade County )
Private atty in Florida was Helen Tanos Hope.Consent for adoption hearing before Judge ( John Miller ) on 10-27-1971 in Fort Lauderdale Florida. ( Broward County ). My Son was adopted by a family from Nassau County,New York.Atty in New York was ( Lewis M. Batkin )Adoption final in Nassau Co. New York. Please contact at

I Am Searching For Birth Cousins
Thomas James Stewart
DOB---5-15 OR 17-1951--In Kings County Hosp.Bklyn.NY
Michael Stewart
DOB---5-15-OR 17-1952
Hosp.---on Clarkson Ave , Bklyn,NY
Richard Edward Stewart
DOB---12-1953 Also born in Hosp. on Clarkson Ave,Bklyn,NY
Last known residence was Sunset Park ,Brooklyn,NY
If this should sound familar,please contact


DOB---10-13-1966---Fort Gordon Army
B-Name---Robert Lee Taylor
Looking for only sisters Son.She died april 17-1995 at the age of 43.She was looking for him and i have continued the search.He was given up against her will.
Birth certificate list D.R. Tayler as birth father,(he's not but he was her husband at the time.) Her name was Billie Linda Sigler
( Maiden Name )
Any Info. anyone may have please contact me
Carolyn Sigler Schellang. At my e-mail address.


DOB---1-18-62--------Boston Ma.
Hospital----Massachuesetts Memorial
I am a birth mother searching for my daughter,any info. you may have please E-Mail me


DOB---in or around nov. 1960-----Los Angeles Ca.
White Male
Hospital---White Memorial or Booth Memorial or any where in Los Angeles Area.
B-Moms last name was (Wilkinson )
B- Dads last name ( Brattain )
He was adopted right at birth.Could have totally diferen't name.Please contact Cindy At


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